Xavier’s girl
11 What a prude
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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11 What a prude

School ended hours ago. Stephanie and Mary were in my house. They were currently going through my wardrobe for something to wear. I was on my bed ignoring they abuse of my taste of clothes. Apparently I dress too formal, whatever that means.

After 2 hours of eating snacks and watching vampire diaries they decided it was time to get ready. I was really enjoying their company.

"Don't you have something that isn't a vintage" Stephanie said

"Yes my jeans and tops" I said pointing at them.

"It looked like the 2000s in here" Mary said making me roll my eyes.

"I'm sure I have something I could wear" I said looking at my closet that was filled with clothes.

If they weren't here I would have just worn some jeans and a top.

"We need to take her shopping one day" Stephanie said to Mary.

I shake my head at them. They were both stressing about a party. I laugh when I was them with mini suitcases like they were sleeping over. But apparently it was their outfits and make up.

It was getting dark now and I knew we had to start getting ready. I just needed them to pick an outfit so I could change.

"Guys, let me pick and outfit then you can decide if it's ugly or not" I said to them getting up from the bed.

They consider it for a second then both nodded "fine, but you best wow us" Mary said taking a sit on my bed.

I walked into my closet and thought of  what I could wear. I saw my white leather pants. They could work. I could wear them with a bra-let. I picked it the outfit and showed them.

They both nodding smiling "see I told you I had clothes" I said sticking out my tongue at them. And they laughed.

"Okay let's get ready" I said to them.

3 long hours later we were ready. I was ready way before them. I was ready in a hour. I didn't really do a lot. I put my hair in a ponytail and did my makeup. They said I should do something different with my hair but I didn't want it to be in my face all night. I helped Stephanie straighten her hair. She had a short hair with fringe so it didn't take me too long.

Mary gelled her hair into a long ponytail and did her edges. That didn't take her too long. It was her makeup that took an hour but it was so worth it. They both looked like goddess.

Stephanie wore a pink Dior short skirt and white lace bra-let. And Mary wore  jeans that held her figure well with a light blue flowery corset top.

Mary made us take pictures before we left but I was happy so I didn't mind. We said goodbye to greta and left. 

It was a bit cold outside as it was already 10pm. So I took a yellow fur jacket to wear. Which Mary didn't like. But I didn't want to freeze.

Paul decide to drive the Range Rover cause it was bigger. Xavier house was 30 minutes away. So we would get there at 10:30. I didn't want to late. But apparently you can't go to a party too early. We had to be fashionably late. Stephanie words not mine.

We finally got there. I knew his parents were rich but I didn't think they were this rich. His house was twice the size of mine. I think my mouth dropped opened for a second. Apparently they came from old money and owned and oil company.

We got out the car and thanked Paul. He said he would be waiting for my text. I told him I will message him by midnight and he drove off.

"Come girls let go get drunk" Mary said pulling us towards the door. This driveway was filled with cars and I could hear the music.

I didn't know what I expected but this wasn't it. Students filled everywhere. Some were dancing. Some were sitting. Half naked girls making out on the couch with their boobs out. This was like a sex club. Stephanie saw my face and laughed.

"I'm gonna go fine Callum, I will be right back" Mary said living me and Stephanie. I kinda figured her and Callum had something going on but I didn't wanna ask.

Stephanie pulled me towards the kitchen that was filled with people. I scan the crowd looking for Xavier but I didn't see him or any of the boys.

"Here drink this" Stephanie said giving me a drink.

I looked at it for a second before collecting it but I didn't drink it.

"It's only like 5% you won't get drunk on that, it will just make you less tense" she said reassuring me.

I drank the drink and it tasted like fart. I made a face making Stephanie laugh "that was disgusting" I said

But she gave me other saying I would get use to it.

We hard screams and laughters coming for the room so she pulled me towards it.

The room was filled with smoke and alcohol bottles. I saw Xavier and his friends on a couch laughing with girls I haven't met but I recognise Jenna and Laura. This is the first time I have seen him laugh. And he looked like an angle.

Alan was the first to look up at us "you made it" he said to Stephanie laughing. Which surprised me. They were so gone. I could tell.

"Are you guys high" she asked them surprised. "Yes, Alan thought it would be a good idea to do it" Xavier said laughing. He looked like a kid right now.

I think he didn't notice me before because when he saw my face his face went hard. "Why is she here" he said.

I thought he knew I was coming. I looked at Stephanie alarmed. I thought they said I was invited.

"Don't be a dick Xavier" I heard josh say. "You can stay" he said winking at me.

"Whatever" Xavier said smoking the joint on his hands still looking at me hard.

