Xavier’s girl
6 Home sweet home
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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6 Home sweet home

I looked back at the football field and saw Xavier and josh in what looked like a heated conversation. They both looked angry. I wonder what it was about. Josh walked off and Xavier looked back at me. I turned around quickly I think he noticed me staring.

Ahhh. He was making me angry. Who the hell did he think he was. If he did tell josh not to talk to me I would have to have a talk with him.

After they finished jogging we played some douche ball. And I know I will wake up with bruises tomorrow. I wasn't really good at douching the ball. And this bitches threw hard.

School ended at 4, Mary had left me and Stephanie. She  told me they were going home and then gonna meet at a diner around 6 and  I should meet them too. We exchanged number so I could call her. I still haven't made up my mine. But I told her would only go if Stephanie was going too as she was with me.

Tryouts wasn't has hard as I thought. They gave us easier moves to do. Most of the girls were kicked out before we began. I think based on how the looked. Jenna and other girl called Brittany, the co-captain were the ones judging.

I knew Jenna was gonna a harsh. But  she didn't complain about me so I though I was doing good. I was surprised to find out I made it. I think even Stephanie was because she squealed with me. I couldn't believe I was a cheerleader.

It was 5 something when I got home. And I told Greta about my day and I made friends. I think she was surprised I was talking to her. I told her not to bother with dinner cause I was going out to eat with my friends.

I spoke to my dad and told him everything and he was surprised. But he was happy that I was happy. He told me he would be home this weekend and he couldn't wait to meet my friends. After hanging up I texted Mary knowing I would be coming.

Vanessa: Hi I decided to come text me the address

Mary: yay finally bitch. Do you want me to pick you up?

Vanessa: Yep thanks 😊

I replied and texted her my address.

Mary: okay be there in 15min

I ran upstairs so I could change. I had a shower after tryouts cause I was too sweaty. So I was just gonna changed out of my school clothes.

I didn't want to over dress it was just a diner. But I also wanted to look nice. I knew the boys would be there. Not that I was trying to impress anyone. Okay I was, you can't blame a girl.

I picked out a Levi baggy jeans and a sweater cropped top. I picked out  black vans and my Dior handbag.  Okay I look casual but cute.

I ran to the mirror and brushed my hair into a ponytail. The curls were now flat. I added some mascara and lipgloss. I was happy with how I looked.

I heard my phone pinging. Mary was here. I picked up my bag and left.

I was Greta on my way out.

"Mary is picking me up. I will text Paul if I need him to pick me up" I said as I walked out. I heard her say "okay be safe, no drinking" making me laugh.

I had to walk to the gate because mary was waiting there she didn't come into the drive way. 

She had a white BMW. It was really cute. I opened the door and got in.

"Girl you look cute" she said when she saw me.

"You look good too" I told her.

She was wearing a Adidas joggers with a with tank top. And had a white Chanel bag.

"Thank you" she said as he begins driving.

"Okay so you have met all the girls but I think some of the football boys will be there and they might have brought their girl of the week" she said making me cringe.

I nodded at her. I was a bit nervous.

"Don't worry you will good" she said.

The drive wasn't that long. It was 10 minutes and she was packed outside the dinner. The car park was filled with cars that I knew belonged to Yh boys. I didn't think there would so much people. We got out the car and i could feel butterflies in my tummy.

The diner was pretty. I had neon lights saying 24 hours and Mel's diner. "Come on girl" she said as she started walking towards the dinner. And I followed behind her.


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