We The Sickest: Contest Version
21 Part thy party...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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21 Part thy party...

@@After Timothy Brown and his escort arrived at the quarantine border, the van was slowed to a stop. Outside the van, the landscaping was riddled with trash and the plants were wildly unkempt.

All the buildings and shops on the street were deserted. The windows were broken and the doors hung precariously on the hinges. It was a lot different from when Timothy had last visited here.

On one of his previous hiking trips, he had came across this once bustling street. The people here knew him well and would greet him every time he came with his dog to visit. He wondered what had become of those friendly shipowners and their customers.

"Listen, Boy!", one of the men in a hazmat suit began, "You stay close. I'm was told you're immune but that doesn't make this trip all that safer." The soldier paused before mumbling "Honesty I don't know why General Gosling even let you come." under his breath, hoping he wouldn't hear him.

Timothy nodded. Although he had other plans than to stick with them the whole time. After he got a lay of the land a bit more, he'd slowly attempt to part with his escort.

He knew that if one of the turned saw him they'd probably report him to that creature he had seen somehow. Timothy was even willing to risk it and purposely get seen to try to lure it out. He was hoping it was about him as curious as he was about it.

After about an hour after leaving the confides of the van, he could hardly push down how much he wanted to see the l supposed ruler of the infected here. And he slipped away.



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