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The Second Female Lead Refuses To Be The Cannon Fodder
Author :starandsugar
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1 What“s happening?!

The moment that I open my eyes, endless memories of my past lives would always drown my new-born mind.

Whether you believe it or not, this is the seventh time that I've been pulled out of my mom's belly and was slapped in my bottom because my little baby ego doesn't want to cry.

Like the proud and arrogant lady that I'm meant to be, the infant me don't want my weakness to be heard.

At least, that's what I thought at my first life.

But at my second life, I tried to cry before a slap was issued in my bottom.

But for some reasons, I couldn't control any myself so I still ended up getting smacked at my bum.

While I was growing up, I realized that although I have memories of my past lives, I couldn't use it to my advantage because it was like I was programmed to live my life the same way I did in my first life.

So long story short, I've lived as the proud and arrogant cannon fodder for seven lifetimes, and also died the same worthless way a cannon fodder does every time.

I'm very used to dying that I'm not scared anymore. Bring it on life!

So, I braced myself for the painful smack in my booty.

I didn't even bother to force myself to cry because I know that the loud wail of an infant would just naturally come.

I got smacked once, twice and thrice but programmed crying didn't came out.

I could feel the doctor's dilemma as she worriedly checks me.

The nurses started to shake their head, and I can feel the tension around the air.

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They we're about to pronounce me dead at birth when I finally personally opened my mouth and let out one loud wailing.

That's when I realize that for the first time in my seven lifetimes, I can freely move my body.

What on earth is happening?


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