Xavier’s girl
40 I’m sorry
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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40 I’m sorry

Vanessa Pov

"Come, a car is waiting for us" she pulled me out as the angry voices got closer. It was dark, the sky was filled with stars. I looked at her face as she waited for me, i can't go with her. For all I know we was working with them.

At least I knew Xavier wasn't working with them, he wanted to protect me. She claims she was my mother sister but how comes my mother never talked about her? And why wait all the years to find me? This was my chance too escape, I was already out. I looked at my surroundings and it was nothing but woods. I can run and lose them in the woods, hopefully I will find a road with cars.

Pulling my arms away from her she looked at me surprised and confused. Not waiting for her to react I took off the other direction.

"Vanessa!" I heard her screaming "come back please!" Ignoring her I ran faster into the thick woods.

I ran for what seems like hours not stopping, at least this time I was wearing shoes but I was freezing. It was like the temperature kept dropping every minutes. I can feel the effects of the drugs now, I was becoming drowsy and everything felt slow. I need to sleep.

I jumped when I heard a loud bang that sounded like a gun, I looked at the direction it came from. The same way I came from. I heard another one and I took off again, thinking they were right behind me. I didn't realise I ran into a road till I saw a headlights of a car coming my way. I froze not knowing what to do. I closed my eyes welcoming when I heard the screeching tires.

Waiting for the impact but it did I happen. I was still alive? I opened my eyes, blinking. I couldn't see anything but the harsh lights on my face. Using my hands to over my face, praying the person behind the wheel will help me. When I heard the door opening, I couldn't keep myself up anymore, my keen gave out. I fell onto the hard gravel, wincing from the pain. I felt something wet dripping down my legs. Did I pee myself?

"Vanessa?" Looking up at the voice, all I saw was a figure, the light was making it difficult too see the person's face.

"Vanessa!" this one was filled with panic.

I was too focus on the sharp pains I felt down my back. Touching between my legs feeling the wetness, when I saw the red thick liquid, I knew what was happening. I was losing my baby. I felt cold hands on my shoulders shaking me. I felt so disorientated, I couldn't hear anything. It was as if time slowed down.

Blinking away my tears I looked at the figure, I took in the green eyes and face.

"Xavier?" I asked not believe it, what was he doing here? Was I hallucinating?

"Vanessa! Can you hear me!" He yells panicked

Everything came rushing back too me, the gun shots , the baby, the nurse. Pushing everything way focusing on the thing that mattered now. I felt myself being picked up.

"Don't worry I've got you" he whispers

"No, no!" I yelled moving away from his arms "don't touch me"

"Baby it's me" he pulls my face "look it's just me" he takes my hands and rubs it on his face, pausing when he saw the blood. I watch the blood drain from his face.


"Yes it's me baby, don't worry. I'm gonna take you to the hospital" he picks me up. I could see the fear in his eyes.

"Where are you bleeding from baby?" He carries me gently "no, stay awake!" He yells forcing my eyes open.

"The baby" I whisper remembering he doesn't know that I'm pregnant. Now I have too tell him his baby is dying. I felt my back pressing against a cold leather. I tired too keep my eyes open but I was too tired.

"The pills" I whisper trying too tell him they gave me drugs

"Scott, find the nearest hospital now!" He yells beside me

I felt his hands on my body, he rips the shirt I was wearing as if looking for something.

"Where the blood coming from baby?" he asked giving me a pleading look

"My legs" he looked at me puzzled but moved my legs apart making me scream. I felt another pain in my stomach this time. He pushed the dirty white gown up exposing my low body.

"I'm sorry" I tell him when I saw his face "I'm so sorry". This was my fault, I shouldn't have ran. If I stayed at least the baby would still be alive.

"Look at me, it's fine. Everything is going to be okay now" he puts his head against mine.

"I've got you" he whispers placing wet kisses against my forehead "I love you" I hear him say before my eyes closes.


Xavier's Pov

"They are going to be fine boss" Scott say looking at me through "5 minutes away"

I looked down at her, she looked smaller than I remember, the massive washed out shirt she was wearing made her look smaller. I could see the bone on her cheeks. Her eyes were darker than I remember. She looked like hell. I was shocked when I saw her on the floor on the road, I thought the worse when she fell. I knew we were too far from the compound, it was a miracle she came too the middle of the road or we would have missed each other.

When she saw me, it was like she was looking right through me. Her eyes were big and wide, I had to shake her to get her to respond. I was scared for a second thinking she didn't remember me.

When I saw the blood I thought she was shot when she escaped, but I didn't see any holes in my body. Then she said her legs, I saw the blood coming from her inner thighs I knew it was the baby. My heart broke when she was apologising, it wasn't her fault. It was mine, I should never have tried to get her pregnant.

I checked her pulse too make sure she was still breathing, her breathing was so low and quite for all I know she could have passed out from something else. How did she escape? I knew it was nearly impossible too escape unless she had help.

"We are here boss" Scott say making me look up. We were at the hospital, he stopped the car at the Emergency and Accident way.

Not waiting for him too turn off the car i opened the door, picking her up slowly not wanting to hurt her. But her face didn't even flinch. I ran inside the hospital, ignoring the panicked look people gave me.

"Help! I need a doctor!" I yelled too the receptionist

"Sir calm down, what's wrong" the lady at the desk asked me. She looked at Vanessa in my arms but still reminded calm.

"Put her here sir" I hear someone behind me say.

The man had a stretcher behind me, placing her on the bed slowly, and they started touching and pocking her.

"Sir, we need you to tell us what happened" the women putting on a oxygen mask as they wheeled her away.

"She's pregnant. She might me dehydrated and have hypothermia. She was out in the cold, I don't know when last she ate or had something to drink she passed out a few minutes back" I rushed out everything that came too my head. The doctor looked at me panicked but nodded.

They placed her in a room and started putting different wires on her.

"Dilated pupils" She says when she opens Vanessa's eye at the man nurse with a pad that wrote things down. "She has drugs in her system. We might need to pump her"

They cut the dress off her, leaving her naked on the bed. I felt my eyes watering, She looked dead, if I couldn't hear the heart motion I would think she was dead. I could see her probably in the lit room, her  whole body was covered in buries, in different colour.

"Buries on arm, legs and stomach"

"Bleeding from vaginal area"

"We need a ultrasound to check on the baby" she tells the male nurse

"What looks like ligature marks on her wrist and ankle"

"Her lips are turning blue, we need more oxygen!"

"Heart rate is too slow' I need a eippen now!" She yells

"Sir you need too leave" she tells me

"I'm not leaving her" I say looking at tiny body in the bed. I wasn't ever leaving her again.

"Sir please, I need to do my job"

"Come boy, we'll sit and wait till she wakes up" Scott places his arm on my shoulder pulling me out the room.

Taking a step back as they closed the door.


"Mr Knight?"

I jumped up when I heard my name, we have been waiting for hours now. I told Scott to go get everything ready for us. I got a penthouse in the city so she can rest when we leave the hospital. I don't want her travelling right now, she needs too rest and get herself.

We don't need too hide anymore, they caught my father trying to flee the country. He was now in there custody, I knew a lot of the members were probably scared now. A lot of them were rich politicians and government officials. Now that they had their boss, it won't be long till they got all of them. We can start a life together now.

"Yes, that's me" I walk up to the doctor. Her face was passive, I couldn't tell if it was good new or bad new.

"Are you Vanessa Knight guardian or husband?" She looked at me puzzled. I gave them my surname for her cause I don't want any questions.

"Husband" I replied not hesitating. They wouldn't give me any information if I wasn't related to her or married.

"How is she?" I asked impatient


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