Xavier’s girl
18 Beg me
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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18 Beg me

The drive home felt very slow. I knew Alan has already tell Xavier I was there. I don't know why I was scared. I could go see a friend if I wanted too. I told myself trying to make myself feel better. I expected him to text or call me but he hasn't. I don't know if I should be happy or worried that he didn't. Maybe he simply didn't care anymore.

I kept checking my phone incase he messaged but there was no message. I think Greta could tell something was wrong when I came in. I hardly say a word to her. She was asking what I bought but I told her I had a lot of work to do and my way to my room.

I pit the shopping bags down and took of my shoes. I would arrange it later. It was 8, I need to go have my shower and get ready for bed. I heard my phone ping and I ran to it thinking it was Xavier but it was Mary.

Mary: are you home?

Vanessa: yeah, just got in why?

Why was she asking if I was home.

Mary: just wanted to make sure you got home safe

Vanessa: aww thanks, I did. Will talk later about to head in the shower

Mary: alrighty, see u tomorrow

I put my phone down. My heart warmed with the thought that she cared about me. I think me and Mary will be good friends. Unlike Stephanie who I was avoiding like a plague. But I know I can't do it for long. I will probably see her tomorrow at cheer practice.

I went in the closet to get my nightgown for the night and also pick tomorrow outfit. It took a while but I was done. I picked my nightgown and walked out placing it on the chair next to the mirror. I took my clothes off and went to have my shower.

I took forever in the bathroom cause I have to braid my hair so it won't get wet. I didn't want to have to dry it tonight. I was too tired.

I cleaned my body and walked out. The lights were turned off in my room leaving only the lamp next to my bed on; which I don't remember doing but sometimes it does it by itself.

I walked to the mirror to pick up my nightgown but it wasn't on the chair. Ok was there a ghost in my room. Or was I that tired that I left it in the closet. I hugged the towel tighter to my body feeling cold. I looked at the balcony door and it was opened. Did I forget to close it in the morning or was I losing my mind.

I went to close it and my curtain as well. This felt like when something is about to pop out in the movies. I held my breath waiting but nothing happened. I laughed at myself. I was going crazy. I would probably end up finding my nightgown where I it was hanging with in the closet.

As I moved I saw a black figure sitting at the corner making me pause. I could feel whoever it was looking at me giving me goosebumps. I was about to shit myself at this point. I wasn't ready to die. I was still a virgin. Please god let it me eyes. I blinked thinking it would be gone but it was still there. I opened my mouth to scream for my life. Hopefully Greta was still downstairs and not at her wing and she would hear me.

"Don't do that" I heard his voice.

"Xavier?" I asked " what the fuck are you doing here, I almost died" I whispered shout at him.

How did he even get in through the gate. I knew he obviously came in through my balcony. But the gate had an alarm.

"I heard of the little activity you did today" he said so calmly

"I went to apologise" I whispered. I so scared, his calm attitude was making me more worried.

"Really, because Alan told me something else" he said getting up making his way to me.

I was glued to the spot that I was standing. "What did he say"

He was in front of me. I felt so small next to him. And the fact that I was just in my towel didn't help.

"Did Josh tell you anything" he asked pulling on my braid.

I shakes my saying no. He didn't tell me anything. What was he so worried about.

"Do you want him?" he asked all of a sudden. I was shocked. Was he jealous?

"You have no right to act jealous, not after you fucked that whore" I said to him shocking myself. Was I jealous?

Did I want Josh. So much questions in my head.

I didn't like Josh like that, I know that. I saw him as a friend but I wasn't going to tell him that. He was smiling but it didn't reach his eyes as he took a deep breath.

"I see" I heard him say. He pulled my hair hard exposing my bruised neck to him. "I will ruin you for him" he whispers in my ear.

I was scared. What was he going to do. He let's go of my hair and I looked up at his face. He was angry. His eyes was hard and cold. He still looked beautiful.

