Xavier’s girl
32 What did you do?
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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32 What did you do?

I stood there staring at the tv. What the fuck did I just watch. They thought I was dead? Why would they think I was dead? I could feel his presence behind me. I knew he was there. But he didn't say anything, did he hear it too.

I got up slowly as the woman voice fade behind me. I was dead? But I wasn't. How did they mistake me for another girl.

I turned to look at him. He was standing behind the couch with a bag in his hands. I looked at his bag then his face, remembering that he walked out on us. Where did he go?

"You weren't meant to see that" he said placing the bag on the couch. What the hell was inside the bag.

"Why do they think I'm dead?" I asked him still looking at the bag.

"Because you are " he said casually with a fixed expression

"What!" I whispered "what the fuck did you do"

He moves towards me making me take a step back. He paused and gave me a questioning look.

"What did you do Xavier!" I screamed at him. My mind was running off with different scenarios.

"Boss!" Dan came in running looking alert.

"It's fine Dan you can leave" 

Dan didn't leave for a second. He looked at me and Xavier like he was worried. He hesitated but he nodded his head and left. I waited until I heard the door shut before looking at Xavier again.

He took off his black jacket calmly placing in next to the bag.

"What did you do Xavier?" I asked again. Scared of what his answer could be.

"you're mine, No one is taking you away"

I looked at like he's lost his mind. What the fuck was he talking about.

"So you killed me!" I yelled confused "you not making any sense Xavier, so you better fucking explain!"

His face got hard and he took a step towards me making me step one back. I knew if I let him next to me he would somehow convince me that this was all okay.

"I didn't kill you. Your standing here aren't you" he said expressionless not yelling like me.

"Why the fuck did a find a body that had my DNA then!"

No! I looked at him in horror. Making more space between us. He wouldn't do that. He wasn't like that. He would never do something like that.

"Did you kill someone" I whispered slowly.

He didn't reply but his face reminded hard. When he didn't say anything I got the answer I needed.

"Is that what you've been doing this past week? Finding a girl that you could kill!"

"Do have any idea how sick and crazy that is"

"You actually think I did this" he sounded so cold. I got shivers. I was now aware I was only with him in a house.

Did he actually kill someone to fake my death? Was he that sick.

"You do know your father still knows I'm alive! You didn't have to kill anyone!" I walked into the kitchen trying to get as far away as I could from him.

"I didn't kill anyone, Maybe you should ask your fucking dad!" he finally yelled


"If people think your dead, the easier it becomes for them to keep you prisoner. No one would be looking for you"

"So you didn't do this" I whispered feeling like an idiot.

"No Vanessa, but it's nice to know that you don't trust me"

Oh god, I didn't even wait for him to explain. I just accused him. Why did I think he this?

"I'm sorry" i said looking at him. "I just couldn't believe it".

I can't believe my father. I thought he was still trying to save me. And he killed an innocent girl? How did the police not know it wasn't me. Where they in on it as well.

"I need you too trust me if we are gonna survive this" he was walking towards me, I didn't move back this time.

"Do you trust me Vanessa?"

"Yes" I said not hesitating.

" I trust you, but I know you tend to do crazy stuff"

I did trust him with my life. I trusted that he wouldn't never intentionally hurt me. But I knew he would do anything to keep me, but does that include killing someone?

"Where did you go" I asked he looked at me confused. I mind went back to the bag he placed on the couch.

"I said I loved you and you walked out on me. Where did you go Xavier" his demeanour changed. He was back to being cold again.

He moved passed me ignoring the question. "Where the fuck did you go Xavier!" I yelled trying to get his attention.

He twist back around, storming towards me. He grabs my hair and pulled it back, hard. Making me look up at him. He was fuming. I could see the angry in his eyes.

"Watch how you talk to me" he lends down to whispered in my ear. He didn't let go of my hair. He was back to his controlling self. It was like this morning didn't happened. I could feel my heart breaking.

"Don't you love me anymore" I chocked out scared of his answer. It feels like there was two different Xavier. The one this morning and the one now, with no emotions whatsoever.

"Don't ever question my love for you Vanessa. You belong to me" even though what he said was what I wanted to hear. I still shivered with how cold he sounds.

I wanted to scream at him that I wasn't something he could own. I don't belong to anyone. I was my own person but I heard the sound of her heels clicking before I heard her voice. What the fuck was she doing here?

"Erm... Am I interrupting something" her annoying soothing voice said. I sudden got a wave of angry. I didn't want her here.



We both say at the same time. He lets go of me and steps back. Making her visible to me. Like always she was dressed in a tight dress that showed her figure. I gave Xavier a look. When he said No.

But he straightened himself and looks at her smiling.

"How can I help you Cara" he said pulling on his hair

"You forgot this at my place" she said casually smiling at me. She was holding his phone. He went to her. That where he was. He actually went to her house.

I could feel my heart breaking. I refuse to cry. I wasn't going to give her what she wanted.

"You went to her" he ignored me

I watched him move forward towards her. Her lips was moving but I couldn't hear what she was saying. She placed her hands on his arm.

Images of them together was in my head. Is that what he was doing all day? They even looked perfect standing next to each other.

I told him I loved him and he went to another woman?

"Vanessa are you okay?"

I didn't realise I was breathing hard. They were both looking me like I had two heads. I couldn't stop the pictures that were in my head. I couldn't breathe, it felt like all the air was sucked out the room. I needed to get out.

