Xavier’s girl
4 Who is Paul
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Xavier’s girl
Author :cluelessgixl
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4 Who is Paul

She pulled towards a brown double doors. When she pushed the door opened. I was surprised. It was packed with students and loud. They were all talking. There wasn't that one awkward student that was sitting alone.

She started pulled towards a table in the middle that was filled with people. The huge guys from before were also there. They all stopped talking when they saw her.

"Where have you been" a cute Asian girl asked her. "Sorry people, I was taking our new girl to her locker" she she pushing in front.

"Hi, I'm Vanessa" I said nervous. They started moving so we could sit. "Dude wasn't that the girl that bumped into you" on for the guy said to the guy I bumped into. But he didn't reply. He was just looking at me with hard eyes. I guess he was angry. Looking away from him.

"Ok Vanessa this is everyone" she said pointing to the people's on the table. There was 4 boys and 4 girls.

And buy the looks of it they were the popular kids.

"I'm Stephanie and that idiot over there is Alan my brother" the Asian girl said. "Nice to meet you" I told her and she nodded.

The rest introduce their self. There was a black hair girl call Brooke and blonde called Laura and brown haired another Olivia. They were all nice for far. And the boys were brown haired josh, Alan Stephanie twin brother. A mixed race guy called Callum. And the boy I bumped into Xavier.

He didn't say though one of the other guys had to say his name. He looked like he wasn't interested in our conversation.

"So where you from" josh asked me. He was kinda cute. But I could tell he was a player. "I just moved here from DC" I told him.

"Ooo straight from the capital I like that" he said making me blush.

"I'm gonna go get food you coming" mary asked me as she got up. I got up and went after her.

"What is Xavier problem" I asked her.

"Just ignore him, he is always like that. All moody. But Jenna makes him smile"

"Who is Jenna" I asked.

"Oh his girlfriend, they are like the perfect couple. She is the head cheerleader and he is the football captain" of course he had a girlfriend. There was on way in hell was he single. "They have been togetherness for 2 years now" she added.

I got my self a blt sandwich some fries and a bottle of water. Giving the lady my card. She gave it back and I thanked her and went to join mary. She was waiting for me.

We walked back to the table. And sat down. "Mhmm that looks nice" josh said looking at my food. "Dude don't touch her food" Callum said hitting his shoulders. "It's find you can have some fries if you want" I said to him. I don't mind sharing.

"Thank you Vanessa, not everyone is greedy like you Callum" he said making me laugh. I am enjoying this so far. I took a sandwich and started eating. Josh asked me questions.

Like where I lived and stuff. They were all listening to my answer. And I found out some of them didn't live too far from me. I told them everything. Well apart from my dad being a senate and my mother and brother.

In the middle of my meal, I regret saying josh to eat. In matter of seconds my fries were gone. He offered to buy me some but I said it was fine. Then he decided he owned me a meal. That was before Jenna and her friend came.

Jenna was a blondes and she was drop dead gorgeous. I understood why they went out. They were made perfectly for each other.

I saw her looking at me but she went straight for Xavier. Who looked like he didn't give a shit. He only spoke to Alan before she came. And she decided it was best if she sat on his lap. As if she was claiming him. She might as well have peed around him.

I moved my eyes away from them giving them their privacy. Looking at the table. I heard some aww and wooo from the guys making me look up. Of course they kissing. Well making out. She pulled away and I made eye contact with him and he was smirking.

I looked away. I was feeling hot. Why did that just turn me on.

"Who is the new chick" she asked

"This is Vanessa" josh said putting his arm around me.

I smiled at her but she was just looking at me coldly. Okay I don't think we are gonna be friends.

"Jenna you said I could sit with you guys today" one of the girls that came with here said. She looked like exactly like her. Blonde hair and perfect everything.

"Well there isn't space so move along" josh said rolling his eyes. The girl looked at Jenna who just went back talking to Xavier, making her stomp off.

"Gosh Jenna stop bringing those type of chick here they are too clingy" josh told her. Everyone started talking about what they did this summer. Most of them flew out the country and traveled.

I wish I did that. But I wouldn't have anyone to go with.

"Hey Jenna, do you think Vanessa can join the cheerleading squad" I heard mary say making my eyes wide.

"What" I asked her. "I don't think so" I said to her. Me a cheerleader. Yeah that not for me.

"You would make a hot cheerleader" josh said nudging my shoulders playfully.

"Yeah and your pretty too" Laura said making me blush.

"Thanks guys but I'm not that athletic" I told them. Beside Jenna looks like she doesn't want me too.

"Okay she can try out, its starts at 4 don't be late" she said surprising me.

I didn't even know what to say. I can't dance to save my life.

"Hey don't worry Stephanie will be with you" mary said.

I looked at Stephanie and she smiled at me. I mean I already like her so far. So I nodded. I doubt I will even get in.

She probably said yes so they could make fun of me.

"Alright I just need to text paul" I said to them pulling out my phone. He was meant to pick me up at 4.

"Who is Paul" he voice sent shivers down my back. Looking at Xavier. Surprised he was talking to me. He eyes were hard and he looked angry.

I think everyone at the table was surprised he said something. I moved uncomfortable on the sit. I didn't like the way he was staring at me.

"Erm Paul is my diver" I said quietly. Why the hell did he care who Paul was. His face went soft for a second but then it went back to being hard.

"You have a driver, your dad but be rich rich" Brooke said making me blush. He wasn't. He was just too overprotective.

"I bet he is a ambassador or politician" josh said making the others laugh. expect from Xavier and Jenna.

I laughs well. "No he is a senate" I said and they stopped laughing.

"Wow for real. Sorry" he apologised.

"It's fine" I said not sure why they laugh in the first place. I mean I get people didn't like politics.

The bell rang. They all begin to get up. "Stephanie has history she will go with you" mary said pulling me for a hug and before she walked off with Callum.

"See you at 4" Jenna said leaving kissing Xavier before she left. She looked like a nice girl so far. I kinda expected her to be bitchy. But everyone was nice. "Come on dude we have history" I heard Alan say to Xavier.

I felt my face going pale. Oh god, I hope he wasn't in my class.

"Come on" Stephanie pulling my arms in hers.


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