We The Sickest: Contest Version
-2 How the world ended...
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We The Sickest: Contest Version
Author :_Kaitlin_
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-2 How the world ended...

About 2 months into my capture, I had devised a plan to escape based of my research of the town and common sense. I had spent days hollowing the dirt floors of my cell so that they'd collapse when the time was right. I had been so inwardly proud of myself for coming up with it too!

On the night of my escape, I attacked the fat guard who had just arrived for the afternoon swapping. I had caused him to trip and the floor fell onto the roof of a buried building long forgotten. I had remembered the Town Hall was located beneath the Factory I had believed I was in, and I knew that because of this...

1) Jake still had to walk go to school and to go home. There's only two buses in the town and the one used by the high school doesn't even fit half the kids there.

2) There were no windows and only a staircase, hinting at my cell being in a basement somewhere.

3) The only building in town that has a dirt floor as a basement (and is abandoned enough to house the Masked Men cult without people noticing) was here.

The old City Hall was a perfect place for an ambush. I had torn the roof off and had fallen through yet another floor into a dim corridor. My wounds scabbed and healed in a matter of seconds and my eyes were glowing, allowing me to see in the darkness.

Getting my bearings, I chose the furthest room from the hole I had made to wait for my prey.

They had sent in a scrawny member as bait, knowing perfectly well I could kill him with my new claws and sharp teeth.

However, when he reached the room I had chosen, I could hear the rest of the cult arriving behind him, and the tables turned.

As they busted through the door, I was bombarded with tranquilizers and gunfire. That was the moment my true potential awoke within me. That was the second I decide I've had enough of their torture and fought back!

I screamed as loud as I could and a wave of energy seemed to explode from inside me. The air rippled from the force of it. I could hear the men's skin boiling and changing, their bones cracking. Their bodies were transforming from the toxins I had released.

At first I was scared at what I had done, what I became. But as time went by I realized my powers and learned to control them. I had my own army now. They had no will of their own anymore, just mine.

And when I was done practicing in that building, I left, but not before making the cult that once held me captive suffer a fate worse than death.

Now I continue to turn the people who wronged me. But the one I want most, Jake, is still out there. And I plan on finding him, by whatever means necessary. He will suffer. Just you wait...


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