We The Sickest: Contest Version
1 The day all hell broke lose...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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1 The day all hell broke lose...

When your a teenager, you don't wake up thinking that you're going to be some weird catalyst or that you'll be seduced by a school troublemaker. No one does. But it does happen. Every day. But this time it happened to me.

Here. Lemme explain it for you.


The day started like any other. I woke to the sound of my stupid alarm clock from my 13th birthday. The one I hate but still refuse to get rid of. You know the feeling, right?

I hate how I felt that morning. Seriously, hangovers are the worst part of drinking alone. Take it from the me. You don't want to deal with that headache I had. Ugg...

My room looked like I took the garbage can and splattered it's contents all over the place.

School was great if you count the constant witch-related nicknames and biases that made my life so great. Not!

Take this scenario for example:


I walk into the cafe and start walking to my normal table. Becca and her posse decide to walk by and I fall flat on my face as one of them trips me.

That week's sloppy joe all over me, I get up and give them a look that would probably earn me a beating if my mother saw it.

Becca does her fake little gasp and says, "Look out, everyone! Hexel on a rampage." Her followers, Zoe and Tina, snicker at the remark their leader made, amused.


See what I mean? It was like that every day of the week. Just my luck. But this time I had enough. So I slapped Becca's face and that earned me a one way ticket to detention.

After school, I headed over to detention. There was only one other person in there. Jake sat in the back row, alone. It wasn't my first time there, so we actually got along well for two kids in a dark,musty room meant to teach us a lesson.

He had this smug look on his face. I dared not wonder what trouble he had planned this time. I sat at the seat diagonal to him. It was close enough to whisper but far enough from the teacher's desk not to be heard.

After a while, curiosity got the best of me. I taped his shoulder and quietly said to him, "Whatcha thinkin' about this time? Planning another prank?"

Jake slightly turned his head to look back at me and chuckled. "Can't Say." He said it in a way that obviously meant he could.

"Oh, come on! Tell me. I know you wanna." , I replied. He was playing with me, as usual. His smile widened. "Meet me at the house by the hill at eight. You have got to see it for yourself. You in?"

On any of our average days, I would have played a bit longer. We were in this weird fling thing were we always teased each other in a flirty manner. However, I was really needing the distraction from my recent misfortune. So, I went all in and agreed. I was ready to do the dirty and finally experience that body sensation in bed.

At about 7:30, brushed my hair, put on my sweater, and I snuck out the window. It was about 3 blocks away, but I really wanted to surprise Jake. I had put my most sexy top on under my sweater, just waiting for the right moment.

When I reached the hill I revived a text from him. "I'm ready when you are, Babe. The door is open. Come on in." My insides lit up with excitement.

As I walked, I noticed the hall lit beautifully with candles, all the way to the master bedroom. I took of my ugly sweater revealing that purple top I know he'd love, and I got in bed.

Then out he walked from the side room, topless. We did this thing with some fuzzy handcuffs. He got right on me. My heart was beating faster and louder the closer he came. But he stoped.

What? Why did he stop there. We were so close. "What's wrong, Jake?", I whined.

"It's just...", he mumbled. Then looked away, solemnly.

"What is it?" I was getting worried.

But when he looked back, his face had changed. He was staring at me in a way that wasn't as romantic as it was obsessive.

I froze. This wasn't suppose to happen. This isn't right. Something is wrong. I struggled against the cuffs to no avail. It was useless. He had me right where he wanted. I was stuck.

"You can come in now. She's all yours." Slowly, people in dark cloth came in. One by one. They were all masked in these white, plastic masks. Each with a different expression. It was terrifying.

Jake bent down, grabbing my face and forced me to look at him. One of the masked men handed him something I couldn't see. Slowly, he whispered in my ear. "You got your distraction."

Frustrated, I tried to spit in his face but he my mouth was too dry. Angry, Jake took the thing he received and stuck it in my arm. I felt a cold pain as the liquid from the syringe entered my body.

My body convulsed as I rejected the serum. Frustrated, frightened, and betrayed, I passed out.


As I slowly regained consciousness, I heard the voices of the cult chanting. Their mantra was unsettling and foreign.

There was this scary thing in front of me when I opens my eyes. I jolted and do did it. And I realized that I was the monster. And that was a mirror.

************************************************************ End of Chapter One ************



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