We The Sickest: Contest Version
22 Face to face...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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22 Face to face...

@@There he is. The only boy I've seen in weeks! The one who I can never hurt. The boy named Timothy.

As Hazel turned the corner her eyes fell upon his figure. But he didn't notice her looking at him yet.

Timothy was too busy making sure his entourage was distracted by the infected that appeared so suddenly. It was an odd coincidence, but it helped him slip away, so it didn't bother him too much.

When he turned around, Timothy saw the creature that was Hazel. Instinctively, he let out a yell and shuffled back, a bit scared despite having seen her before. It was a lot different in real life than it was watching this thing through the drone's footage.

To be honest, Hazel was a bit scared by his reaction too. It made her kind of sad that he was afraid of her. It wasn't her fault she was like this now.

Slowly, the two teens breathed to calm down. Each of them not knowing that the other secretly wanted to see the other just as badly.

"Wh- Who are you?" Timothy stuttered, finally breaking the awkward silence between them.

He still didn't know if this thing could talk. This was because the drones had trouble catching audio from up in the air. I mean, how can you hear voices when the microphone is being bombarded with wind. It's just common sense.

Hazel waited for a good second before answering him. She wanted to use her heightened senses to try to figure out what made him different. And just like the military, she couldn't find out much other than the fact that his body was highly immune to most airborne pathogens and bacteria. The sent of antibodies radiating from him was enough to confirm this.

Finally, she answered. "I am Hazel, leader of the The Sickest. And I know you are Timothy Brown."

And that is how our two leads finally met...


************ End of Chapter *************




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