Xavier’s girl
14 Come here
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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14 Come here

I spent the weekend locked in my room. Watching friends. Greta tried to make me go shopping with her but I told her I wasn't feeling well. But I think she knew I was lying because she saw me walk in crying on Friday night.

She made me soup and asked with happened. I told her the part of the whole virgin thing but nothing more. She said teenagers could be cruel. She spent the night consoling me.

On Saturday morning I got a text from Mary saying she heard what happened and she was sorry that she left me. But I didn't reply to her. I didn't blame her for what happened but she was there friends.

And I'm sure they know what type of person Xavier was. I thought about going to the police to report him but I knew they would release the video regardless.

Mary and Stephanie were the only ones that knew I showered when everyone was gone. So I couldn't help but think they had something to do with it. And Stephanie hadn't come look for me or texted me. It all seems a bit weird to me.

I switched off my phone after that ignoring her calls. I spent the rest of my day looking for school I could move too. And trying to convince my dad. But he said he had paid the tuition for this year and I could move next year if I still wanted.

Xavier would have done what he wanted to do with me before that I wanted to scream at him. But I just ended the video call. Before he could ask questions I couldn't answer.

I spent the rest of the day in bed. Thinking about the video and what he would make me do next. As long as he had that video I wouldn't be able to say no and I'm not sure I wanted to say no. He was showing me a side of myself I didn't know I had.

The rest of the weekend went pretty fast. I stop feeling sorry for myself on Sunday and got up and did some homework. Me and Greta even baked a cake. I think she was happy that I finally left my room.

It was currently 8pm and I was in the move room watching Annabelle when I phone pinged. I had switched it on this morning and checked my Instagram. I had posted a mirror selfie that I took a while a ago. And it was getting likes. Even the page that posted the picture of me comment perfect. I was a bit creeped out by it. Josh had DM me apologising for kissing me but I told him I wasn't angry with him.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with him but I politely declined. I didn't think it was wise to go out with him after all he was friends with Xavier and I didn't like him like that. He didn't say anything after that. I figured he was angry.

I picked it up and it was message. My hands shocked when I saw the name.

It was Xavier. I wasn't surprised he put his number on my phone. I slide it open to see what he said.

Xavier: what are you wearing tomorrow

I was confused by the question. Why was he interested in what I was wearing to school. When I didn't reply he but a question mark.

Vanessa: what makes you think I picked out my outfit already

He replied immediately

Xavier: I know you did so answer my question.

He was right. I had picked out an outfit already. But I was curious as to why he wanted to know.

Vanessa: why

I could see the dots meaning he was typing. But after a minute he didn't send anything.

Vanessa: Maybe if you ask nicely I will tell you

I added quickly. He didn't reply after that. I was a bit disappointed. But scared he could post the video because I didn't answer him.

I went on his instagram to check if he posted anything. But he didn't. He just posted what he had for breakfast this morning. I stayed on his page for a while reloading just in case. But he didn't post anything. That night I went to bed anxious. Thinking he would post it when I was asleep.


The next morning moved very slow. I had woken up at 6:30 and gotten ready for school. But not before I checked his story to see if he posted and he didn't. I was relieved.

I showered quickly and dressed. I wanted to get to school early so I wouldn't run into any of them. Mary had be texting me all weekend. But I didn't reply. I just didn't know if I wanted to be friends with them anymore. Especially Stephanie.

I wore Chanel vintage skirt and a pink sweater. I let my hair down cause I couldn't be asked to anything about it. I had to put on my concealer than usual cause my eyes were a bit puffy and red underneath.

I skipped breakfast that morning telling Greta I wanted to go to the library and study for the test I had. But she made me a to go bag. That I ate in the car.

My dad texted me saying he would be home on Wednesday night but had to leave Friday morning. I was excited that I would at least get to see him for 2 days. He said we could do stuff after school which I agreed too. But I had cheerleading practice. I would just have to tell Jenna I couldn't make it even though the game was this Friday.

I haven't even thought about seeing Jenna. I didn't know if I could look at her knowing Xavier cheated on her with me. But I didn't feel too sorry for her after what she did to me at the party.

Paul dropped me off at 7:50. I was 10 minutes early. There wasn't that much student in the parking lot so I quickly made my way inside with my head down.

I got to class early and sat at the front. Mary was in my home room class and biology. So not talking to her is going to be hard. I just had to make sure I got there before her and sit in at a different table. I avoided going to my locker as well, knowing I could run into them in the hallways.

It was going well so far. Mary has walked in home room late so all the sit at the front was taken. She looked me giving me a questioning look but I looked away. I could see how hurt she looked making me feel guilt. I was ready 5 minutes before the bell went and was the first on out the class. I heard her calling my name but I ran inside the bathroom before she could come out the class room.

I did the same thing at biology. But Mr Jim had made a seating plan so I didn't have to sit with her. My partner was a boy called Peter. Who I didn't mind sitting next too but he was weird. I think I caught him sniffing my hair.

I was out the room the minute the bell went and made my way to the library. I was a bit hungry but there was no way I would step foot in the cafeteria. I was dreading going to history. Knowing they were in my class. They sat at the back so I will make sure I sat faraway as I possibly can. I would talk to Miss Williams and ash if I could move away from Stephanie.

I could feel the tears in my eyes. I didn't know how long I could do this for. I wish I said no that day Mary asked me to joined them for lunch. If i did I wouldn't be in this situation.

