Xavier’s girl
41 Everything is fine
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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41 Everything is fine

Xavier's Pov

"How is she?" I asked impatient

"They are both stable right now" she said smiling softly. I let out a breath of relief. They were fine.

"Wait they?" I asked puzzled

"The baby sir"

"But she was bleeding?" I thought the baby didn't make it.

"That was due to the stress she went through, it's normal for some women too experience small bleeding. But I would say with everything she went through that was expected"

I nodded listening,

"The baby is okay?" I say surprised

"Yes sir, the foetus is smaller than a 7 weeks old but that shouldn't be a problem right now. The mother is also not at the right weight she is meant too be at, she was very dehydrated and so signs of distress. We had to put her to sleep"

"There was a high amount of Amphetamines in her blood"

"What's that" I asked confused

"It's is normally used for patients with hyperactive disorder. It helps them calm down, too much dose age can make them destruct and out of it. She had double the amount in her body. It could have killed her and the baby"

"Do you know why she was taking them?"

"No I don't" I lied, they drugged her? why would they do that?

"We might have too keep her in the psych ward, if she tried to harm herself or the baby"

I looked at her, they want too lock her up? No fucking way. I wasn't letting them locker her away again.

"She didn't do this to herself" I tell her

"I will also be transferring her to our private doctor" he won't ask any unnecessary questions.

"There is no need for that sir, we will take good care of her"

"The ligature marks on her, how did that happen?" She looked at me suspicious

"I'm afraid, I don't know" I hope they won't get the police involved.

"Okay sir, we have to keep her overnight before she can be transferred, we need too make sure they are both stable" she nods "we just need you too fill out some papers and the insurances form"

"That's fine" I tell her collecting the papers. "Can I see her?"

"Yes, once the paper are filled. Don't be alarmed if she is unresponsive" she says before leaving.

Sitting back down on the cold metal sit, I smiled thinking about the baby. I thought we lost it, I can't wait to see her face when I tell her our baby is alive. She will never find out about what I did, we are going to put all this behind us and start our new life with the baby. I didn't want to think about what she went through or whatever they did to her; what my own father did to her. Signing the last of paper, I didn't know her insurances so I put down mine instead.

Looking up at the tiny Tv in the corner when I heard the reported saying my name.

"The son of the known Billionaire Xavier Knight haven't comment on the arrest of his father. He was last reported seen leaving JFK's airport two days ago. We have sources claiming to have spotted in around Manhattan this last few days. We reached out for a comment but haven't heard back."

"The public are demanding justice and what too know what his charges are, although we don't have the full extent of his arrest; CNN"

FUCK! This the last thing I need right now. Reporters down my back, they won't stop till they get the answers they want. Vanessa can't have this around her, not while she is recovering. I'm sure they will want too questioner her as well as soon as the names of the people involved are public. After all she was meant too be dead. We haven't heard anything about her father yet, the last I heard he was in the compound in LA. I'm sure they will soon arrest him as well. His name was part of the list I provided to the FBI, she won't have a problem with that. After everything he did, I don't think she cares too much.

"Here you go" I say giving the form to the receptionist.

"Just need to put it in into the system then you may leave" she smiles typing away on the keyboard.

Tapping my fingers on the table, she stops typing then looks at my face with a shocked expression but quickly covers it up with a tight smile. She probably saw my name and recognized it.

"All done Sir, you can see her now"

Nodding at her I moved towards the room they put her in, they moved her to the ICU unit. She needed a private room, which was better than the first room in the A\u0026E. Opening the door slowly, all I heard was the sounds of beeping machine. The room was lightly lit with aa desk lamp, there was multiply wires and tube attached to her. She looked so small in the bed.

Closing the door softly, the beeping sounds of the heart monitor got louder but I found it soothing. Sitting on the chair beside her, I could see her chest moving up and down. Looking down at her wrist, there was a drip attached to it and was also wrapped in bandage. Touching her softly, there wasn't any mud on her anymore, I could see her olive skin again. I will never let her leave my sight again, her and that baby.

