Xavier’s girl
15 I’m sorry
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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15 I’m sorry


He walked back out and slammed the door. I looked at Xavier angrily. I'm sure he was the one that told Alan to bring Josh here. I got of the table angrily and shoved at his shoulders.

"Why would you do that" I screamed at him "he will tell everyone" I pulled my skirt down waiting for him to reply.

"He needs to know your mine" he said getting up.

He was fucking crazy "I'm not yours!" I screamed at him "I don't belong to you, your a fucking psychopath if you think I do"

His face changed to cold look and he grabbed my neck squeezing it hard enough for me to stop breathing "remember who the fuck your talking too" he said chocking me as I tried clawing his hands off my neck.

He let me go and I sucked in a breathe dramatically coughing. I held my neck knowing it would bruise. I had tears in my eyes. He saw and his face softened.

"God, I'm so sorry baby" he said pulling me and placing light kissing on my lips and moving to where he just chocked me. I let him do it cause it felt nice. He was stroking my hair softly moaning into my neck saying he was sorry and I wanted to believe him.

But all I saw was Josh face in my head making me pull away from him.

"I need to go find Josh" I said making him drop him hands. "I need to explain before he tells anyone"

He looked at me for a second but he let me go. I moved towards the door looking back at him when he said "if I see him touching you I will break his fucking hands" sending chills down my spine "you hear me" I nodded hesitantly at him walking out the class room believing he would actually do it.

I ran down the hallway shouting his name but he was gone. I knew where he went. The cafeteria. He was probably there by now telling everyone what he saw. It was in C block and I was currently in A block. So I ran.

I ran towards the cafeteria. Ignoring the stares I was getting. I pushed the doors open, It was loud like always. I see Josh back walking towards the table. He just got here.

"Josh" I screamed his name making him stop and the student next to be look at me weirdly. And the gang also looked to see what was going on.

I ran to him and he looked pissed.

"Josh, I'm so sorry" I said panting "you weren't meant to see that"

He scuffed and shake his head "you know I expect more from you Vanessa" he said "I thought you were different" he looked at me disgusted

I could feel the tears falling down now. "Josh I'm sorry, I don't know why I did it" I said lying pulling his arms. I knew why I did it. But I didn't want it to be true.

"No Vanessa, yes you do" he said angrily pulling his hands out of mine aggressively making me stumble but a hard back keeps me from falling down.

The whole cafeteria was looking now.

I looked behind me to see Xavier standing looking at josh like he about to kill him. He followed me.

Josh looked between me and Xavier and shakes him head disgustingly.

"Your just like the rest, opening your legs for him" he said. The whole cafeteria heard at this point. I even hear some gasp.

Josh looked at Xavier walking closer and said "you had to have her too, huh" I could feel the anger rolling off Xavier but his face was calm. "You had to make her your fucking whore!" Josh screamed at him.

I saw Xavier jaw ticked before he hands moved and made contact with Josh face making him fall. They started throwing punches at each other. Xavier got on him in seconds punching the life out of him. I was screamed at this point not knowing what to do. I could see blood. I screamed for Xavier to stop but he kept going.

I felt someone pulling me away from the scene when Alan and Mark came to pull them off each other.

I was pulled out the cafeteria by Mary. I was a crying mess. She took me inside the bathroom and just stared at me. I knew she was waiting for me to explain but I didn't know what to tell her. Josh basically said it for the whole school to hear. I knew Jenna was probably on the hunt for me too.

She went into the stalls and brought some tissue and gave it to me. I looked at the mirror and I looked like a mess. Mascara was mixed with my tears and my eyes were red. I wet the tissue and cleaned my face while Mary was looking at me.

I knew she was angry I could feel it. But she didn't say anything. She was giving me time to collect myself.

After cleaning my face and the tears stopped I finally looked at her face. She looked like she waiting to hug or scream at me.

"I'm sorry" I said looking at her

"What exactly happened" she asked confused.

I took a breath and started explaining.

"Josh saw Xavier eating me out" I as blushing "in a class room"

"What" she half screamed. "Why was he doing that, why were you doing that" she asked

I knew I couldn't tell her the truth, if she didn't already know. "I don't know what came over me, he was nice to me at the party after what happened and he took me home. So I wanted to thank him today and one thing led to another" I lied hoping she will believe me. "I kissed him, I don't know why I did that. But we kissed and did other stuff too"

She looked at me like I had two heads. "Is that why you were ignoring me, you felt guilt you liked Xavier" she asked.

I nodded and said "yes, he was your friend and you told me to stay away from them but I knew I was having feelings for him" I was starting to believe myself at this point. It didn't feel like I was lying. Did I actually like the guy that was blackmailing me.