"I need to go" I croak out my voice low

"What's wrong?" he asked moving towards me

"No!" I yelled making him stop "don't fucking touch me" all I could see was her arms all over him. Touching him like he was his. She had a small grin on her face. I wanted to claw it off her.

Xavier gave me a questioning look. I started moving in the direction of the back door. I need to leave before I do something I will regret to that bitch.

"Where do you think your going!" I heard him say behind me

"Away from you and that whore! Did you fuck her too! Huh?"

I pulled opened the door not waiting for his reply. The cold wind hit my body. I was suddenly very aware of how short my dress was. At least I was wearing shoes this time.

"Vanessa!" He sounded closer

"Stop!" I screamed looking at him disgusting.

"Don't touch me not when you had that whore all over you. And don't think about following me"

"If you do I will willingly give myself to your father and let him have me what ever way he wants. Then maybe Josh!"

I was out the door before I saw his reaction. I knew what I said was a cheap shot to hurt him. But I wanted him to feel the way I felt. How my heart was crumbling.

I didn't even know where I was going but I ran. I ran before my tears started falling. I ran towards the lake. Not knowing where I was going.

"FUCK!" I heard his pained screamed follow by a loud crashing sound.


I walked around the lake till night time. Clearing my head. I knew I had no where to go but the house. I was surprised he didn't send Scott or Dan to look for me. It was hours before I made my way back to the house; when I finally became hungry and freezing. 

I have never felt so berated by someone before. I can't believe he went to her after we shared an intimate moment.

The only way I could live with him was if she never showed her face in that house again. Cause I would do some serious damage to her pretty face.

I looked at the house. The curtain was closed but the lights were on. I walked slowly onto the patio, trying to keeping my teeth from chattering. I could hear voices. I pulled the door opened making their conversation stop.

"Boss, she's back!" Scott yells the second he saw me.

"God! Why did you leave him girly" he said pulling me in. He walked me towards the couch and picked up the blanket, wrapping it around me.

"Make her something hot Dan"

I heard his footsteps before I saw him. He looked at me. His face hard like always. He looked aged, from the last time I saw him. If that was possible. He didn't say anything, just stared. I looked away from him staring at the blank screen of the tv.

"Here" Dan comes holding a cup of hot coffee.

"Thanks" I whisper smiling at him. He left shortly after leaving me with Xavier.

"You said you'll never leave" he whispers.

My heart cracks more when I heard him say that. "I didn't leave you Xavier, I just needed space"

"You walked out on me Vanessa. Again!"

"I'm back aren't I!" I yelled getting up.

"I came back!"

"Can I leave now, Mr knight" the voice made me freeze. She was still here!

He watches as my face got hard.

"She's still here!"

"Vanessa, it's not what you think" he said trying to calm me.

I looked behind me to see her. Standing in her perfectly gelled ponytail. I saw red after that. I was sick of her showing up, sick of how perfect she looked. How she was able to touch him the way I could.

I charged at her before I could stop myself. I forgot I was holding a hot cup of coffee. It was too late to stop it from spilling onto her dress. I watch as her face contracts and she screamed. I didn't stop, I pulled on her stupid ponytail and she clawed on my arm still screaming.

"Don't ever touch him again, he's mine not yours!" I screamed not letting go of her hair.

"If I ever see your hands on him I will cut them off!"

I felt his hands on my waist pulling me away from her. Scott and Dan came rushing in seeing the scene in front of them.

"Do you hear me bitch!" I screamed as they help her up. She didn't look so perfect anymore.

"Take her out of here" Xavier says holding me by my waist.

I watch as they took her out the house. Xavier finally let's me go when she was out the door. I heard the car driving off. Good she was gone.

I looked at arms and saw I was bleeding. There was scratches on them. She clawed me with her stupid long fingers. 

I can't believe I attacked someone. I have never fought someone before. I wasn't a violent person. This was because of him. He made me into someone I wasn't. Someone that disgusted me.

He watched me as I took in everything I did. He looked surprised and pleased. I was done with him. He made me crazy.

I pushed past him and ran upstairs.

"Vanessa!" he yells

I ran into our room and made my way to the closet. I heard his footsteps coming behind me. I knew he wasn't going to let me leave. But I wasn't going to sleep with him anymore.

I started ripping my clothes off the hangers on to the floor.

"What are you doing?" he questioned me.

I stopped and looked at him, wiping my tears. "I'm leaving" I said picking the clothes I could carry off the floor. He stared at me with a haunted look.

I pushed past him and made my way to the other bedroom, down the hall. I knew he was following behind me. I knew he would end up taking me back with force so I locked the door behind me before he got to it.

He slammed his fits against the door as I locked it.

"Open this door Vanessa!" he bangs making the walls shake.

I dropped the clothes on the bed and slide to the floor crying.

"Baby please, let's talk about this"

"No Xavier, I need a break. I need to be able think for myself."

"We can think together, please I need you"

I looked at the door glazed as my tears fell. As I ignored his pleas.

"I don't want or need you Xavier. It was fun while it lasted. But I don't love you, I never did. It was a mistake. I can never love someone as crazy as you. So please just leave me alone" I chocked out holding back my tears as I crumble his heart and mine.

This was why I hated birthdays. Too much drama.


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