Xavier’s girl
5 Watch out!
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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5 Watch out!

History was the longest class ever. I couldn't even concentrate when knew Xavier was two sits behind me. I didn't want to breathe. I could feel him staring at the back of my head. Him Alan and Stephanie were in my history class. But only Stephanie spoke to me.

I knew him and Alan were close. They both didn't speak a lot. They just stared intensely. I could hear the girls giggling and staring at them. I asked Stephanie why girls were all over them. And it was because they were the school bad boys. They had a reputation. Both their parents were super rich. Who paid of the school when they got in trouble. And being football players also helped. The way she talked about them you wouldn't know she was related to Alan.

Stephanie was a very nice girl. I know I will grow to like her. The history teacher Miss Williams was actually nicer than she looks. She let us sit next to whoever we wanted. Of course I sat with Stephanie.

We spent the lesson working on the Cold War. I had the chance to get to knows Stephanie a little bit.

I found out her parents has there own practice and were from Korea. Both her and twin brother Alan were studying to becomes doctors as well.  But I think that was there dream not hers. She also told me that the gang have been friends for years. And that Jenna joined two years ago when she started dating Xavier.

Apparently no on really like her at the beginning and were questioning why Xavier was dating her. She was a bitch. Her words not mine.

She was nothing like her brother. She was more friendly and smiled a lot. She was also part of the cheerleader squad. So I was a ease knowing she would be there.

We were currently on our way to gym class. Apparently this school took physical education seriously. We had gym for 2 hours. Yes 2 hours. They even made their gym kits that all students must have. And no it wasn't free. The girls were provided with red shorts, black leggings, sports bra and a white t- shirts with a sock. Even the trainers.

I decided to go with the leggings and shirt. Because my legs and arms were hairy. I didn't have time to shave don't judge me.

The changing room was huge. There was shower stalls, lockers and even a lots of mirrors with hair dryers and chairs were u could sit. There was always private changing room which I used.

And it was clean. Which I thanked god for.

The Gym teacher came to tell us were are running track today. Which made most of them moan. I didn't mind running as long as it doesn't involve a ball I am good.

Mary and Stephanie were in my gym class. They both squealed when they saw each other. Making me laugh.

"We are so going to have fun" mary said.

I was done changing before them. They took their time making me wait. I don't how girls take for ever to change. I noticed Mary's body and it was too die for. She was thick. Her thigh and waist were goals.

"I saw mark I think he is in our class" mary said making Stephanie blush.

" who is mark" I asked them.

"Oh he is Stephanie's crush" mary said

"No his not,we are just friends" Stephanie said rolling her eyes

"Says the girl who looks like a tomato" mary said making her blush more.

"Whatever let's go" she said closing her locker.

We walked out the changing room. I think we were the last ones in. Not that I was surprised they were both snails.

"I think Josh likes you Vanessa" mary said as we walked out to the field.

"What no way he was just being friendly" I said to her.

" trust me josh isn't that friendly, he couldn't stop touching you " Stephanie added.

I didn't even released he was touching me. I thought he was being friendly. I blushed thinking about it.

Josh was a cute guy. He had baby face but I don't think I would like him more than a friend. I don't think I had time to date.

" she's thinking about him" mary said to Stephanie making me blush

" I wasn't" I told them rolling my eyes.

" oh really why are you blushing, probably thinking about doing the nasty, oh look his right there" she said pointing to the football field that was filled with boys. She screamed his name making them spot us and he started waving at us making me turn red and they burst out laughing.

" I am going away from both of you" I said walking towards out teacher.

They were still laughing when they joined the class. I couldn't help but look over to the football field. Xavier was also there, I think he noticed when they called josh as well. They were running around with a ball. They all looked like gods. Tall sweaty and hot. I think I was biting my lips.

I didn't release when our teacher told us to find out spot. We had to run around the track for 20 minutes. "move Morales" she screamed at me.

I moved to the back where mary and Stephanie was. I Think they were done teasing me now.

She blowed her whistle and we took for. I started off by jogging. If I ran I will get tired quickly.

Mary and Stephanie were also jogging with me. " I swear this teacher hates us" mary said "who makes you ran in this heat" she complained.

"Come on lazy ass, it's just for 20 minutes" Stephanie told her.

She started slowing down. "No I can't, I already have a stitch" she said holding her stomach.

"Move Gomez" the teacher screamed her name. She moaned and picked up her pace.

We jogged around four times already and mary had stop for a water break 6 times. Me and Stephanie were still going hard. I was getting tried. Most of the students had stop jogging and now walking.

The teacher had giving up letting them walk.

"Break" I told them running to the field were my water was.

I knew I couldn't drink too much. But it tastes like heaven. It was cold and I started moaning.

I didn't even release people were screaming at me. The water was that good. Telling me to move out the way. It was too late. I felt something hit by head hard. I fell to the ground and I heard footstep running. I think I passed out for a second. The back of my head was throbbing.

I felt someone knee beside. "Hey you okay" I opened my eyes and saw josh. He sun made me more sexy. I blinked for a second not answering him. Taking in his beauty "Hey I think we should take her to the nurse" he said talking to someone.

I pulled myself up stumbling a little bit making him hold me. "No I'm good" I told him. Even though my head felt like it got hit by a truck.

He smiled at me "you sure that was a hard hit" I noticed how blue his eyes were. I smiled and nodded at him. I noticed a figure standing behind him. My smile fell off my face It's was Xavier he face was hard like always.

Josh looked back and saw him too. He let go of waist and looked uneasy between me and Xavier.

"See you later" he said before he walked off. Making me confused. That was weird. Looking at Xavier, did he tell josh not to talk to me. Was he that petty.

"You should go to the nurse, that was a hard hit" he said before walking off.

Okay he was weird or maybe he was bipolar.

"Hey girl you good" I turned back to see Mary and Stephanie walking towards me.

"Yh I'm good guys thanks, but that was weird"I said pointing to were the boy just stood. "I think Xavier told josh not to talk to me"

" no way, Xavier would do that" Stephanie said. But Mary didn't look too surprised.

"Morales! Sit down you just took a hit Gomez and Soo keep moving" I heard our teacher scream. Making Mary moan.

"I wanna take a sit it too" she moaned.

"Come on lazy" Stephanie pulled her.

"See you in a bit Vanessa". I waved at them as sit on the grass. I was a bit dizzy.


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