We The Sickest: Contest Version
9 A lonely woe of the world...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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9 A lonely woe of the world...

@@As Hazel's army grew, more and more people began to worry about being infected. The public watched as their friends and family became unrecognizable and sickly. No one died yet, of course. They were just in a state of dormancy. No doctor could find a cure for this new fungus infection. They did, however, know that it originated from the town Hazel could be found.

Soon, the world was thrown into chaos and the government was struggling to keep up. All military personnel that were sent there never returned, having been added to the number of people Hazel had turned.

Meanwhile, Hazel's abilities were being strengthened. But due to the numerous people she had turned, her energy was being drained drastically. She was tired and scared. She just wanted friends to play with her, but they were not immune to her touch, and quickly turned. And the people who tried to avenge them didn't stop and were also turned by the spores. She was lonely, despite the amount zombies around her.

Today was the day those things changed. Today was the day the military would find a boy who has immunity. Today Hazel would begin her journey outside her realm of mindless zombies with her parents in search of friendships and vengeance. And soon the two will meet. Soon...

********************************************************* End of Chapter Nine *************




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