Xavier’s girl
8 I don’t go parties
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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8 I don’t go parties

Bitch I thought. I felt my face getting red. "that nice of you to care. But unlike you my fat goes to my bum and breast not my face" I said smiling at her.

I heard Mary chocking on her drink when I said it and Jenna face got red. Bitch thought she could come for me. I think the fuck not. I smiled at her and ate my wings.

I look at Xavier to see if he was angry I said his girlfriend had a fat face. But he face was hard like all ways.

It was soon forgotten about and they started talking about the big football game that was next week. I was surprised how much they took it seriously. Saying they are going smoke the other teams ass which I figured they meant win.

"Dude you getting the alcohol for this Friday" Ashton asked Xavier. Who nodded. Alcohol, wasn't that illegal I thought.

"What's this Friday" I asked Josh quietly.

" we're having a party" he said

" yeah you should come" mary said hearing our conversation.

Me a party no way. "I don't go parties, besides my dad is back this weekend" I told her shaking my head.

"No you have to come, it will be fun we can all get ready together" she said pointing to Stephanie as well.

"Yeah come on, you have to come" Josh added. I looked at Mary and she had a sad face making me laugh.

" okay but I won't stay for long and no alcohol for me" I said to them.

"Don't worry I will personally get you your drink" Josh said making me blush.

"We are so gonna party" Mary said happily.

"Ooo you should get ready at mine" I said to them "and Paul can drop off us" I was getting excited. I didn't think I will get excited over a party.

"Yeah we can do that, will come after school on Friday" Stephanie said.

They started talking about what they planned to wear. And I felt eye on me expecting it to be Xavier cause he was always staring like I stole his toy but it was Josh. He was just staring at me.

"What do I have something on my face" I said touching myself.

"No" he said laughing taking my hands away . His hands was bigger then mine. I looked down at our hands.

I think I was staring for long cause I heard Mary clearing her throat making me blush. I took my hands away from his.

"We're leaving"Xavier said randomly getting up and pulling Jenna. He didn't even say bye to his friends. That guy had issues.

"Yeah were leave too" I heard Alan say to Stephanie. She looked at angrily for a second but got up.

" bye guys see you tomorrow" she said leaving.

"Vanessa do you need me to take you home" Mary asked me.

"Yes thank you" I said. It was almost 7 and I didn't wanna disturb Paul.

"Come on let's go" she said pulling me out the booth. " bye guys" I said to other table and the nodded at me.

"Josh you going home" I asked him. "No I'm gonna chill with them for a bit, see you tomorrow though" he said moving to their booth. Sitting next to a blonde girl that I didn't know. I saw her put her hands on his lap and he smiled at her before I left. Boys are pigs.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he takes her home" I heard Mary say.

I was felt kinda berated. I don't know why. He spent all night talking to be but the minutes I was gone he moved to another girl.

"Look Vanessa, those boys are disgusting horny teenage that will stick it in anything that moves" she said "so don't fall for any of them, they aren't worth it"

"How about Xavier" I asked all of sudden. Why did I even say that.

She stopped walking and looked me with a questioning look on her face.

"I mean he has been in a relationship for 2 year" I said saving myself.

"Oh trust me he cheat on her, but she always forgives him" he said rolling her eyes "girls like that make me sick. Get in" she said opened the car doors.

I didn't say much in the car. And Mary was singing to the music playing. I thought about Xavier. I wondered how many times he cheated on Jenna. For what I saw today. It looked like a one sided relationship. Jenna was the one putting an effort. But I couldn't judge when I haven't been in one.

I felt the car stop and the music stopped. I looked out and saw my house. "Thank you" I said pulling her for a hug. "Welcome, see you tomorrow" she called out as I closed the door.

Walking up to the gate and entering the pin. I had fun today. Made more friends than I thought I would. And I joined a cheerleader team. If someone told me this would be a few months ago I would have laughed in there face.

I walked in saw most of the lights were off. I knew Greta was probably in her room. I sent her a text saying I was home so she wouldn't worry and call my dad.

I made my way to my room and saw the boxes were still there. I forgot about them. Taking off my shoes I moved towards them. It was pictures of my mother and brother my makeup and some books.

I took one out and place it on the mirror desk. They were both smiling in that picture. Unlike me my brother had black her and green eyes. He took after my mom. I looked away and started arranging the other stuff inside.

It was most of my old books and paper I didn't need any more. I moved some of the boxes into the storage. And my room looked more clean. I put all my makeup and stuff in the drawers and my hair stuff in the bathroom.

It was almost 9 by the time I was done. I should be in bed by 10 I didn't wanna wake up late tomorrow. I had a shower and changed into one of my brothers t shirt and climbing into bed. I set my alarm for 6 o'clock so I would have time to get dressed and eat breakfast.

I watch some friends on my laptop. That was my show. I have watched over more than a hundred times. I could never get tired of watching it. I felt my self drifting off when Joey was trying to learn French.


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