I heard footsteps behind me making me slow down. The hallway was empty. But I looked behind me and there was no one there. I started walking again and I heard the footsteps again. I paused and it stopped. I looked back to see a black figure entering a class room. It was probably a teacher I was just being paranoid.

I started walking ignoring it but picking up my pace. The library wasn't too far. I felt someone pulling me from behind covering my mouth as I opened it to scream. I couldn't see who it was but i kinda had a feeling. I started struggling against the person as I was pulled into a empty class room.

He pushed me in and closed the door. Locking me in like last time. But this time I was alone. I saw his face before the door closed. It was Alan. I wasn't even surprised. But I didn't think they would do anything to be in school when away could see.

I started banging on the door. Screaming help. Incase anyone was walking past. But I knew every student was probably at the cafeteria or outside. We weren't allowed to hangout in the hallways.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" I heard a voice behind me making me squeal and turning around. I thought I was alone. But it wouldn't make sense him locking me in a room by myself. Of course Xavier was behind this.

I saw him sitting at the back in the dark class room. With the window light on his face. I could tell him was angry. "Come here" he said his voice calling me to him like a siren song.

I felt my legs moving towards him before I could stop myself. He smiled as he saw me moving towards him. "Good girl" he said his voice vibrating through me, I almost moan. What the hell was wrong with me.

I was standing in front of him now breathing hard. Not knowing what he wanted to do to me. He was playing with the ends of my skirt looking at pleased.

"I always want you in a skirt" he said pushing it up making me gasp. He paused and looked up at me. He was waiting for my answer so I nodded at him. Too scared to speak.

He pushed my skirt all the was up exposing my pale thighs and cotton panties. I could feel myself blushing as he looked at my childish panties. He was probably used to girls in Lacey thongs.

He pulled them down my legs letting them fall to the floor. He was looking at hairy lady part. I felt very exposed. I tried to cover it with my hands but he moved them away. Playing with the little hairs. I looked back at the door. A teacher could walk in any minute.

"Sit on the table" he said still looking down at me. "Place your legs at the edge and before you said no remember the video" was he gonna have sex with me in the class room.

He pulled the table closer to him and pushed me down "don't make me repeat myself" he said angrily.

"Xavier please" I beg him "I don't wanna have sex on a table" he looked surprised.

"I'm not fucking you yet" he said spreading my legs apart on the table. I could feel the cold air down there. What was he gonna do them. I thought.

He sat back on the chair and just stared at my pussy. I could feel the tension in the room. I could feel myself getting wet as he gaze on me.

I felt his hands going up my knees before slowly moving down my thighs. He was going up and down softly. "Your pussy is very pretty" he said "And it belongs to me" my body was rigid on top of the table but the more he touched me the more i faded away as my body accepted his touch.

"There has been one thing on my mind since I left you Friday night and I think you know what it is. I need to make you cum again" he said pausing to take a breath. "I need to see it." I moaned as he said that.

"Put your hands flat on the table, behind your back and don't move no matter what I do to you. Do you understand me?" he said licking his lips and I nodded at him. I could feel my wetness dripping onto the table.

I think he saw it to cause he smirked and said "do you want me to make you feel good baby" i nodded instead of speaking "say it" he commanded.

I hesitated for a second. Thinking if I really wanted this. I did. It felt thrilling been exposed to him like this in a class room.

"Please make me come" I beg him. He smirked and lower his head.

His face disappeared between my thighs and the first swipe of his hot tongue on my aching pussy caused me scream. What is he doing to me, who was he turning me into.

My nails dig into the wood of the table my head falling back as he licked me. His tongue felt hot and wet. I moved my hands to press his head closer to me making him growl and he plunged his tongue inside my walls making a scream erupted from me again.

"Don't stop" I moaned he worked his tongue on me relentlessly and soon my hips began to roll and press into him for more. He pushed his tongue inside my walls as I leaned back, using my arms to support my weight.

The sounds of me moaning filled the room, with the sound of him eating my wet pussy and the moving table as I moved wildly on top of it. He was growling as licked me like a starved man.

I wasn't me anymore. That much was clear now he was changing me into someone else on top of that table. I was letting him take what he wanted and enjoying it. He placed kisses on my pussy lips, separating them with his finger making me shudder and then he plunged his tongue inside me once again.

"So fucking sweet" he murmured against me.

I stopped moaning and moving when I heard a voice and footsteps in the hallway near the door. Maybe it was Alanz

" Xavier someone is coming," I moaned. "Please we'll get caught," I begged again while I pressed forward sending his tongue deeper inside me. But instead of stopping he increased the pace of his tongue and I felt myself clenching around his tongue. I knew I was coming.

The force of my orgasm overpowered my words as I came on a scream that rocked my body against his tongue. I heard the door opening as I rode his tongue. I looked in case if it was Alan. But who i saw made me tense.

I knew Xavier heard the door but his mouth remained on me through my orgasm and afterward he pressed lingering kisses on my heated pussy.

"Dude Alan said you need me" I

heard him say before he saw us.

My body was shaking due to the intense orgasm. But I couldn't help but look at Josh paled face as I moaned and he took in the scene in front of him. I could see the hurt and berated looked on his face.

Xavier's moves his head away from between my thighs and looked at Josh. He wasn't surprised. He looked pleased with himself. He licked my cum of his glistening lips and smirked at Josh as he sat back, my legs still wide open for him.

He wanted josh to see this.


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