His hands moved to my collarbone down to where my towel reaches my breast. But paused for a second and my breathing out loud. Pulling my towel aside making in drop to the floor.

I didn't move. My chest was moving up and down with how hard I was breathing. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I don't know why I was apologising. But maybe it would make him less angry.

"It's too late Vanessa" his hands moving down to my breast.

Too late for what. I had he already posted the video? I was about to ask when I felt him pitch my nipple hard making me scream.

"I was gonna wait for the weekend to fuck you" he confused and I stopped breathing. He planned to have sex with me this weekend. "But you don't listen..." he paused and looked at my terrified face "don't worry baby, I will be soft" he said stroking my face.

All I needed to do was scream and maybe Greta would hear me and save me from him. But I didn't. I didn't move as he hands ran down my body. I didn't want to scream. I wanted him.

"Get on your knees" he said moving away from me. He turned around and I heard him undoing his zipper. He dropped his belt loudly on the floor making me jump.

I got on my knees slowly waiting for him to turn around. I was naked waiting for him. He took off his shirt. Even his back was beautiful. I wanted to run my hands down it. There was no denying it anymore. I wanted him. I wasn't doing his cause of the video, I was doing it cause I wanted too. But I wouldn't tell him.

He turned around slowly. I was looking at his feet. He was in front of me pulling my chin up making me make eye contact with his hard dick. He tilted my head back slightly and looking into my eyes "your mine, no one else gets to see you like this"

My lips opened on their own accord, taking in his hard cock and I found myself once again gagging around him as he grabbed the back of my head and thrust slowly in and out of my mouth.

He lets out groan as he gritted his teeth and tilted his head back pausing for a second. He seemed to catch himself quickly and lifted his head to looked into my eyes as I struggled to take all of him when the tip of him breached my throat.

"Your mouth is mine" thrust "your pretty little pussy is mine". Thrust. "The next time I see you talking to Josh I will fuck you in front of his stupid face". Thrust. I was gagging at this point but I took him all in my mouth. Sucking him as he thrusts forward.

He finally drew back, and sucked in the air I needed but as soon as I managed to catch my breath, i greedily latched onto his dick again. It took him by surprise. I watched his eyes widen slightly in surprised. Yes I wanted to suck you dick.

I kept my eyes on his and to take as much of him as I could and then I pulled back until my lips were wrapped around only the head. He threw his head back and groan as I stared at the incredibly long length of his cock in amazement while I sucked on the tip and ran my tongue up and down his length. I could taste his pre cum on my tongue. I moaned against it.

His hand was still in my hair but his grip wasn't as tight as few seconds ago. He wasn't angry anymore. He pulled away from my mouth and lifted me up. He looked at my swollen lips as I licked them.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" he snickered. "You thought you were pleasing me? Making me happy even?"

I was speechless at this point. Did he not enjoy that. Was that why he stopped me. "Why are you doing this" I whispered. He had used me. Humiliated me. "Why are you angry"

"You see Vanessa, I'm not angry" he said running his thumb on my lips "for me to be angry I have to care"

"Do you want to please me" he asked moving me towards the bed

"No" I lied. I did want to please him. I wanted to make him happy

"No?" he asked.

"Good, because if you do I would be forced to keep you and you don't want that" he said pushing me on the bed.

That's where he was wrong. I did want him to keep me. I wanted to be his.

Cold air hit my naked body, hardening my nipples just before his head lowered and his mouth was on me, sucking. I arched my back from the sensation, pressing my breasts into his mouth further as he moan against it.

I felt a sharp sting from his bite had me gasping and grabbing onto his head as I felt my body melt from that little pain.

I should be screaming and yelling from help but I wasn't. Instead I let him devour my body with his eyes and I could saw a hint of approval in them. He liked what he saw.

"my dick will be deep inside you tonight. We have all night. There is no one to save you. No one to see you come but me" he doesn't know that I didn't want to be saved

In between my legs was wet from his threat. " spread your legs for me baby"

I moved back toward my headboard and slowly lowered my body to the mattress while I spread my legs for him. I knew he could see my arousal.

