Xavier’s girl
26 Don’t scream
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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26 Don’t scream

My head felt like it weighed a ton. I could hear voices. Where the was I. I was on something soft. The last thing I remember was getting in the car and Josh. What the hell did they give to me. I feel so weak, my eyes wouldn't open.

"Dude I think we gave her too much" I heard,

"I made sure it was the right amount"

"Then why isn't she awake, the boss will soon get here"

What the fuck were they talking about. What Boss?

"He isn't the boss ok, just because his father is in charge doesn't mean he is"

"Whatever, let's go"

Their footsteps were moving away. And didn't opened my eye before they closed a door. I was greeted with a empty room. No windows. The walls were black and it only had a dresser. And this iron single bed that was against the wall. Where was I?

Where is Paul? Why didn't he take me home. I need to find a way out of here, before something bad happens. How long was I gone for? Hopefully Greta called my dad or the police. Someone must be looking for me.

Josh? Why did Josh do this. What the hell was he in into. The only think I could think about was they kidnapped me for ransom. My dad was a politician, maybe this is there way of saying fuck you. But Josh. How?

I got up the bed, dizzy. My throat felt like sandpaper. I looked down and realised they changed me. I wasn't wearing the clothes mary gave me. But a white long night dress, no panties or bra. Who the hell changed me. I need to find a way out. If I was in the cabin I the road isn't too far.

I heard heavy footsteps coming and went back on the bed pretending to be asleep. My heart was loud, I was scared they would hear it. The door opened and I held my breath. Closing my eyes tightly.

"I know your awake Vanessa" his voice sent shivers down my back. It was josh.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way" I could hear him coming closer. But I didn't move.

I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. Why did he do this? What did he want.

"What do you want" I cringed as I heard my voice. It was so dry and croaky.

"There" I heard him placing something on the bed "you need to eat"

I heard his footsteps leaving. I can't let him leave. I need answers. I sat up quickly making myself dizzy.

"How long was I asleep"

He paused and looked back at me. This wasn't the same josh I knew. He looked different. He was dressed in all black and his face was cold. Not warm and smiling like he was. He had no emotions in his eyes. Just empty.

"Two days"

I gasped. They had me for two days. I have been missing for two days. I was crying. I can't believe this is happening.

"Is my dad looking for me"

"I can't answer that" he said with no emotions

"Why Josh? Why? Was this your plan the whole time" I couldn't stop the tears that were falling.

He laughed. But it's didn't reach his eyes. "My plan?"

"This is bigger than you Nessie " he said before slamming the door.

I froze. Did he just call me Nessie? I haven't heard that in a while, no one ever called me that but my brother. He gave me the nickname when we were younger and I hated it. Why the hell would Josh call me Nessie.

And what did he mean it was bigger than me. I had been missing for 2 days. Meaning it was Tuesday. Did people in school realise. Did Xavier care? My poor dad, he must be losing his mind.

I looked at glass of water and a sandwich he put at the edge of my bed. I was starving. So I ate it. Stupid I know but I hadn't eaten in two days.

I shoved it in my mouth and drank the water. He slammed the door but I didn't hear him lock it. This was my chance to get out of here.

I got up slowly trying not make the bed creak. The floor was cold. I wonder what time in the day it was. I made my way to the door. My closer I got the door, the louder my heart sounded. I didn't know what or who could be outside that door.

I opened the door closely, pocking my head into to a dark hallway. It was empty. I took a deep breath and open it wider. This was it. I have to find the way out and run. I took a step into the hallway that looked longer than it was. It was eerily quite.

There was other locked doors. I wonder if people were inside. I didn't have time to look, if I could get out I could tell the police. I made my way down the hallway holding my breath.

This felt too easy. Wouldn't you keep an eye on the person you kidnapped. I didn't want to wait too find out. All I know was that Josh was the psychopath not Xavier. You can never trust the nice ones. 

There was a stairs going down. Still no window in sight. The bottom was dark but there was a door. It had a glass window that reflected lights. That was my way out. I have to run as fast as I can, to that door.

The first shaky step made the floor board creak. I stopped and held my breath pressing myself against the wall. No one. I can't run. The board would creak. I had to take the stairs one at a time.

I paused with each step I took, waiting for someone to come look for me. No one came. The house was too quiet. I knew people were here. But where did they go? I let out a huge breath as I got to the bottom of the stairs. There was another hallway on the left that had doubled wood doors.

This was it. I was a few feet away from the door. All I had to do was walk and open it. But I heard voices coming from the door on my left that made me pause.

"You promised you wouldn't hurt her"

"We didn't hurt her"

I recognised the voices.

"This wouldn't have happened if you listened years ago. Amelia and Nate didn't have to die"

"I just didn't want this for her"

My mother and brother? Why were they talking about them?

My feet began moving towards the door before I could stop myself. I didn't want to believe the voice I was hearing.

"This was always gonna happen. It was her birth right" the very familiar voice said. What the hell were they talking about.

