Xavier’s girl
45 Epilogue
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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45 Epilogue

@@I sat up in bed when I heard little cries coming from the baby monitor next to my bed. It wasn't that long when I put her in her crib, why was she awake?

It been very hard having a baby, for the first few months I was i hell. Most of my nights was spent away, now I was use to it. We had a system that works.

My first few months on the small town was hard. The cottage gave me hell the first few months, there was a lot of things wrong with it that I had to have fixed. I also got a job in a small supermarket in town to keep myself busy. Leaving alone wasn't has as I thought. I made sure I wasn't spending more than I earn. The money my mother left be was still in the bank.

The people in town were very nice and welcoming. It was starting to feel like home, I was worried when I starting to settle down and be happy that was when he would find me. I thought about going back everyday, going back to him. I still loved him, I always will. But I can never forget what he did, even though I have forgiven him I can't forget.

I was very paranoid, I made sure the cottage was very secure and had alarms everywhere. I would know if someone opened the little hat or was walking down the path. I use to stay up all night before I had the sensors installed. I even slept with my bag for the first few months cause I didn't want her sleeping alone. But I had her nursery made and started using it. She was now 5 months, she was the must beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I named her after my mother Amelia.

Looking at the clock beside my bed I saw it was 3am, she doesn't usually wake up this early in the morning. Getting out of bed I saw the corridor lights on. I thought I turned it off before going to bed? I got chills down my back when it dawn on me, someone was in my house. I stopped breathing when I heard shuffling coming from the baby monitor.

"Shh, daddy's here."



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