Xavier’s girl
17 She’s crazy
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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17 She’s crazy

I opened my eyes, forgetting were I was. I felt someone beside me. Looking done to see Xavier hair. I was still at his house. We had fallen asleep on the couch. I felt something wet twitching on my skin. I pulled the cover way to see his mouth was still attached to my nipples. It would twitch every few seconds.

I pulled it out his mouth and he groans making me freeze. Thinking he was gonna wake up but he didn't. He was sound asleep. I got up slowly pulling away the cover. He looked so harmless.

I looked for my phone. I wonder what the time was. I hope Greta wasn't freaking out. Releasing it was up in his room. I looked back behind at his sleeping body. He looked so peaceful, you wouldn't think someone so handsome like him would be evil.

I walked out the door making my way up his room. The corridor was dark, I figured it was probably night time.

I had walked up a flip of stairs but I didn't recognise this floor. It was dark unlike his floor. It gave me chills. The house was too quite. I kept walking figuring I would see another stairs but all I saw was rooms with closed doors.

I turned around deciding to go back where I came from but I heard a sound coming from the door next to me making me jump. I heard footsteps and the floor creaking. Was his house hunted. I started backing away from the door, when the knob starting turning.

My mind was thinking a ghost from insidious was about to pop out and posses me. But I didn't expect to see a woman.

She looked pale as paper and was very skinny. I could see her cheek bones. Her blonde during hair was very thin. She was wearing a white cardigan. She looked at me startled. Her green eyes stood out on her white face. Reminding me of Xavier's.

She started crying. Like a full on cry.

"Hey, what's wrong" I said moving towards her. Who was she. She grabbed my arm hard "I can hear him, my baby is crying. I need to feed him" she said pulling me.

I pulled my arms away. Listen but I couldn't hear anyone crying. "I can't hear anything" I said scared and confused.

"No!" She screamed making me jump "I can hear him. I'm not crazy. Xavier needs to eat" I freeze as she said his name. What was she his mother.

He needs to eat? Who was she and why was she in this empty part of the house. She started mumbling what sounded like gibberish to herself pulling her hair going back inside the room she walked out of.

I started walking backwards. She was definitely crazy or on some drugs. I hit something hard. Thinking it was wall but I heard him "what the fuck are you doing?" he whispered sounding murderous in my ear.

I turned around slowly meeting his deadly stare. "I was looking for your room and got lost" I whispered.

"Did you see anything" he asked and I nodded my head.

"I saw a woman and apparently she lost her baby I think" I sounded crazy saying that "she was pretty devastate" he looked at me hard for a second. Like he was debating something.

"Who is she" I asked him. Why was there a random women in his house.

"She said your name" I told him making me freeze.

His eyes looked haunted for a second before going back to hard. "She's my mother, or what's left of her" he said coldly.

His mother. "What's wrong with her" I asked softly.

"She's crazy, that's why she is in this part of the house" he said pulling he down the corridor. "She can't be around Bella" I figured Bella was his little sister

"Won't you go check on her, she could hurt herself" I said feeling sorry for him. I didn't know his mother was sick.

"I don't care, she has a nurse" he said making my heart break. He sounded so heartless. His mother was sick and he didn't care.

"And if you say a word about this to anyone I will kill you" he threatened.

He didn't want people to know. I wouldn't tell anyone anyways. I wanted to tell him.

But he kept pulling me down the stairs I went up. He took a left and there was another stairs going up that he used.

We were in his room. He had told me to get dressed. He was taking me home. I made sure I had my panties on this time putting on my skirt. He left the room to god knows where. Maybe he went to check on his mother. But I doubt it. He sounded like he didn't care. Which was heartless but not surprising.

I was ready by the time he came back. He looked at me up and down. He eyes pause on my neck, probably looking at the bruise. I'm gonna have to find a way to cover it tomorrow for school.

"Let's go" he said picking up his car keys on the dresser.


The car home was quite. He didn't say a word as he drove. But then again he doesn't usually speak a lot. I was texting Greta saying I had a study session and that I was on my way. She had texted asking were I was. It was almost 7 meaning we slept for 4 hours. Which was surprising. But I was really tired.

I wanted to ask him why he had fell asleep sucking my breast but I thought it was best if I didn't. I didn't want him getting all angry. So instead I asked why he didn't tell me he broke up with Jenna. Which he said was because I didn't need to know. After that I stopped asking questions.

But I mind went back to his mother. I wondered what was wrong with her, she looked really sick and like she was out of her mind. I wanted to ask what happened but I knew it was a touchy subject. Was she always like that. Is that why Bella was asking if I was her Mom, because her own mother wasn't there. Maybe she wasn't there in Xavier life as well. Was he isolated like that, is that why he is he way he is now because he wasn't nurtured. I had so much questions.

The rest of the ride was a blur. He dropped me off and left without saying a word. He drove off the second I was out the car. And not the way he came from so I knew he wasn't going home. I wonder where he was going.


The next morning went really fast. I woke up and got dressed. I was curious to know where Xavier went last night so I ended up stalking his Instagram. Yes I stalked him. I was on his page seeing if he was gonna post something on his story which he did.  I didn't know how to feel about what he posted. Hurt or betrayed.

