Xavier’s girl
13 Baby
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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13 Baby

I walked out the bathroom after a few minutes. He was the only one in the room. Alan was gone. I looked him hesitantly. Not knowing what he could do now we were alone.

He had changed into a black joggers and hoodie. That should be a good sign. And he was holding a black t shirt. He looked up from his phone when he heard me closing the door.

He face was hard like always. "Come here" he said. Looking at him I took a few steps towards him and stopped at arm length. I was scared. I didn't know what he was gonna do.

He suddenly pulled me making me gasp. He lifted my arms and started putting on the shirt he was holding on me. I was so confused but I let him do it. I felt exposed after what just happened.

He pulled it down my head and I pulled my arm through it. The shirt was big on me. It stopped mid thigh. And it smelled like him. Maybe covering me was making he feel less guilt about what he just did.

"Go get your stuff and me in my car in 2 minutes" he said before leaving abruptly. He was out the room in seconds leaving me standing there confused.

I made my way to door and opened it. The hallway was empty. But I could hear the music from downstairs. The party was still going on. I was a bit hurt that Stephanie didn't come look for me knowing that I was upset. I wonder what Mary was doing.

I walked down the stairs I used before. I pushed past people and made my way to the room I was in before. I needed to get my stuff. Maybe I could hide and text Paul to come pick me up and I wouldn't have to go with Xavier.

I walked inside the room expecting to still see them there. But one was there. Just the left over bottles and cups were gone. I saw my purse and jacket.

Picking it up and opening my purse to get my phone out but it was gone. My phone wasn't in my purse.

He knew what he was doing. He probably took my phone knowing I could text someone to help me. He gave me two minutes to meet him. And I knew it's been more than two minutes.

I had no choice but to go meet him. I knew he would post that video if I didn't show up. And I had no way to contact someone. The people I thought were my friends; I wasn't so sure about them anymore.

I was currently in the passenger sit in his jeep. He hadn't said a word since I got in. He was on his phone texting someone. He looked pleased when he saw me at the door.

It had taken me a few minutes to get there but he didn't say anything about it. He opened the door and let me in.

He has been texting someone for what seemed like hours. But it was just a few minutes. I tried not to move and just sat still looking at the window.

"Are you hungry" I heard him asked. Not sure if he was talking to I just looked at him. "Well" he asks angrily.

Was I hungry. Yes I didn't eat dinner. But I wasn't going to tell him that. I just wanted to get home and far as I can from him. I have even thought about asking my dad to change schools. Before Monday so I wonder have to see him again.

"No" I said quietly. Looking away from him. I felt his eyes on me for a second and he paused and took a deep breath as if he was angry.

I was suddenly being pulled onto his lap. He picked me up and placed me on his lap like I weighed nothing. I was so surprised and scared of what he was going to do that I squealed when he pulled me.

He pulled my face towards him "don't ever lie to me again" he said pulling my hair back making me looking into my eyes. And I nodded

"I'm gonna ask again" he said softly

"Are you hungry"

It took me a second to reply "yes" my voice sounded croaky. My throat was a bit sore.

He ran he thumb across my swollen lips. "good girl" he murmured looking at my lips hungrily. I licked them; my tongue touching his thumb making him groan.

I started moving on his lap. My legs were starting to hurt. And I could feel his dick getting hard underneath me.

I looked down at it. I could see the bulge on his joggers. I moved trying to get away from him but he held my waist causing me to rub against it. I moaned as I felt it press against my clit sending pleasure through my body.

I looked up at him blushing. "Sorry" I said as I started rubbing myself against his dick, making him growl. It felt so good, I didn't wanna stop. I haven't felt anything like this before. I could feel something in me wanting to explode. Making me move faster and moaning.

I felt his hand tighten on my waist as he pulled me harder against it. I looked at his face then at his lips.

I wanted to kiss them. I moved my head towards him as I grind on his dick.

He noticed me staring at his lips and smirked "do you wanna suck on my lips baby" he said moving me faster on his dick.

"Yes" I moan out. I wanted him to kiss me. What the hell was wrong with me. I needed to stop this. I wasn't this type of girl.

Before I could tell me no his lips mashed against mine, as if trying to kiss the life out of me. I hungrily pushed back, opening my mouth , pushing my tongue against his moist ones. I could taste the alcohol in his mouth. He jerk up pushing me hard against his dick and I moan into his mouth. I could feel the small hairs on his face on my soft cheeks as he gripped my head firmly, as if to keep me from escaping. I worked my mouth against his, our tongues battling back and forth, each trying to pin the other.

I could feel my orgasm coming making me move faster. I broke awake from the kiss and placed my head in his neck. I was out for breath from that kiss. I felt his kissing and sucking on my neck almost making me cum. I have never felt this type a sensation like this before.

"My baby's gonna cum" I heard he him say "Yes" I told him gasping. I moved and I felt the tip of his dick rub against and clit and I was done after that. I screamed into his neck my body shaking like I was seizing. It was like, a giant explosion that starts deep inside me, going through my belly button down through my clitoris. I could feel myself clenching. Down there felt very wet.

"Good job, baby" he whispered in my ear rubbing my back. It took me a few seconds to come back to the car.

Realising what I just did. I just dry hump the guy that was blackmailing me in his car. I looked out the window to see if anyone saw us but the parking lot was empty.

I moved away from him back to my sit and he let me go this time. I noticed he was still hard. He didn't cum. He saw me staring at "don't worry baby, that was all about you" he smirked starting the car.

I was blushing. He let me dry hump him so I could cum. That was so messed up but sweet and I wanted to do it again.

"Oh god I'm a whore" I said out loud making him laugh.

I looked at him angrily "it's not funny, I sucked your dick and dry humped you" I snapped at him and he laughed harder.

He looked away from the road for a second. "No baby you're not a whore" he said softly "as long as I'm the only one that does stuff to you" looking at me seriously.

And I nodded. I wasn't planned on doing anything with him again. I planed on staying far away from him as possible.

"What about you, you cheated on Jenna" I asked him. He face went hard again making me regret my question.

"Who I fuck is none of your business" he snapped at me. I nodded slowly looking out the window. He went back to being quite and angry.

I was about to ask where he was taking me when he pulled into McDonald's drive thru. He was gonna get me food. I guess he wasn't so heartless after all.

He didn't even ask me what I wanted. He got me a Big Mac meal and chocolate milkshake. Not that I didn't like Big Mac. I collect it when he gave it to me and thanked him. He didn't even reply just grunted at me and started driving.

I wasn't even surprised he knew where I lived. I was too busy eating to notice that he didn't ask for my address, till he pulled up in front of my house.

He parked in front of the gate turning off the car and pulled out something from the side of his car and handed it to me. It was my phone. I knew he was the one that took it.

I collect it of him and opened the door. "Remember what I told you" he said making me stop "tell anyone and that video will be released" I nodded at him. "Good girl"

"You belong to me now" he said grabbing my face giving me a hard kiss. I pulled away from he and left the car.

Walked up to the gate and I still felt him looking at me. I looked back at the car, he stayed for a second before he the drove off. I started crying immediately he left. Taking in everything that happened and the fact that I enjoyed it secretly.


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