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Unexpected Force Marriage
Author :Pandoras_Zero
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Early in the morning when Mira Francesca open her windows to feel the morning sun what she find is a set of table and a person who do not mind getting more attention than he has now. Earl Millennium taking his breakfast in front of her house without even paying attention that his surrounding is taking a glance at him and even stealing some picture. An embodiment of shameless person who do not know when to stop shaming himself.

Gazing at her while waving his feeble hand a smile rose up however, there is no beauty beneath that smile. It seems that there is something wrong with him today although she only see the glimpse of truth her annoyance has taken over and force to close the window curtain.

"What a bad morning…"

As always yesterday, feels like a dream for her a peaceful time where there is no annoyance like him in her life. Walking in the street like she always do Earl is following beside her without even paying any attention to his surrounding, he gaze at her only.

"Can't you walk straight?"
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"That's no good, because I did not take any nutrition gaze on you yesterday."

'What do you mean by nutrition gaze?' disgust escalate in her expression and forgot that she is walking in the narrow street and accidentally bump the pole.

"It hurts!"

She shout in pain and rub her forehead with her left hand Earl Millennium look at her and ask if she is okay. She answer with yes and slap Earl's hand to stand up by herself, a moment of silent remain as they walk and he is the one who broke those eerie atmosphere.

"Tomorrow will be our last date, are you okay with that?"

"Huh, isn't that too early?"

"Ho, so you take a liking on me?"

"Fool, I am just following the contract there is still 7 days after that."

"There is a problem in my household so if this does not go well as plan. I will give up."

Somehow, a reluctant gaze reveal in his eyes as he look in the sky. He still don't want to give up is what those eyes telling her but the matters of problem inside of their family is the most important that he needs to stop this farce date.

Isn't this a rejoicing moment to celebrate? Yet for some reason between her heart and mind is telling her that there is more than that. She refuse and keeps refusing that there is nothing wrong with that, in fact everything will be favorable in her.

"So what will you do?"

She ask out of curiosity basing in his behavior he will make everything grandiose as possible and memorable for both of them what was that. She want to prepare for that and for that reason only.

"Everything will be like explosion!"

He shout in excitement like a child who can't wait for his new toys, a moment of his carefreeness made her realize… this person has freedom for himself and try to compare herself who locked her own in the cage because of the society. This is what she is looking for a freedom, where she do not know anything but fun only.

From the beginning of her school life, all she found is bully, all she see is extortion between (fake) friends, and all the answer she came up is… this world is cruel and unfair. To avoid the cruelty and unfairness she hold the top by becoming a genius so that she won't be belittle, she give up her enjoyment to look for a way to happiness that never occur. Therefore, she ask herself "Is this the right person?"

Nobody knows the truth so she will go along until the end, and that would be for tomorrow surprise that he has been telling.

"Are you excited Mira?"

"… A little, I am not sure."

A smile loosen in her lips for the first time in front of him so Earl Millennium was mesmerize by the beauty of her smile, it grabs his heart and makes his mind repeat those smile. A precious thing that will not happen again…

Isn't this ###?


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