We The Sickest: Contest Version
10 Here comes the military...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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10 Here comes the military...

On the morning of September 2, 2046, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. The birds and bugs were doing what they always did every morning. Other than that, it was a pretty unusual day.

The local state government had successfully engendered a plan to pick up the only known person that was immune to the disease that was plaguing the small town to the south of the base. The mission was in high priority as the winds would likely shift north very soon.

To be frank, they were scared. This boy was possibly their only option in finding a cure or vaccine. They had to retrieve him or else the whole world would be turned. And that was unacceptable! General Gosling needed this mission to go as smoothly as possible.

************* Meanwhile ***************

It was seventh period at Milford High. The students of class 6 were listening to the lecture of their teacher, bored, as he went on about the human reproductive system. It was a very uncomfortable topic to be discussing but one that needed to be taught none the less.

Their teacher, Mr. McDougal, was known for his long, winded lectures about the human biology. In all his classes, three one students ever really liked him. One of those students was known as Timothy Brown, who never got a single B on his report card.

Recently, Tim's usual allergies weren't acting up as much as they used to. To him, this was very odd, as he was known to be a sickly child. In fact, since about a month ago, he hadn't sneezed even once!

This was likely due the exposure of pollen, dust, and spores over the years. It had built an immunity to almost every airborne illness, so he no longer had to suffer the struggles of a runny nose or itchy eyes. But what really stopped his symptoms was the inhalation of a unique spore, Hazel's spore.

A few weeks ago Timothy had taken a trip with his dog south. Every year, Tim would visit there and he would hike with his pet. Yet surprisingly, this year, the locals he saw were few and far between. And the ones he did see didn't look very good. He decided to only stay for a short period of time, stay away from the villagers, then head home. That was the day he encountered the virus and slowly built an immunity towards it. The very immunity the government was so happy to find in the samples of blood they had taken secretly from the hospital.

At the end of class, the bell rang. Timothy and the other students shuffled off to their busses after a long day at school. One or two of his peers were held back to talk to the teacher, most likely being warned of the coming exams.

He was always chuckling at how those kids were so dedicated to whatever recreational activities they had but still refused to study. He always preferred studying over play time, so this wasn't a problem for him.

He walked over to his designated bus and waited in line to enter. Just as he was about to enter though, a man in a uniform pulled him aside.

"My name's Sargent Hues. Timothy Brown, we need to talk."


********** End of Chapter Ten **********



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