"Look at me," he demanded. I let my gaze travel to his face and saw the anger there. "Don't move those eyes away from me," he growled and I nodded.

My heart was beating hard again my chest was he climbed in between my legs. He covered my body with his and forced my thighs open wider to fit him. I felt the head of his cock pressing at my entrance making me moan.

He grabbed my hair in his hand and leaned down to place his lips at my ear and whispered " I'm going to fuck you now and when you've had enough I will take you again, and again, I won't stop no matter how much you beg me to." I shivered and almost moan as he said that.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes "kiss me" I begged. I wanted to taste his lips. But he smirked and let go of my hair.

"Please..." I beg as I felt him entering me. Oh god I felt full already.

I release a scream straight from my soul when he slammed into me. Shock and pain, took over my body as he took my virginity. I clutched his shoulders and tried to push him away but he held my wrists in his fists against the bed.

"Oh baby, your so tight" he groaned. Thankfully, he didn't move. His body was still on top of mine as he watched me closely.

I shook my head, weakly . "I can't –"

It was too painful. It felt like he was ripping me apart.

"You can and you will. Take me, baby." He whispered hoarily.

He continued to bury himself deeper and deeper inside me while staring into my eyes and I knew he wanted me to feel him owning me and I did.

I felt him everywhere. When he began a slow, steady thrust into my body it sent my senses into space. Pain began to fade and pleasure took over.

"Xavier" I moaned

"I know baby, I know" his pace increased, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he bit into my neck. The little bite of pain caused me to moist his cock with my wetness. Making him lose control and snapped as he began pounding me into the bed, driving me crazy.

"Oh God!" I moaned when it became unbearable.

"Do you feel that?" he asked as he destroyed me with deep strokes that took my breath away. "That's me owning your pussy, baby. Me. Not fucking Josh" he growled thrusting forcefully making the headboard hit the wall.

I didn't even care if Greta was still in the house at this point. My head was over riding with pleasure.

" too much," I screamed not able to form words

"No." He said, bringing me up with him until i was sitting on his lap. "It's not enough," he groaned against my neck.

The new position buried his dick so much deeper inside me that I felt like I couldn't breathe. His lips took control of mine in a tangle of tongue and teeth and passion. I moaned against his lips, running my hands through his hair, pulled it. I was lost in a sea of pleasure.

I wasn't prepared for when he grabbed my hips and rammed his dick up into me, stealing away my breath. I screamed. I screamed for so long that My voice became hoarse whimpers that barely made a sound.

"Please," I beg. He continued to thrust into me with a grind that added a friction I couldn't get enough of.

"What do you need Vanessa" my name sounded foreign on his lips.

"I need to come."I beg him.

"You think you deserve to come?" He kissed the top of my breasts, taking my nipples in his mouth, sucking on it. I pressed hard against his mouth.

He was back in control now that I had become unhinged. I know what he wanted. He wanted me to beg him.

I could see the lust and hunger that raged within the depth of his eyes. "Beg me," he ordered and deepened his thrusts.

"Please make me come."

"I'm going to do more than make you come, Baby. I'm going to mark every part of your fucking body – inside and out, and when I'm done, everyone know who you belong to"

He slowed his hips to a steady pace. "I've been picturing you like this for a while, Vanessa. Since you bumped into me at your locker. Just like this. Hot and wet and open for me. Taking my dick, like a good girl."

His hand came around between us and began rubbing my clit just as his increased his pace and he was once pounding up into me mercilessly.

My cries for release were loud as i surrendered my body to his. The need to come was there but for some reason it wouldn't come.

"Come for me baby" he finally commanded and thrust into me one last time, lifting my knees from the bed as he did.

My screams went through the air and I felt my walls sucking him in and pulling his release from his body as he groans above me and gripped my hips tightly as he released into me.

"You didn't wear a condom" I said breathless.


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