Xavier’s girl
20 Dinner
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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20 Dinner

The rest of the day had gone horrible as well. Alan took me out to the parking lot and left me there without saying a word. Xavier car was gone, that probably means he won't be driver me home. I doubt that was on the table after what I said.

My last class was English. Which I normally enjoyed but it was unbearable long today. I couldn't wait to get home and see my dad. He texted me saying he got off the plane. I was excited to see him. It's been a week. That was the only thing that got me through the day.

I could hear whispers around me as I walked down the hallway. I could feel there stares which I ignored. I haven't seen Mary since lunch. But I wasn't sure I had the energy to talk to her.

I texted her letting her know that I wasn't angry with her. She was just being her normal self. I think everyone was already in a weird mood today. But she didn't reply.

Cheer practice was more worse than lunch. Jenna made me bottom of the pyramid, so my shoulder were sore from girls standing on it. She didn't say a word but I knew she was angry. I think everyone knew. She took it out of everyone.

She wanted us to be perfect for Friday. The game. I wasn't too sure I cared about the game. I was too worried on what Xavier had planned for me.

I planned to confront Stephanie after cheer but she was gone before I finished changing. She still wasn't looking at me. I had a feeling she was upset about something which was confusing cause I should be the one upset.

"Hey can I talk to you" I heard someone said as I left the school.

I looked around to see Jenna. She was still in her cheerleading outfits.

I was a bit scared cause I knew what she wanted to talk about

"I don't really have time, my father is waiting for me"

"It will be quick"

I nodded at her, letting her know she could speak.

"I know what happened between you and Xavier" she paused " I just wanted to let you knew that I'm not angry" she said surprising me.

"We weren't really dating, you see. We had sex so I could chill with them. He had a different girl every day. He just let me call him my boyfriend cause I let him do whatever fucked up shit he wanted"

"Oh" I said. I wasn't sure what I should say to her.

"I just wanted to hangout with the cool kids" she scoffs "I know I'm pathetic"

"Anyways I just wanted to let you know that there is no hard feelings, just be careful with him"

I was still shocked that conversation was happening. I thought she came to fight me. But she wanted too talk.

"Thank you Jenna. But nothing is going on between me and Xavier" I said trying to convinced myself

"Sure whatever you say" she said walking back in.


Paul was waiting for me at the parking lot. He said my dad was already home. I couldn't wait to see him. I can finally forget about the horrible day I had.

I know Xavier and Alan is probably in a basement planning their revenge on me. I couldn't wait to see what it was.

The drive was quick. I got home in 30 minutes like usual. I saw his black suv in the driveway. And another car that i didn't recognise. It was a black Rolls Royce. Did he bring a friend with him?

I got out the car and thanked Paul before I made my way in.

The house was empty when I walked in. But I could hear voices. I walked towards the kitchen as saw Greta moving like a mad lady.

"Hey wants going on" I asked placing my bag on the table

"Your dad, we have guest and he waited last minute to tell me" she said mixing someone frustrated

"What guests"

"I don't know, all he said was they were friends a long time ago. Now leave so I cook in peace" she shooed me out.

My dad didn't have any friends. Oh god was it a woman. Was my dad dating. Not that I have anything against it. She just better not be my age.

"Dad!" I yelled

"We're in here sweetie" I heard him saying from the living room

He said we. He wasn't alone. I saw two suits. My day was wearing a grey suit and the other guy a black silk one. Okay that good. It was a guy friend. They were deep in conversation. The man looked too good looking for his age. And he looks like someone I knew.

"Hi" I said interrupting their conversation

The guy in the black suit looked up first and gasped. Making me widen my eyes. Did I have something on my face.

"Vanessa, my little princess" my dad said pulling me into a hug.

"Hi, dad" I said rolling my eyes. He keeps calling me his little princess

"I've missed you darling"

"I know I missed you too" I said hugging him tighter.

"You look big, did you grow" he asked teasing me. I was still 5'5.

"This is Mark Knight, my college roommate" he said pointing to the man. His name also sounds familiar.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" I said shaking his hands.

"Nice to meet you too sweetheart. Sorry it just when you came in I thought you were Amelia for a second" he thought I was my mother. How did he know my mother. "You exactly like she did in college"

Oh they went to the same college. "Thank you" I said smiling at him. I knew I looked like my mother a little bit. Mostly like my father.

"I'm so sorry about your lose" he said softly and I nodded at him.

"Mark will be joining us for dinner and his son as well" my dad said surprising me.

"Erm.. there is only two of you dad" I said laughing. Was he getting that old.

"I know that Vanessa, he will be here soon. Go change and look pretty" he said moving his eyebrows up and down.

What the hell was that. What was he trying to do. Set me up with this guy son?

"Dad I am perfectly dressed from dinner" I said rolling my eyes.

I was not gonna go change.

"She looks lovely John" Mark said to my dad laughing. "I'm sure he will fine you beautiful" he said confusing me.

What the hell are they talking about. Were they actually trying to set me and his son together. Has my dad lost his mind.

Just as I was about to ask for his sons name the doorbell rang. They both looked at me. "Ok I guess I will get it" I whispered looking at them confused. This dinner is going to be so weird if they were trying to set me up with the guy son.

The door bell rang again. Well he was impatient, not looking good. "Coming!" I said walking faster.

I opened the door. And my heart fell out of my chest. I was about to shit myself. What the fuck was he doing here.

He was wearing a suit. A black suit. He had his back to me. He suit made me look more handsome . I could die right now and be happy. Was that his plan. Dress up nice to kill me.

