Xavier’s girl
42 Our baby
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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42 Our baby

Vanessa Pov

I was currently in bed, eating tomatoes soup with bread. When we left the hospital a few hours ago I didn't expect him to take me to an apartment he owned. It was a beautiful penthouse house in Manhattan, New York. I didn't expect too see a much of reporters waiting outside for us. He told me it had something to do with his father and the cult, I was too tired too actually listen to watch he was saying, all that kept going through my head was that he killed my family. I tired so hard not to think about it, but the more I looked at his face the more I could see him doing it.

I heard the part where he said he was working with the FBI for a while now. That they have been looking for a way to get his day for years now. Apparently they knew of what was going one behind close doors but couldn't do anything about it because he wasn't forcing people too join or participate. They finally had enough prove when they found out he was laundering money from investors and other companies. I was worried that they would find a way to arrest Xavier as well, I'm sure he was involved in his father business as well but he claims that he was an informant for them.

The doctor that he call was older man, I didn't ask any questions, I didn't wanna know why he had a private doctor. He said I needed too take prenatals for the baby and myself. He ordered me to be on bed rest for 3 weeks, he was worried the baby wouldn't make it if I stressed my body out. I was worried as well, it felt like I have already bonded with my baby I can't lose it now.

I can't wait too see Stephanie, I'm sure she was worried about me. She will be excited too find out that I'm keeping the baby. I almost laughed remembering her face when she thought I was leaving. I asked Xavier to call her so I could talk but he hesitated, I asked why wouldn't he let me FaceTime her but he wouldn't say.

I started getting an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach when his facial expression changed. I could see it all in his eyes. It was the same look I got when the police officers told me my mother and brother died. I didn't need to ask what happened, I knew she was dead. I couldn't stomach asking how she died. All I could think about was how Alan felt that was his twin, I knows how much he cared about her. It was all my fault, they killed her because of me.

He tried comforting me in the car, saying i shouldn't stress out the baby. I couldn't stop the tears, another person I loved was dead. Because of me. He told me not too blame myself, that it had nothing to do with me. That Alan didn't blame me. But I knew he was just trying too make me feel better. The only person I considered a friend was dead.


"Do you want more" Xavier asked walking in, he left a few minutes ago too take a phone call.

"No, I'm full" I say putting the plate beside the bed, he nods. I started crying when the doctor left thinking about Stephanie.

I didn't have the appetite to eat anything, but I knew I had to eat so I told him to get me some soup.

"Who were on the phone to" I asked

"Just our lawyers" he says sitting at the edge of the bed

"Our?" I asked confused, I didn't have a lawyer

"Yes, me you and our baby" he smiles

I stared at him, not knowing what to say. I knew he was hiding things behind my back, he didn't tell me about the FBI, what else could he be possibly hiding.

"What did they want?" I asked

"Just calling to tell me they Seized all my father assets and money"

"Doesn't that affect you as well?" Where did he get his money from

"Not really, I don't have anything to do with his business anymore" he says rubbing my feet.

"We can finally be a normal couple" he smiles at me "I can take you on our first date"

"It's a bit late for that" I laugh thinking about it. Now that I wasn't hiding or running away from anyone, we can be what normal couples do.

"Are we staying here for ever" I asked looking around the room, it was a beautiful apartment.

"We can go wherever you want baby, I can buy us a house anywhere. Just name the place and I will take you"

I stared at him thinking about it, I always wanted a house where I can start my family. I thought I would get a house where all my family could come and stay. My father, mother and brother. But now it was only me left, I didn't even know where my father was. For all I know he was hiding somewhere, I'm sure the police were looking for him.

Did I want a house for me and this baby with the man who supposably killed my family?

"Can I have a phone" I asked randomly, knowing he might say no

"Of course" he looked at me confused

"A laptop as well" I added, I missed watching friends before going to bed. Now that I was on bed rest I could watch it all day.

"We have to go back to LA in a few weeks" he says making me look up. I didn't want to go back there. I didn't want to see anyone of them, after what they did. They all lied to me, including Mary, I thought she was my friend. And the only person that I called a friend was dead. Because of them.

"I don't want to" I tell he, I couldn't go back there

"We have to, for Alan and Stephanie."

"For her memorial and funeral" he tells me

"For Stephanie" I whispered thinking about it. I would go for her, to say goodbye.

"Don't cry" he says making me touch my face, I didn't even realise I was cry.

"You should rest" he gets up making his way to me

"You need to sleep"

"No" I whisper looking away from him, I was too scared to sleep. I felt like this was all a dream and was still at there.

"Will you stay with me" I ask him

"I told you I'm never leaving you again" he gets in bed pulling me against his naked chest.

"I love you" he whispered against my head. I closed my eye thinking about what that woman told me. Could he actually do it? Lie to me like that? Was something wrong with me for loving him?


Xavier's Pov

Looking down at her sleeping body, I could feel her hot breath on my chest. She has been as sleep for a while now, I had thinks too take care of but I knew I couldn't leave her. I had things I need to take care of, but I wasn't leaving her.

I didn't know how to tell her Stephanie was dead, didn't want her to blame herself which she ended up doing. I knew she was the only friend she had. I wanted to wait a few days before I told her but I knew she would hate for it. Hopefully she will get some closure when we go to her memorial. Her parents knew how she die was accepted it, they knew it was the order. Therefore they couldn't do anything about it.

But I knew Alan wanted revenge, I promised him we would get Josh for what he did. But I we couldn't find him, I had people looking for him. Hopefully they find him fast so I can kill that fucker.

Looking down at her bruised body and face. We can finally live the life I have always wanted for us. Just the three of us, no parents to stop us. I could live with myself after I killed her mother and brother. I did it for us, for her. They would have just been in our way, Now I can keep her for myself. She was the only thing I ever wanted.


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