We The Sickest: Contest Version
5 The ambush of my prey…
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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5 The ambush of my prey…

I think we need a recap... So, here it is! Enjoy!

******************************************************* Previously in We The Sickest ********


Our main character, Hazel, was lured by the school troublemaker, Jake, to a sketchy house on a hill. Jake tricks Hazel and betrays her with the guise of sexual, deviant fore playing.

A group of creepy masked men enter the room and hand Jake a syringe that he then injected into Hazel. Her body reacts, convulsing, and she passes out.

When she wakes up she's in a strange place, still unable to escape. And whether it be a kindness or a method of torture, Jake explains her unfortunate situation to her while getting uncomfortably close.

However, being locked in a cell gives her a lot of time to think. Soon, she's using her smarts to deduct where she in town. She slowly formulates a plan and hallows out the floor of her cell.

When she starts her escape, she plans to ambush the cult members below in the old, buried Town Hall. And this is where she is right now...

************************************************************** We Continue ***************** ***********************************************

I can't hear my heart beating, my blood pumping, and every little noise as I wait for my trap to spring. I can smell the rot and decay of the room, as well as the people above me. My senses are heightened. They're coming!

A rope drops down from above. With both smiles an sad face dead or unconscious, the man with the scared face descends. His posture and heart rate, as well as the amount of sweat, tells me the face he wears matches the way he really feels inside.

Poor guy. I almost feel sorry for him. But he still is one of the bastards that kidnapped me. He deserves to die. They all do. And they will. He's just gonna die a bit earlier than the rest of them.

As his feet touch the floor of the room, he begins to search for me. I can hear the footsteps from the room over. He's so scared that when he kicks some rubble on the ground, "Ehkkk!" he jumps about 4 feet off the ground, whimpering.

Soon he'll find the door that leads to the furthest room from the light. It's the room I'm in. Now, because of my enhancements, I can see perfectly fine in here. He can't. I have the advantage. Plus he's extra jumpy, even with his flashlight. I can smell his sweat. He's right outside the door. However I've made a mistake. He's not alone.

Behind him, the rest of the cult are just arriving. They're stronger and more equipped than the one just outside the room. And since he looked every where else but here, they definitely know I'm here.

"Over here!" the strongest of them yells, "She must be in there. Come on!" They all crowd around the original, ready to break the door. "On three! THREE!" The door falls.

"What am I going to do now? This is not part of my plan! Think, Hazel, think!" I shout at my self, internally. If frustration, I let out a blood curdling scream. "Ahhhhhhg!"

As the air leaves my mouth with rage, a green haze is expelled from every pore in my body in a huge explosion. As the strange gas touches the men, they fall falter. Their visible skin starts to bubble and change, eyes rolling back into their heads.

I did that? What the heck did I just do? Whatever the case, they're the ones changing now. And I'm the one in control…


************ End Of Chapter Five *************



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