Xavier’s girl
12 Good girl
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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12 Good girl

He showed me the video of my showering in the school changing room. I was naked. You see my breast and lady parts as I showered. I now crying. Full on tears. How did that get this. And how long had they had it for.

Looked up at him and he was smiling.  "I know, I can't stop watching it either" he said cleaning the tears off my face. " no one has to see this if you do as your told , it will be our little secret" he said like he was talking to a baby.

I know they were psychopaths. I should have stayed far away from them as possible. I knew I had to do what they wanted. That video couldn't get out. My father will lose his mind and any future will be ruined.

"What do you want" I asked them them making Xavier smile

"It's what I want" he said sounding sadistic. He ripped my bra-let to on side exposing my breast making me gasp. I tired to use my arms to cover them but Alan held them behind me.

"Mhmm they look better in person" he said grabbing it in his cold hands making my nipples hard. I tried so hard not to make a sounds. I was scared. I could feel myself getting hot. There was no way I could enjoy this.

He started playing with nipples "you like it don't you" he said looking at my face. "I bet you enjoy being fuck hard too" making Alan laugh. Please," I say, trying to shove his hand away. "Xavier please don't."

"Yes, say my name princess" He said softly , flicking his thumb across my nipple and watching my face as I gasp at the sensation

He shakes his head, stepping a little closer and stroking my breast. His eyes lock onto my anxious face as he tweaks my nipple. "Don't worry I'm not going to fuck you tonight" but that didn't relive me.

He bends his head and takes the nipple he's been playing with into his warm mouth and sucks it. I gasp, closing my eyes and stiffening my body, pushing my head back against Alan chest as he sucks on my breast. Revulsion swims through my body, crawls up my spine and sends chills down my legs.

He pulled me against his body making Alan let go of me. He released that nipple and moving his mouth to the other. I push against him trying to get free, but he doesn't budge. His muscular arms don't even strain. He held onto me and kept sucking on me at the same time.

His tongue swirls around the peak of my breast, then he bites. Not hard, but it made me jump and give another weak push against his wide shoulders. This is the strangest sensation. My breasts have never been in anyone's mouth before. But I never thought the first time would be against my will while I was being blackmailed.

His massive hand slips down inside the front of my trousers, I can't keep the words from coming out my lips. "Xavier, please don't do this." I say, squeezing my legs together.

"Beg more," he murmurs, his hand still calming inside my panties. He moves his lips along my neck, his mouth shocking ravenous, like he was about to feast on my flesh.

"Please, Xavier Please let me go and I won't tell anyone"

"Tell me you'll be a good little whore and keep your mouth shut," he said chocking my neck and biting my nipples shocking me. I cry out of surprise, then start crying, not even attempting a brave face any longer. "I'll be good" I can't couldn't say it. His finger slips inside making me sob harder due to the pain and the humiliation. I knew Alan was watching probably enjoying the scene.

He presses his thumb against my clitoris making me gasp. "Say it" he said sharply.

"I'll be a good little whore. Please stop" I cried.

He pulled out his hands and let go of me. I was surprised he let me go but happy. I started moving away from him but he grabs my hair and pushes me to my knees.

"Open that pretty mouth princess" he said making me confused.

The started unbuttoning his trousers and I looked up at him alarmed.

"Your going to suck my dick and your better do a good job and no biting" he said.

I looked back at Alan to see he had moved to the bed. He was on his phone ignoring what was happening. I don't think he cares what Xavier was doing to me or he was just as sick as he was.

He didn't let go of my hair, he pulled it hard till he fell out of the ponytail making my head hurt. He keeps one on my head and used the other to pull his dick out of his pants.

I couldn't believe this is happening. I wish I just stayed home and watched friends. Tears stream down my cheeks as his cock comes at my face. It was hard and massive. I lean back, trying to get away from it, but he grabbed my head.

"Open your mouth, princess" he said making me shaking me head.

"Open your mouth or I tell Alan to send that video to everyone right now" he demanded. My heart drops and my mind races. I knew he would do it. He was making a treat.