"I felt so horrible knowing Josh saw us and I didn't want him to tell Jenna, so I freaked out and followed him" I explained and she looked at him for a second like she was thinking.

"Wait Xavier didn't tell you" she asked confused

"Tell me what" I thought

"He broke up with Jenna at the party" she said shocking me.

He wasn't dating Jenna. They broke up. I felt my heart flutter. "Why" I asked.

"I don't know, but it was a crazy scene, he came in screaming her name. He told her he never liked her and she was just a good fuck for him" my eyes were wide "that was why I was calling you, I wanted to tell you what happened. Jenna ran out crying" she said laughing. I knew she didn't like Jenna. But I felt for her.

"Hey are you okay" she said pushing my hair out of my face. She saw my neck and gasp. Shit I forgot about that. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I looked at the mirror to see how bad it was.

It was worse that it felt. You could've the fingerprints, it was turning a deep shade of purple and was red.

"Did he do that to do" she asked shakily

I shaking at this point. I didn't know what to say. But I shake my head saying no. "No he didn't mean too" I explained but she asked "oh god he didn't force himself on you did he"

I stopped breathing. Maybe I could tell her what was actually going on but I felt my head shaking saying no making her sigh in relief. "He was chocking me when we were kissing" I told her lying again. "he didn't know how hard he was doing it but it was a mistake" I said reassuring her.

She looked me for a second trying to see if I was lying "you will tell me if he does anything like that right" she questioned me.

I nodded at her "yes of course" I said lying. Only if she knew what he had already done to me.

I was starting to believe she had nothing to do with his fucked up plan. But I wasn't sure about Stephanie she wasn't here once again. She pulled me into a hug, surprising me but I hugged her back.

"Don't do what you did today again" she murmured in my neck "we are friends okay, don't run away from me" I started crying as she said that. I feel horrible for thinking she could do something like that in the first place.

"I won't" I said. She pulled away and wiped my tears.

The bathroom door opened making us both look it was Alan. "Xavier wants you now. His in the parking lot" was all he said before leaving.

I looked at Mary "let's go" I said pulling my hair to cover my neck. She nodded and took my hand as I opened the bathroom door.

I saw students outside the cafeteria talking to the teachers. They were probably tell them what happened. We put my head down and walked past them outside the school to the parking lot.

I saw Xavier standing next to his jeep. His face was already bruising. I knew it hurts by just looking it. Josh got him good.

He looked up as when he heard our footsteps. He let out a breathe; pulling me into him surprising me.

I pulled away and gave him a questioning look which he ignored. "Thank you" he said to Mary confusing me. Why was he thanking her.

She nodded at him and they stared at each other for a while before she said "I have to get to class. I will call you tonight Vanessa" she said before turning around walking back into school.

That was so weird. Did she know. I was so confused. Why would she just leave like that and why was he thanking her.

I looked at him about to question him but he gave me a hard look "get in the car" he said.

"What" I asked. There was so no I was going to skip class with him. "I need to go to class" I said pulling away from him.

"Get in the car Vanessa, don't make me ask again" he said angrily. I was sick of him telling what to do at this point.

"I'm not getting in your fucking car!" I screamed at him.

He looked around to for a second probably to see if someone heard me. "Get in the car" he said quietly and calmly "or I will put you in myself"

I looked at him not moving or saying anything. He murmured a fuck and moved towards me.

"Fine" I screamed "I will get in your stupid car, but I need to get my stuff" I said. It suddenly dawn onto that I left my panties in that room we were in, I felt my cheek getting hot. Hopefully there wasn't a class in there yet.

"You bag is already in there" he said making me pause. How did he do that. Alan, I thought rolling my eyes.

"I wasn't talking about my purse" I whispered embarrassed

He looked confused "what else did you leave" he asked

I was red at this point. I didn't want to tell him I forgot my underwear "well" he pressed losing his patience.

"My panties" I whispered looking at the floor.

He burst out laughing making me more red. I looked at him screwing him. But couldn't help but smiled hearing his laugh. His face was alway hard so hearing him laugh made me forgot how cruel he could be.

He laughed a second bending his head back. He suddenly pulled out something for his pocket and it was my cotton panties.

"You knew" I said gasping collecting it off him. He wanted me to feel embarrassed.

"It was fun seeing you all flustered" he said laughing.

My face was still hot. I turned towards his car giving him the finger and got in the car.

He laughed again walking to the diver side getting in. I refused to look at him, I looked out the window when he said I was cute.

He started the car and drove out the school. I looked at him seeing how care free and happy he looked right now not remember the face was half bruised. I wonder want Josh looked like, probably worse. My heart ached for him.

He caught me staring and looked at me smiling "like what you see baby" he asked smirking. And I nodded. I did like seeing him happy despise of what he was doing to me.


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