We The Sickest: Contest Version
18 Peak interest...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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18 Peak interest...

Hazel was ecstatic! This boy named Timothy could survive here. He was immune! She was so happy to finally see someone near her age. She was so happy in fact, that she decided she had to meet him in person, no matter what.

Hazel got to her feet and rushed over to her semi-turned parents to tell them the news. She tried to tell them everything lately as they were the only two around with a mind of their own. Plus, unlike the other Sickest, she could relax the hold on them enough to let them move on their own.

Over the time since the last time we were with Hazel, she'd restrengthened and renewed her bonds with them. They've grown quite close, just like when she was little.

"Mom! Dad!", She shouted, "There's a boy here! And he's immune to me!" Hazel was grinning from ear to ear, her fangs protruding from her maw.

She shook her parents with excitement, accidentally hurting them with her claws. When she noticed, she immediately let go of their arms.

Her parents didn't know what to say! A boy was here? And he didn't turn into a Sickest? How was that possible?

On the other hand, they were both glad and anxious about an unturned boy going near their daughter after what happened to her in her last relationship. Yes, Hazel did need a friend her age, but what if he turned out to be like Jake?

That boy was trouble from the beginning. But despite the warnings, Hazel had continued to hang out with him. And look where that got her! Now she's a mutant freak and he's off God knows where!

Hazel stared at her parents, waiting for a response. But when none came, she sighed and continued.

"Anyways, I'm gonna try to separate him from the men he came with so I could se him in person" se exclaimed.

"No!" Her parents shouted in union.

"Why not?", Hazel pouted, "He's the only person around here my age who isn't affected by me at all? Can't I go have a little fun?"

"It's not that, sweetie", her father started.

"We just want you to be careful, is all", said her mother.

"Remember what happened last time with Jake?", her father explained, "He-" But he was cut off as Hazel tightened her grip on him, causing him to stop.

"Enough!", Hazel shouted.

She was looking down, crying. She didn't want to think about that horrible boy. She had loved him and he betrayed her, kidnapping her for months.

She then stood up, walking away. She was gonna meet him! He had to be different. He's not Jake! He's not a monster! He had to be better. He had to be...

************ End of Chapter **************


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