We The Sickest: Contest Version
2 The beast inside...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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2 The beast inside...

Boy, what is wrong with me? My hair is all patchy. My skin is has this green hue too it. And I do not look good. At all.

The chemical concoction they gave me really messed me up. What was in that thing? I look hideous. Uggh..

But enough about me. Those freaks are in the next room repeating their little mantra like the cult they are. Discussing!

Wait! They stopped. Not good. Why'd they stop. Where are they now? Did they notice I woke up? Oh geez... no...

Click! I hear the cell open. Still somehow in handcuffs, I can't do much but struggle. I let out a growl, deep and guttural.

Jake comes in, now in similar clothes as the rest of the men I saw. I'm angry and overwhelmed. No matter how many times I tell myself he's bad my feelings of love I felt before aren't easy to change. But he still betrayed me. Jake. The one I loved. The one I wanted to have sex with in that old home by the hill. Him.

"Well, well, we'll. Look who decided to wake up." He pauses and sighs before he signals the following of masks, giggling.

I'm snarling, furious. Why did he do this to me? But there's nothing I can do now. I'm hardly who I was before either. I'm a god damn monster!

One with a smile mask enters along with his frowning friend. Both are in the plastic masks I had seen. Both are carrying knives. This is unreal. But it is.

Jake steps back and the other people step forward. I hear a loud buzz as my links unlock. I fall to the ground, still recovering from the transformation. I can't stand up yet. I wish I could though. I don't if I ever felt this hostile towards anyone before. I want them all to die. Right now. But I can't.

"It's gonna be a while till you can move, Hazel. Until then, my boys, Richard and Bowie here, will take nice care of you." Jake just told me their names. I have their names. But I can't speak yet. My tongue is swollen. It can barely fit in my mouth.

"Before the time you can speak or move properly, I will explain what just happened. The serum we gave you is an experimental agent of corrosion. You're genetic makeup is being altered as we speak. You're changing. We made sure of that.

We've known about you for some time. We've been tracking you. Ever wonder why your parents move you around so much before now? It's because of us. But you just had to convince your mommy and daddy to stay here, didn't you."

It's true. I did move around a lot before now. We would rarely stay in one place for too long. The longest I've stayed somewhere was about 6 months. I got really tired of it. I would always complain about it.

Finally my parents said we would stop after our next move. And then we moved here. It was a nice, quiet, peaceful town. It was great up until now. Not anymore. Since we stopped, they found me. And I don't think they'll ever let me go again...

*********************************************************** End of Chapter Two *************



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