"What the fuck are you doing" I whispered yelled at him.

He turned around and had a smile on his face "I'm here for dinner Vanessa"

"There is no dinner" I said closing the door. How the hell did he know we were having dinner.

He used his hands to stop the door. "Your father invited me" he said pushing the door open.

"No he didn't, he doesn't even know you. You freak"

"Are you sure about that" he said pushing me aside and stepped in.

"Xavier, Xavier" I yelled quietly but he had starting making his way to the living room.

Oh god my dad will kill me. I need to start thinking of a lie to tell him about who Xavier was.

I took deep breaths and made my way back to the leaving room. I will simply just say he was crazy and won't stop stalking me.

What I saw made shocked me. I stood frozen. Xavier was shaking my dad hands. No way. Not gonna happen. I started walking fast to tell him too get out.

"Ahh, there she is. Xavier this is my beautiful daughter Vanessa. Vanessa this is Mark son" my dad said.

"I already had the pleasure of meeting her sir, we go to the same schools" the guy in my living meant to be Xavier said.

Ok this is either a fucked up dream or a nightmare.

"You don't have to call me sir son, call me John" I heard my dad tell him. That's it I'm going to faint.

"Vanessa, why don't you and Xavier get to know each other" my dad said. I was speechless at this point. What the hell was going on.

Where was the Xavier that wanted to kill me at lunch time.

"Dinner is ready" Greta called from the dinner room.

"Come on we can continue in the dining room" dad said getting up.

But i didn't move from where I was standing. My feet was glued to the floor.

"Come on Vanessa" my dad yelled forcing me to move my feet.

I walked forward. Ignoring the thought in my head right now this was happening. My dad was trying to set me up with a crazy person.

"You two sit together" I heard Mark say

There was four plates on the table. One at each of the head and two together.

Xavier pulled out a sit and looked at me still smiling. This was his revenge. This is how he was gonna get me back.

I sat down. Ignoring his smile. This was still too weird for me. Why the hell didn't I know his dad was friends with my dad.

"Vanessa do you remember the last time you saw Xavier" Mark asked surprising me. Lunch time I was about to say like the idiot I was.

"You were 4 and Xavier was 5. I came to DC for work and your dad invited us over for dinner"

"Erm I have met you before" I asked him confused. Why the hell did I not remember. How comes my dad never spoke about them.

"It's fine, you were too young to remember" Mark said laughing "but you were crying when we left. You kept saying Xavier was yours and that he can't leave you" he said sending chills down my back. I was drunk. I didn't know what I was saying. I wasn't in the right mind.

"I remember, you even pulled my hair, like last night" Xavier whispered laughing.

Oh god please help me. I was having dinner with a sadist man.

The rest of dinner were slow. I could barely eat with Xavier right next to me laughing at the jokes they were saying. Something was up. There was no was he could be this calm after what happened.

Greta made chocolate cake for dessert. There was no way I wasn't eating that.

"You should invite Vanessa to the beach house this weekend" I heard Mark say, making me look up from my cake.

"Your friends are going after all" he added

"I did invited her but she said no"

"You did" I asked confused. He didn't invite me anyway. But I would have said no even if he did.

"I have to study that weekend" I said to them.

"Don't be silly Vanessa, you can revise next weekend. I'm leaving on Friday. So you can go" my dad opened his mouth. Was this not the dad that was meant to stop guys from dating me till I was 25? Now all of sudden he wants me to spend a whole weekend with a guy.

"And Greta could take the weekend off, go have fun" he said eating his chocolate cake. What the hell happened to my dad. Was it because Xavier was rich, was that why he was setting us up?

"It will be great" Mark said

"I didn't say yes" I said to them confused.

I felt Xavier hands on my knees. That was the first time he touched me tonight. I gasped because of how hard he held me. I looked at him. I gave him a what the fuck look.

But his hands kept moving up. I almost let out moan when he got to my upper thigh. He started playing with the edge of my panties through my dress. He was still smiling at my dad. I bet his face was hurting.

"Vanessa" I heard my dad say. I looked at him confused. Had me been talking to me. "Are you okay" he asked

"Yes, yes the cake is just so good" I said trying to cover my moan when he pressed his thumb against my clit. I can't believe he was doing this with our parents in the room.

"Yes, yes I will go" I half yelled surprising them. "Ok, Vanessa that's good" my dad looked at me like I was crazy. Xavier finally removed his hands.

"I hope you drown" I whispered to him and he looked up smiling and said "likewise"


"Well this have been fun Josh, Vanessa nice meeting you again" Mark said shaking my hands. I looked at Xavier standing next to him. They looked exactly a like. It was a bit scary. "I'm sorry Maggie couldn't make it. She had a bad morning" I heard Mark say to my dad.

"It's fine, hopefully I can see her next week, when I'm back. Give her my best" he said. I figured they were talking about Xavier mom. Her name was Maggie.

I refused to make eye contact with Xavier. Still felt guilty about lunch time.

"You take care of my girl Xavier" I heard my dad say to him

"Dad?" I said embarrassed

"I will sir" I heard him say. Surprising me. I looked at him shocked but he was looking at my dad seriously.

Oh dad. Only if you knew how he was talking care of him.

Finally they left and he closed the door.

"So that was fun" he said looking at me doing that thing with his eyebrows again.

"Night dad, I am exhausted" I said going upstairs

"Don't you like him Vanessa, he is a fine young man" I heard him yell, only if he knew. I couldn't believe he was actually setting me up with Xavier.


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