Virtual Sword God!
173 Who is he?
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Virtual Sword God!
Author :JKSManga
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173 Who is he?

Novis's blood was boiling. He had met some bad people in the past, such as Mac, but at least he had a reason behind what they were doing. But right now, Him and Blake didn't even know each other. And to suddenly punch someone over a petty argument, that just wasn't right.

"Novis, everyone's watching you and remember there could be consequences for your actions," Arthur said as he could see the vein popping out of Novis's neck.

Blake started to laugh as he saw Novis knelt over on the floor. "Look at your angry face, I've met hundreds of students like you. They think just because they're good at the game they can actually fight in real life. Pathetic."

"I was about to agree with Arthur, but now this guy is seriously annoying me!" George said." Kick his ass!"

Blake looked at Novis on the ground one more time, he started to gather a big pile of spit in his mouth before flinging it out, aiming right towards Novis's face.

"That's it!" Novis shouted.

Novis moved to the side, avoiding the spit before spear talking into Blake, and grabbing hold of his legs.

"What does he think he's doing?" the students at the side said.

"There's no way he can lift that guy up. He's like twice that person's size." Another one said.

Even Blake had a similar thought, but a few moments later and Blake's head was now closer to the ceiling then before. And before he knew it, his body was now being thrown against the ground.

Novis slammed him down onto the floor as hard as he could causing a few of the floorboards to be broken and Blake had now been completely knocked out.

Hearing the loud slam against the floor, the others from the rooms nearby came out to check just what was all the commotion about. As Lucas went and looked inside the room, he could see Novis towering over a knocked out person.

"Novis!" Lucas shouted. "What did you do?"

Lucas's had a horrified look on his face. Perhaps this was the end of the journey together, and they had only just started.

Novis had been called to the meeting room were two teachers where present. Fix was sitting down in his chair calmly playing with his rod while Bune was stood upright giving Novis a hard cold stare.

"Do you have any idea what you just did," Bune said. "Although this is a competition, it doesn't mean you can go forcing you're way through to the top by knocking them out."

Although most students might have been intimidated in this situation, Bune was surprised by how calm Novis seemed.

"Didn't you hear what happened from the other students," Novis replied. "Do you really think I would try taking on someone twice my size."

Bune then looked Novis up and down and remembered the injured student. If he was to put a bet on the two of them and were to chose who would win, he would have bet on the other student. However Bune wasn't stupid, he knew size wasn't everything when it came to fighting.

"You, what's your name?" Bune asked.

"Novis Talen." Novis repleid.

"Alright, you're free to go."

"Seriously," Novis said, surprised. Although he had done nothing wrong and wasn't the one who had started to fight, he was expecting at least get some sort of punishment. He was even afraid he might get expelled judging by the look on Lucas's face.

"Just get out of here before we change our mind."

Novis didn't need to be told twice and quickly headed back to his room. As soon as Novis left, Bune couldn't help but try to remember if he had ever heard of Novis's name before.

"That kid, Do you recognise him?" Bune asked. "I mean, I recognised Blake, he was meant to be one of the most solid Tank's that ever existed yet according to the reports he was easily taken out and lifted to the ground.

"Why should I care." Fix said as he carried on playing around on the fishing rod. " He wasn't scouted by any of the other universities nor was he good enough to get spotted by our own scouts. Everyone here is a nobody, and it's our job to turn them into a somebody."

Still, Bune thought it would be best to keep an eye on Novis for now. Someone who caused this much trouble on the first day was bound to cause more later on.

When Novis had returned to the room, he was surprised to see someone else in his bunk bed. On the bottom was quite a short boy named Robin. He had short black hair and quite the large bushy eyebrows.

When looking at the room, he also Noticed that Balke had woken up but was now on a different bed completely.

"We swapped positions so you two wouldn't get into another argument," Robin said. "If its anything like the trials we went through, most likely our groups will determine our scores. So it's best if we try to work together from now on."

"Agreed." Novis said, holding out his hand to Robin." The names Novis."

At first, Robin hesitated. Not many had heard the words exchanged between the two, so they were actually unsure how the fight started in the first place and were wondering if both Blake and Novis were troublemakers. But right now Novis seemed completely normal.

"Robin." He said as he shook Novis's hand back.

This was more what Novis had expected when coming to Titan. After losing his old teammates, he wanted to create new bonds with people, not get into a fight on the first day.

With that, the group went to sleep and were ready for their first day of training. It was bright and early in the morning when they could hear pots and pans clanging against each other in the hallway.

"Get up and out to the field!" Bune shouted as he continued to bang the pots and pans away.

When they looked outside the window, they could see that the sky was still a dull grey colour. The sun hadn't even fully risen yet.

But they all did as they were told and were ready for their first day of training at Titan university.

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    《Virtual Sword God!》