The Prince of Kuching
77 Evil At the Door
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The Prince of Kuching
Author :CMShuk
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77 Evil At the Door

Once on shore, there was another happy reunion of the Harem; several of them had arrived early to the Command to assist in rescue efforts, only to be told the couple had been found.

After another short debrief, Rickie firmly declined any other attempts to talk to them and quickly ushered Meaghan out to the parking lot, where his SUV waited.

Meaghan stretched and yawned.

"I am glad to be out of there. Are we going over to your house now? I want to see if Tina is okay, and I know you probably want to see your father."

Rickie grabbed her arm and backed her into the side of the Rexton. Meaghan looked up with wide eyes.

His lips lightly touched her forehead as she gripped his arms. Then he swooped down and planted a quick but delicious buss across her soft lips.

"Let's go home."

~ ~ ~

Rickie called ahead on their way to his house. The phone was given to his father by one of the staff.

"Meaghan and I have finished debriefing and we are heading there now. I just wanted to let you know. How is everything at the house?"

"Everything is well. I've prepared a room for your Meaghan right next to her sister, as I'm sure she will need to rest. Then we must decide what to do about their house and belongings. They will stay here until we can make sure they are safe and secure at their own residence. However long that may take."

The elder Ahmad said this with satisfaction, and Rickie knew that Meaghan had a worthy adversary in his father if she and her sister decided to return to their terrace house.

His father continued.

"JoAnne has gone to collect the final reports regarding the fire at our France branch, but she return by the time you arrive. I've gone ahead and set up a small supper in case you were hungry."

"I appreciate it; I'm sure we could both use a little food. Have the girls been behaving today?"

"Once I told Tina her sister was okay, she sprung right up. Your sister and Tina are entertaining a neighbor, who just came by see Tina. I haven't met her yet, but Tina vouched for her. She had heard about everything that happened, and wanted to visit and make sure the girls were safe. Her name is Shel Berry."

"Thanks, bapa." He put his hand over the cell phone and told Meaghan, "Your neighbor En Berry just showed up to keep your sister company."

"What's wrong?" He asked in alarm as the color drained from Meaghan's face.

"Don't let her in the house! She's the one that kidnapped me! She killed Ivoire!"

Rickie swerved out of traffic to a screeching halt on the side of the road, and looked disbelievingly at the now-frightened woman in the passenger seat.

A single curse, then he heard his father drop the phone and call for his servants.

"Bapa! Hello! Hello?!" Rickie tossed his phone to Meaghan, then threw the Rexton into gear and powered into the traffic, ignoring the blaring horns from the other drivers.

"Call Raine and JoAnne. Let them know what happened."

He reached with his hand and squeezed Meaghan's icy fingers.
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"We'll get there in time, don't worry."

The words sounded hollow even to his own ears as they headed at breakneck speed towards his home.


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