He had posted a picture of a girl sleeping on his naked chest with blonde hair. I knew what they had probably just done. You couldn't see the girls face so I couldn't help but wonder if it Jenna. Did he go back to her?

I didn't know why I was hurt. After all we weren't dating or even friends. I was just someone he is using till he gets bored. I ended up going to bed crying. I know I'm pathetic, crying over some asshole.

But I woke up in a good mood. Telling myself he wasn't worth my tears. And I couldn't fall for him. He was blackmailing. I should hate him not like him.

I wore a pink and white stripy pants suits with a white turtleneck shirt. Tryouts to cover up the bruise. But concealer did it's job. It was raining and cold so I thought pants would be good instead of skirt. No other reason. I had put on my white fila trainers and a black bag.

Mary had texted me saying she wanted to go shopping after school of the beach house this weekend; I knew they were planning on going to Xavier beach house after the game on Friday. I told her I would go shopping. I also need to up grade my underwear drawer. But I didn't tell her why.

The school day went really fast. I didn't have any classes with them so I was happy. But Mary a companied me to the library for lunch. We both had work to get done. And since we were going shopping after school she said it was better to get it done now. She told me Jenna wanted my head after she found out what happened between me and Xavier. Who I haven't seen all day. But I kept looking back incase they wanted to grab me again.

But I assured her me and him was a one time thing which she didn't believe. I wasn't concerned about Jenna all she can do was insult me or kick me off the cheerleader team; that would affect me more because I need an extra curriculum active.

I was starting to trust her. But I was still a bit unsure. I asked how Josh was but apparently he wasn't in school today. I felt really guilt about what happened. I didn't know he would act that way. I had lead him on? I knew he liked especially after the kiss. But I didn't say anything to him that made he act like I betrayed him. I made Mary give me his address so I could go apologise tonight. Which she was a bit weird about but I ignored it.


The shopping trip went great. I bought two bags of Victoria secret underwear and Mary some how convinced me to get a bikini. I told her I was more of a swimsuit type of girl but she said it wouldn't hurt to get one. She took what felt like hours looking for one. Apparently they fit different. I was tired of following her around, but after years she found three that she liked.

We had Burger King for dinner and was done by 7. It was getting dark and I still wanted to go to Josh's house to see him. So I told her she could go that Paul was picking me up. She refused saying she could drive me home but I told her he was already on his way. She left shortly and I had time to get something for Josh that I could apologise with.

I ended up getting two lager fries from Burger King and two burgers, he wouldn't say no to this.


The driver wasn't that long. He didn't live to far from the mall and he was like 2 blocks away from my house. I saw his car outside and three other expensive cars. I forgot what his parents did but I knew they were rich. I told Paul to wait for me that I wouldn't be long. I didn't plan on staying.

The gate was opened so I walked in making my way to the door. His house was huge like mine but not as big as Xavier's. It looked very homey.

I got to the front door and took a breath before ringing the door bell.

There wasn't an answer so I rang it again. Looking around before the door was pulled opened.

It was a girl. She looked young maybe 12. She had on earphones but she looked at me confused.

"Hi, I'm here for Josh" I said to her

She looked at me for a second and saw the Burger King bag and rolled her eyes.

"Josh your food is here" she screamed walking back in before I could say I wasn't a delivery person.

I heard his footsteps before I saw him. "What food" I heard him ask but there wasn't an answer.

He pulled the door wider and his eyes opened. Oh god he looked horrible. His cheek was swollen and purple. His eyes were a bit bruised as well.

His face got hard when he saw my face.

"Oh Josh" I whisper softly

"What are you doing here" he asked coldly. Closing the door a little bit.

"Josh, I'm so sorry" I said stepping forward. He looked at my hands and saw the food.

"I came to give you this as an apology" I said pushing the bag forward.

He eyed it for a second before he collected it making me smile.

"I don't forgive you, but maybe 3 more bags will get you there" he said smiling a little bit.

"Thank you, I will get you Burger King everyday if I have too" I said

"Why did you do it" he asked suddenly.

I didn't know what to tell him. I didn't do it cause he was forcing me. That was a lie. He didn't force me that time. I open my legs willingly. But I didn't want to tell him that.

"Did he force you" he whispered softly. "I know how he is Vanessa, he has some issues" he said giving me chills.

"What issues?" I asked interested. Was he crazy? Did he have multiply personality disorder?

He opened his mouth to speak but someone pulled the door wider and I stopped breathing. What was he doing here.

"Hey Vanessa" Alan said smiling. My face paled. Did he hear our conversation.

"I'm gonna go" I whispered walking down the stairs.

"I think that's a good idea" he said smirking evilly.

"You don't have to go" Josh said confused looking at Alan

"No, Paul is waiting for me. I told him I wouldn't be too long" I told him forcing a smile. He nodded at me before walking back inside.

But Alan was still at the door. I was already at the gate when he called out "he's not gonna be happy about this Vanessa".

I kept walking refusing to look back. I was shaking. I didn't know Alan would be there. I didn't know him and Josh were closed like that. The last thing I wanted was for Xavier to find out. I knew he wouldn't like it.

I opened the car door with my shaking hands. Getting in the car.

"Drive Paul" I told him softly.

I was shitting myself. I think he noticed cause he didn't moved for a while.


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