I take a deep breath and open my mouth." Good girl," he says almost soothingly, grasping his cock and guiding it into my mouth. I squeeze my eyes shut, unable to look, but he doesn't allow me.

"Open your eyes and watch your teeth. I wanna see those pretty eyes" he said and I opened my eyes looking at his cold green ones. "Now, you take good care of me, all right, princess?" I nodded at him because my mouth was full.

I don't even know what to do. I've never suck a guy off before, and now the first time has to be him.

When a moment passes and I do nothing. It was just in my mouth. He suddenly takes a deep breath and shoves it so deep in my throat, I can't breathe. I panic, grabbing and clawing his hips, trying to pull him out of my airway, but he forces my face even closer to his pelvis.

My eyes burn and I can't breathe. He was choking with his dick, making my gag reflex to work, trying to make me throw up, but I can't even get anything up because his dick is lodged so deep in my throat.

My vision starts to go dark as I started panicking. Suddenly, He yanks me back by the hair and I gasp dramatically, sucking in as much air as I can into my sore lungs. I could feel the tears rolling down my face.

He shoves it back in mouth and I started sucking on it like a sweet. He hisses and I look up to see if it was was pleasure or pain. His head is thrown back and his long fingers caress my head almost affectionately, rewarding me rather than pushing me.

I keep sucking, figuring that feels good. The faster he comes, the faster I can leave and get the hell out of here.

"Oh, baby, I like your mouth," he said, caressing my head like a gentle reward in the midst of his forcefulness. "Keep doing what you're doing baby".  Hearing him call me baby was sending shocks to my lady part.

so I lean forward and take more of him into my mouth, running my tongue along the tip. "You like having a cock in your mouth, baby." He said stroking my face.

I felt disgusting with myself as I nodded making him smile. I was enjoying this. Oh my god he was right I was a whore.

"Why haven't you never let anyone fuck you yet, Is your pussy special too" he asked making me still. He said he wasn't fucking me tonight. I hope he isn't changing his mind.

"And your mouth, oh god" he continues I heard Alan chuckling from the bed. "How the fuck do you make it to senior year without sucking a single dick" he asked as he fucked my mouth.

I couldn't reply with his dick in my mouth so I just sucked harder; hoping that he would come fast.

He starts caressing my head again. "That's good. Suck harder, Baby. If you want to be my little whore, you're gonna have to earn it." he said moving faster. "You be a good girl" he said and I nodded like a fool.

I knew my panties were wet right now. The feeling of me sucking his dick and knowing someone was watching was turning me on. Who would have thought I was a dirty whore.

He groans as I nodded at him and pushed my face closer to his pelvis, lodging more of his cock deeper in my throat as a hot warm salty release spills into my mouth and I gag. I'm one part mortified, one part disgusted, and one part turned on.

"Open your mouth," he demands. "I wanna see it." I opened my mouth of him and he saw his cum on my tongue mixed with my silva.

"Mhmm, good little girl," he murmurs, caressing my cheek approvingly. "swallow it" he said.

I swallow it and got every last bit of his release off my tongue and down my throat.

"Fuck," he murmurs, looking down at me.

"That good" I heard Alan asked him. My cheek were so red right now.

"Better" Xavier answer pulling up to my feet.

He turned my body towards a door which I figured was the bathroom because he said "go clean up" he pushed me towards it.

"I'm gonna drive you home, when your done. We'll go downstairs and you will collect your stuff and meet me by my car. Say a word to anyone and that video will be released in seconds" he whispers in my ear before letting me go.

I ran towards the bathroom and closed the door. And I started crying. I can't believe he just did that. He made me suck his dick and the worst thing was that I enjoyed it and wanted more.

He would make me do it again. He would make me do anything. As long as they had they video. He would make me do anything. And I wasn't sure how that made me feel.

I walked towards the mirror and saw how crazy I looked. My hair looked like I just rolled out of bed. My nipples were red and had hit bite marks. My mascara ran down my face.

I covered my breast and washed the makeup off my face. Looking back at the mirror to see my flushed face and I started crying again. I was a whore.


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