I was about to ask Stephanie if she wanted to go somewhere else but I saw her taking a sit.

"Sit down" she said to me. But I looked at the couch. There wasn't really space.

I saw Josh moving up so there would be space. I took off my jacket and placed it on a table beside the door with my purse.

I moved to where he was sitting. It was a single chair but it was big enough for two.

"Thank you" I said to him sitting.

"Your welcome" he said looking down at my outfit "you look nice" he said making me blush.

"So do you" I said to him jokingly.

"Let's play a game" Laura said

"Never have I never" she said and they was a bunch of alright and no lame.

"Come guys we don't have anything to loss and we could find out people's secrets" she said begging them.

"Okay remember the rules" she said placing a bottle of alcohol on the table. "Our way. If you have done it drink. If you haven't no drinking for you" she said and they said ok.

"I will go first, never have I ever had a threesome" she said laughing. I looked to see who would drink. Most of the boys did including Xavier and Jenna. I looked at both of them wondering if it was together. I felt josh drinking next to me too. Too be honest I wasn't shocked.

I think I was the only one that didn't drink and Stephanie. She made eye contact with me and laughed. 

It was Jenna turn "never have I ever had sex" she said making everyone laugh. They all reached for their cups to drink. She at me for a second and laugh and said "can't say I'm surprised" making everyone look at me.

"Your a virgin" Laura asked surprised. I was a bit flushed. I didn't want anyone know my business so I nodded slowly.  

"Dude, no way" I heard someone say.

"Is it because a guy has never asked you out" Jenna asked.

They all started asking questions. Like is I was a nun or if my was a lesbian. "Have you ever kissed a guy" I had Alan asked. I looked up at him surprised that he was talking to me.

I shake my head and said "no" and they gasp.

"Wow what a prude" Jenna said to Laura but I heard.

I looked at Xavier to see his reaction and he was smiling. I guess he loves seeing me humiliated. I saw Stephanie giving me a pity look but she also looked surprised.

It wasn't like I was saving myself for marriage. I just haven't found a guy I actually liked. I was about to get up but josh pulled my arm and slam his lips against mine making me gaps and he put his tongue in.

They all stopped talking for a second. I know he took me off guard too.

I was still for a second and I felt him moving away so I started moving my lips and kissing him back. I touched his touch h with mine and he pulled me closer. We kissed for about 10seconds before I started getting out of breath and I moved away.

"Wow" I heard someone say.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling at me. I didn't know if I should be angry or not. But I knew I had to leave. I got up quickly and ran out.

I ran up a stairs not knowing where I was going. I just need to be alone. I wasn't upset he kiss me. I knew why he did it. It was a nice gesture. I didn't want to be in that room anymore.

I opened the first door I saw and got it. It was dark but I could tell it was a bed room. I closed the door and walked to the bed and sat down.

Jenna was such a bitch. She knew what was doing when she asked. And she had to point to out that I wasn't drinking.

I didn't know what was so wrong with being a virgin. I wasn't judging any girls that were sexually active but they always felt the need to judge girls that aren't.

I heard the door opening. "I'm fine Stephanie" I said thinking she was the one that followed me.

"It cute you think my sister cares" I hear Alan voice

"What are you doing here" I asked him annoyed

"Oh just doing someone a favour" he said as Xavier walked in behind him.

I was alarmed as to why they were both here "what do you want" I asked both of them getting up.

"you're in my room" Xavier said as he locked the door behind him. Making me more alarmed.

"I'm sorry I didn't know, I can leave " I said not wanting to angry him.

I made my way to the door but Alan grabbed me "not so fast sweetheart" he said holding my arm.

"Please let me go" I begged them. I didn't know what they were planning but I knew they were up to something.

"Why would we do that" Xavier said walking to me and stroking my collarbone making me shiver.

"What do you want" I asked him.

"You see, I changed my mind about this, you weren't worth it. But you had to show your face and made me want you today and left me no choice" Xavier said scaring me.

I didn't want to believe that could do something like this. Were they going to **** me. I could feel the tears in my eyes. I started struggling against Alan but he help me harder.

"I'm gonna scream" I said treating them. But they laughed.

"Go headed, they will think we are fucking you hard" Alan whisper in my ears making the tears fall.

"You can't do this. My father is a will send you to jail" I said but Xavier pulled out his phone and started for something. "You see that were u are wrong we have this" he said looking like he just won something.

He started playing a video. I couldn't see it, all I heard was what sounded like a shower and my face paled. I knew what it was. He saw my face and smirked.

This boys are sick and disgusting.i felt myself shaking.


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