Xavier’s girl
43 Why
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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43 Why

Xavier's Pov

"How is the baby?" I asked the doctor looking at the screen. I could the tiny little dot on the screen. It been two weeks of her giving me hell cause she had to stay in bed. I only allowed her to go to the bathroom and walk around the apartment for a while. I didn't want anything to happen to the baby.

"The baby looks ver healthy. It about the right size now" he says looking over at me.

"Can I get off bed rest now?" She asks eager

"Yes I will say that's fine now. Just don't stress yourself too much" he smiles at her

I trust doctor Ricky, he had been my doctor for years so I know I could trust him. If he said she was fine I believe him.

"I'm gonna see you soon" he says picking up his equipment.

I look at a smiling Vanessa. I could see it in her eyes. She had been sad for a while now, after she found out about Stephanie death. I knew it affected her a lot. I was worried she was hiding something from me for a while cause she was acting weird. I would catch her just staring at me when she was in bed. I asked her about it but she brushed it off.

I spent most of my time looking for a house for us in D.C. I know that was her home and I wanted to surprise her. I haven't found the one yet, but we had enough time. After we go back to LA, from there we would fly to D.C. and start our life together. Now that her father was arrested and being charged with embezzlement and corruption. I knew he wasn't going to get away with it. His bail charge was 20 million. All of his money was take expect for the funds that he kept advised foe his wife and children. I started looking into her mother and it says that she had a sister, I was surprised Vanessa didn't know she has a family member alive. I tried looking for her but without a name it was impossible. I haven't told her how much mom she had in her bank account most of it was from her mother. I'm sure she will lose her mind when she sees it. We just needed set a meeting with the lawyers.

"Make sure you are eating the things I wrote down" Ricky says before leaving.

"I will" she called out as the lift door closes

"Are you happy" I asked her knowing her answer

"I think I'm gonna go for a walk" she says

"Not now, it really cold outside" I tell her looking out the glass window. It was November and the temperature was dropping. We didn't have the right clothes for the weather. I didn't want to get a lot of stuff cause we didn't plan on staying her for too long.

"Xavier" she wines "I need to go out"

I look at her pleading face trying too tell her no. Not that it wasn't safe, the reporters weren't following me anymore. They gave up after a few days of them waiting outside our apartment.

"Fine, but only for ten minutes" she give in making her squeal.


"This is amazing" she says, I watch the smoker come out of her mouth. I looked into the small lake she was looking at. We weren't too far from the apartment, I made sure she was wearing enough clothes to keep her warm.

"I know" I say looking at her, only is she knew how much she meant to me.


Vanessa Pov

I stared down at the lake happy that I could finally leave that apartment. I was waiting for the right time to do this. I tried, but it was always the wrong time. I gave myself a few weeks to decide how I actually felt. I know lying and pretending everything was alright easygoing to help our relationship.

"Did you kill my mother and brother" I breath out still looking down at the lake. I felt him tense and his foot stopped moving.

"What?" He asked, his voice sounding thick

"I know you did it" I tell him waiting for him to tell me I was crashing and that he would never do something like that.

"Who told you?" I felt him grabbing my arm, pulling me closer to him.

"You killed them?" I whispered looking at him in horror not believe it. I felt my blood turn cold when he asked that. "Who told you Vanessa" he gripe became harder making me wince.

"Why?" I asked crying now, why would've kill them. They were innocent.

"Because you are mine" he says forcefully "they took you away from me and they needed to pay. I had to make them surfer as well".

"They were innocent!" I yelled at him making people look out way. "They didn't do anything"

"They took you, I lost my mind for years every night I slept without you. The only way I could get you back was making sure father scared he was next"

"Your the only thing I ever wanted in my live. The only thing I wished for"

I looked at him like the crazy person he was. Was this what he thought love was, killing for me. This wasn't love, this was an ownership. He wanted to own me like a property, i had to leave before it was too late. For my sake and the baby.


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