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Wife Of The Devil : Book 1REBORN
Author :EunByeol2801
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Alex!! where are you? I was sweating and crying at the same time. I try to calm myself and to recollect what I just saw...

someone hit me...Alex!!yes Alex, I remember now,he...he is "my husband"....as soon as I whispered my husband a ring appeared on my finger.

The silver band that we exchanged on our wedding,I can't remember my wedding clearly....it made me sad.i look at the ring and saw the design embossed on it...he designed it himself,a small smile formed I kissed it.

At that moment I called out...,"Alex....Alex...can you hear me??" I tried to call him many times but didn't get any response...His face I can't remember it clearly,he looks blurred,I tried harder but gave up.

Then i remembered,"Crystal!!!", I took a deep breath and called out aloud,"I summon Crystal to appear in front of me" the wind around me rose a blue light appeared taking a shape of Crystal..she stood in front of me surprised..


I was doing my chores when suddenly I heard something after a long time... loud and clear it was that I almost didn't believe it,"Crystal appear Infront of me"..I was being summoned by her I hurried to her as fast as I could..

when I teleported in front of her I was still surprised.... she looked majestic,the look in her eyes held the superiority..,she hasn't changed a bit..,"You summoned me my lady??"


I smile at her,"how many times do I have to tell you not to call me like that". "you remember everything???" she asked excited..I shook my head," no not everything, but parts of it.... but I need your help now"

she remained silent listening to me,"I don't want you to tell me what happened but I'm hoping that you would help me". "but how can I help you Sara??"

"now tell me when I first met you at your shop did you chase me away on purpose?", she nods...,"and in the alley you told me to be careful right?"....she nods again,"yes I did but what is this all about?"

then it suddenly struck me and I ran toy laptop and opened the page I have been reading the other night..."What's the matter Sara??"

I continued the story.....


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