Vanessa's Pov (the next day)

Opening my eyes slowly, my head was throbbing. How long was I asleep for? The last thing i rembered was Xavier's eyes and the blood. Was he actually there or was i dreaming? I could the smell the strong disinfectant, i knew this was the hospital. Blinking slowly, trying too look around the room but mt neck felt stiff. The oxygen mask on my face was uncomfortable, it felt like a car ran me over multiply times. My throat was as dry as a desert.

"Hey, don't move" i look at the shadow above me, he was here. I couldn't open my mouth, it was covering half my face. I was trying to tell him that i needed water, but i couldn't.

"I'm sorry baby, you need the oxygen for the baby as well" he says moving my hair away from my face.

The baby? The baby was still in me? I thought it. Looking at him confused but he was smiling down at me.

"I will go get the nurse" he moved away making my heart rate increase. I didn't want him too leave.

"I'm just going a few steps, i don't want to go either but i need to tell them you are wake" he says kissing my head "just right out the door okay". I nod at him, i could see the hesistantion on his face as he opened the door.

Looking around the room, there wasn't much. Two chouches at the corner, a table in the middle and what i think was a bathroom at the other side. I was out of that horrid place, i will never let them take me again or my baby. I didin't know i would wanna keep it after everything but i wanted now more than ever. Plus Xavier looked happy when he found out.

I couldn't help but think about what his father did when i saw the same green eyes, i knew it wasn't his fault. I don't think i willever tell him what truely happened, i don't know if he would look at me the same or still want me. Hearing the door open, i looked at it. Expecting too see Xavier with a nurse but i just saw a nurse. Half her face was covered with a blue mask but something about her eyes gave me chills.

She shut the door behind her and took off her mask, the heart motior goes off when i saw her face. How did she find me? She moves closer to the bed rasising her hands in a surrender motion.

"Vanessa don't scream" she pleaded

Opening my mouth but nothing came out, a part of me wanted to hear what she had to say.

"You have reason too trust me, I never lied about anything, I promised your mother I will help you and I know that took a while, I am sorry for everything you went through."

"I know I can't make you see reason that Xavier is evil. Take this!" she rushes over too the bed

"if you figure out what he truely is, text 911 to that number and we will help you get away" she says shoving a piece of paper into my hands

"I have to go, remember whatever the time or day just text and we will find you" she nods before leaving.

Should I have gone with her? Was she actually telling theh truth? Was Xavier evil like she said?

"Sorry baby, I couldn't find the nurse" I quickly shove the paper underneath the cover when I heard him opening the door.

"What wrong" he asked alarmed when he saw my face "you look plae" he panciked

"She's fine sir" I look behind him and saw a woman wearing a white lab coat, I knew she was the doctor.

"Hello, I'm doctor Halle. Just gonna check how you are doing" she moves too the screens beside my bed. "Okay, everything looks good. I'm just gonna take this off now" she reaches for the oxygen mask.

Taking a big breath the second it was gone;

"Easy, don't want you getting light headed" she smiles down at me "drink this" I almost scream with joy when i saw the glass off water. She literally read my mind. I down it in seconds wanting more, when last did I drank water?

"Do you feel pain anywhere?" she asks as she checks the drips attached to my hands

"Yes, everywhere" I croak sounding like an old man, clearing my throat. My whole body felt like my bones broke then was put back together.

"The baby?" I held my breath waiting for the answer

"Your baby is fine, smaller than usually but that fine considering what you went through"

"Can she be transferred now" I hear Xavier ask her sounding a little frustrated. What was his issue? She was just doing her job.

"Yes sir, let me go draw up the discharge forms" she gives him a tight smile before leaving.

He smiles at me moving closer to the bed, I stared at him thing about what the nurse told me, did he actually do it?

"Why are we leaving?" I asked him

"There's a private doctor waiting for us at home, I want to get out of here" he says sitting on the chair beside me.

"I'm so sorry baby, for everything they did too you. You never have too worry about them taking you or the baby"

"Did you kill them" I asked alarmed, I knew he was capable of doing that

"I wish, we'll talk about that later. Right now lets get you out of here and feed you and my baby" he looks at my stomach rubbing it softly. Something about it made me feel uneasy.


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