Xavier’s girl
44 Goodbye
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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44 Goodbye

Vanessa Pov 1 week later

"Thank you all for coming, I'm sure Stephanie would have appreciate you all for coming" Alan says into the microphone. I didn't know how he managed to keep calm, I couldn't stop the tears all day. I kept thinking about what I promised her, I was meant to be there for her instead she was now six feet under. The story was that it was a freak accident, her parents were covering up what really happened.

Being in LA was bringing back the bad memories, but it felt like it was my chance to say goodbye to this life before I began my new one. I knew I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Stephanie.

*flashback to the lake*

"I told you I'm here, I'm never leaving you" I pulled him for a hug

"I forgive you, it wasn't your fault, you were just a kid that had a horrible life" I say into his neck

"I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you. I regret what I did. If I could go back and change what I did I would" he says

" I forgive you" I lied to him kissing his face.

"We have our own family now" I take his hands putting it against my stomach.

"Our family" he whispers looking at me in awe.

*end of flashback*

Looking at his figure next to some people i didn't recognise. I knew the only way to escape was to act normal. I can't have him knowing my plans.

"You look good" I hear someone say behind me making me turn around. Looking at Mary in her beautiful black dress, I have been avoiding her all day.

"Thanks" I give her a tight smile. I remember Stephanie telling me she was the one who help josh at the party that night.

"I see you and Xavier are doing well" she nods at him. I saw his staring at me worried but I gave him a reassuring smile that I was fine.

"He loves you" she added " I have never seen him love something the way he loves you" I look at her putting my hands on my stomach as she stared at it. It was now pocking out a little bit. It didn't look too pregnant, I could get away with being fat. But I knew people could tell.

"Everything ok?" I hear Alan ask when he walked over

"Yes I was just talking to her" she rolled her eyes at him "but I know when I'm not wanted" she walks off giving me a small smile.

"Thanks" I tell him, I wasn't her biggest fan right now.

"Your welcome" he smiles holding my waist. The past few days allowed us to get closer and grieve for Stephanie together.

"You shouldn't be alone" He me over to Where Xavier was and handed me over to him.

"See you later" he nods walking off to meet some family

"You look a bit pale" Xavier says worried looking at my face "did Mary say anything to you" he asked worried

"No, just how much you love me" I smile at him giving him a kiss

"she's not wrong about that" he kisses me back slowly.

I didn't want him worrying about me right now, I was already having doubts in my head wether or not I should go through with this.

I felt the beep in my purse letting me know it was time. The day he got me the phone was the day; I knew what I had to do. I looked for the little piece of paper the nurse gave to me, I hide it inside one of the drawers in the closet. I knew it was a horrible place to hide it but I couldn't find another place. The night we got back from the lake, I texted the number 911. I didn't know I would get a response right away but I did, was she was sitting at the phone waiting for me?

"I need the lady's room" I tell him pulling away. My heart beating.

"Do you want me to go with you" he asked

"No, I won't be too long. I love you" I said giving him a long kiss. I held onto his jacket breathing in his smell. I was holding back the tears but I knew I had to do this. I pulled away my heart breaking. He smiles at me as I walked towards the restrooms.

Taking my phone out of my black purse I took, that was all I had. My phone and the clothes on my back. I knew I couldn't take anything else with me. It wasn't safe.

Unknow: Black car, parked at the side

I read the text looking back behind me making sure I wasn't being followed. Walking out the church, the rain was heavier than it was in the morning. Ignoring how it made me wet and cold, looking for the car. I saw the lights flashing, it was sitting in the rain getting wet. I had about 5 minutes before he starts looking for me. I ran towards the car not knowing when was going to be behind the wheel.

"Drop your phone" the deep voice says as I pulled the door opened. I knew his face, I haven't seen him in years. It was the man my mother met with every year. What was he doing here? Doing as he says I dropped the phone on the wet pavement and got in the car.

"Who are you?" I asked once I closed the door

"All you need to know is that I own you this" he says chilling in his deep voice. He drove away from the church. Looking at his black trousers and shirt. He looked exactly the same just had a few wrinkles now. Looking back at the church through the side mirror as it got smaller. This is for the good, for the baby. I told myself.


Walking to the gate he told me to go, I still had no idea where I was going. He dropped me off at the airport and told me to go to gate 124. He gave me my passport that had my correct information, not a fake one. He also gave me an envelope that I couldn't open until I got in the plane. I was so close to changing my mind but I knew I had to get away from him.

"Good afternoon Mrs, hope you enjoy your flight to New Zealand" the woman as the gate says when she scanned the paper I gave her.

"Any luggage?" She asked looking at me.

"Erm, no" I say, I didn't have anything on me.

Why the fuck was I going to New Zealand, at least it was far away from him. Walking down the jet bridge my heat thumping with every step I took. I was going to a whole new country by myself. I don't know on one there, but maybe that was just what I needed.

"This was Mrs" the air hostesses looks at my ticket and points me down a corridor. There was no turning back now. Finding the sit mark F12, I sat down. I was in first class, the plane looked empty but I knew more people were still coming on.

Looking down at the envelope in my lap, I guess I could read it now. Taking out the paper with a writing that looks very familiar to mine.

"My children,

It's me, your mother. If you are reading this it means I am no longer with you and you are both in danger. I hope my sister found you both in time before it was too late.

I have been preparing for this all my life, from the minute I found out they would take you away from me. I don't want you to lose something you love too. You have to listen to whatever ever she tells you, don't trust your father. I know how that sounds but you can't trust anyone but yourself. You are both in immediate danger and you need to leave, don't tell anyone where you are going.

All you have to know is that I love you and will do anything to keep you safe. I have been saving everything I had for you both. You have to go back to New Zealand, where your grandparents are from. They have a cottage in a small town there that belongs to you. I have already done all the paper work. If they did it correctly there should be a key in this envelope as well as the key to a safe in a bank. It can be only opened by you Vanessa. There is enough for you and your brother for a while but nothing that will have you sitting on your butts all day.

You still have to go to college, tell your brother he can still go to medical school. And you Vanessa, make sure you do what makes you happy. Put yourself first for once. I am always with you my little flowers.

Love mom xxxx

"Are you okay miss" I looked up startled, there was an air hostesses looking me. I felt something wet on my face, I was crying.

"Yes, I'm fine" I tell her wiping my tears

"You need to put your sit belt on we are taking off" she smiles softly at me before walking off.

This was it, I was leaving. My mother planned this all along, she wanted me to have a normal life with my brother. My brother that was dead because of him, because of his love for me.

I can do this, I will find that cottage and make a live for me and this little baby. All I needed was to have a little fate in myself. I can do this, I don't need him. I was leaving everything I knew behind.


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