We The Sickest: Contest Version
15 Requesting field research...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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15 Requesting field research...

After 5 days of preparation and research, Timothy Brown grew tired of the visits to the base. He had a better understanding of his value to them now. However, he still didn't fully grasp their mission.

He had been informed of the zombie-like characteristics of the virus to the south. He was even shown footage off the severance drones. Once, he even saw a team in hazmat suits bring in a former scout, now contained in a sturdy container.

Today he was planning on requesting a visit to this infected wasteland. Since he was registered immune for some reason, he thought it a good idea to see it for himself. All he needed was the proper clearance and a hazmat-decked escort.

His appointment with the General was in a couple of minutes. He was currently sitting in the waiting area outside his office.

"General Gosling is ready for you, Timothy.", the assistant secretary said, "You can head in now, sir."

"Thanks Ms. Secretary.", I responded.

As I headed into his office, I could see it hadn't changed a bit since the first time I was in there except for a huge stack of paperwork in the corner. It seems the General has been getting a lot more complaints from its residents and neighboring states.

"Sir, I wish to accompany the next field team to the quarantine area, sir." I asked the General respectively. I hope his impressions of me have improved a bit. The last time we saw each other I wasn't at my best.

"Well, Mr. Brown, it seems you have been cooperating with the testing we've done on you. Plus, it appears you've also grown quite a bit to my men here as well.", Gosling pauses, "So, I will grant your request. The next team leaves in two days, so be ready"

"Yes Sir! Will do Sir." Then I left the room, both shocked and excited for the coming trip to the quarantine zone.

In viewing the various recorded tapes, I made the connection that there was a pattern. The zombies always seemed to follow one leader. It almost looked sad, despite the creatures around it.

This was what Timothy Brown really wanted out of this visit. He wanted to meet this mysterious ruler, perhaps even cheer her up a bit.

He knew he would have to stray from his escort if he wanted to approach the girl. He didn't want them to know of her for some reason, despite being the obvious cause. But he couldn't quite pinpoint why...

Tomorrow, he wouldn't go to the base. He decided he would stay home and prepare for the trip. Besides, he needed to rest up a bit. He was busy recently and had little time of his own. He definitely needed a day off.

The following morning, the Military came to pick him up from his house. And on he went to visit the infected city and see the sad, mysterious girl who ruled there.


******* End of Chapter Fifteen ********



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