"I know, but she wouldn't understand. She wasn't brought up like the rest"

Who are they talking about. Was there another girl here. And there is more. Is this some kind of group.

"She had enough time. We have been patient. We have to carry out the act before she turns 18"

"Please can I see her. It's been two days—"

I pushed the door opened. My knee gave out as I saw the people in the room. What the fuck was going on.

"Dad?" I whispered confused and scared

He turned around and his face fell. He looked broken. His suit was wrinkled and his face was unshaven. What was going on. Are they making him paid for my ransom. I looked at the shadow behind him.

"Mr Knight?" what the hell was Xavier's dad doing here. Was Xavier involved. Of course he was.

"What's going on" I asked them trying to stand up but my legs felt like jelly.

"Vanessa, I can explain" my dad said moving towards me

"Not now John" Mark said making my dad pause.


"Vanessa. I can't explain now. But I'm so sorry. I tried, I tried so hard to stop this from happening" his face broke as he said that.

I didn't realise I was crying till I felt a tear on my chest. What was he talking about?

"What are you talking about" Wasn't he here to take me back home. At this point I figured I could convinced him to move back to D.C. "didn't you guys come to take me home" I asked both of them.

I was Mr knight's hand moving on the desk to press something. Why was he behind the desk?

"Someone will come take you back to your room" he said coldly. Sounding nothing like he did at dinner.

"What are you talking about" I asked moving backwards. "Take me where"

I heard heavy footsteps coming. I looked at the stairs and so two huge men in black coming down.

"What's going on!" I screamed at this point. Why were they doing this.

"I'm so sorry princess" my dad whispered not making eye contact with me.

The footsteps got closer. I couldn't breathe. The room felt too small. Why was my dad doing this. I need to get out. I couldn't stay here.

Stephanie's words came back to me. She told me not to trust anyone. Why didn't I listen. How could I know that everyone was fucked up.

I ran towards the door that was the way out. And I heard screams behind me but I didn't care to stop. I need to get the fuck out of here.

Alarms went off the second I pulled the door opened. I didn't stop. I ran out the door. It was almost dark. The sun was setting. It was nothing but woods. Not caring I ran towards the woods. I could lose them there.

I ran like I have never ran before. I knew my feet's were probably bleeding. I wasn't wearing shoes. But I was too numb to feel anything. My hair was getting caught in the breaches and I felt them cutting my exposed skin. I heard their heavy footsteps behind me. I wasn't going to stop running until I found someone. Hopefully there are more cabins with people inside.


I don't know how long I was running for. But I was about to faint. I stopped hearing them a while back, but I didn't stop. It was completely dark now. I was cold and shaking. I needed something to drink. I haven't found any cabin it was nothing but woods. But I wasn't going to stop. There must be a road or something around here.

I know they won't stop looking for me.  What the hell did they want. Why was my dad letting them do this. And how is Xavier's dad involved. Did he even know what was happening right now. I just wanna go home and eat. I put my arms around myself and started crying. How did this happen to me?

I sat down next to a huge tree that fell in the middle of the part. My legs were swollen and bleeding from the lack of shoes. I didn't even want to look at them. I was too scared.

My eyes felt heavy. Let me just close it for a second before I started moving again. I sat and enjoyed the quiet woods. Thankfully a bear or mountain lions haven't eaten me yet.

I heard a twig snapped. I stopped breathing and looked at the direction. Did they find me? I got up slowly and looked around. I didn't hear anything. Maybe it was a rabbit or something.

But I better start moving before they do catch up to me.

I almost cried out as I took my first step, but I felt a hand around my mouth. "Shhh girly, don't scream" I felt his warm breath on my ear.

Shit! They found me. I bite down on his hands hard drawing blood making him scream.


He let go of me for a second but caught me before I was two steps away.

"You're a tough little girl" he had a accent. "I see why he wants you"

"No please let me go, don't take me back" I beg crying struggling against him.

"Shh, we can't have them hear you" he whispered

"I'm taking you to boss" he said throwing me onto his shoulders like I weighed nothing.

I screamed and punched at his back but he kept holding me and telling me to be quiet. I couldn't see anything but the floor cause of the way he was holding me. It felt like forever as he walked through the dark woods. I knew he was taking me back to the cabin.

I felt him lowering me and I heard other voices. I saw a black SUV. Where they gonna put me in that. Why? The cabin was walkable.

"What took you so long, we have to leave now" i didn't know this voice.

"We have to make her sleep" he man that took me said

"He told us not to do that"

"Well she won't stop screaming"  he replies holding onto my arm as he pulled out a syringe.

"Okay but you explain to him" the other person said and he nodded looking at me apologetic.

"I'm sorry girly, this is for your own good"

"Please don't, I won't scream I—" I begged as he injects me. I could feel myself falling asleep as he shoved me into the car.

The door closed and I felt another body heat next to me. I looked at the other sits as I eyes became heavy.

"You're fine now, I'm taking you back to Xavier" the blurred face said before my eyes became too heavy to be opened. But it sounded like Alan.


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