The Prince of Kuching
46 Explosion
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The Prince of Kuching
Author :CMShuk
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46 Explosion

Meaghan pulled up the most recent data from France and compared it to the information found in Ivoire's file. It was clear that several businesses were missing. She compared the files and found the same companies that she had flagged previously based on the wiretap information were suspiciously absent from Misty's files:

Chiang Tung Investments.

The Samui Group.

Chiang Mai Distribution.

Meaghan pushed back from the laptop and sank back into the cushions of the couch with a sick feeling in her stomach. The similar nomenclature of the names; the wiretap discussion of festivals.

Misty was more than likely involved, and not in a good way.

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It was probably going to begin tonight, at the start of Gawai Dayak.

And it was happening on Rickie's drilling platform.

Her heart in her throat, she quickly attempted to call Rickie, but the call went straight to voicemail. She left a voicemail asking him to call back as soon as possible, then walked to her bedroom and began changing into outside clothes.

~ ~ ~

Just back from lunch, Rickie contemplated leaving early to go see Meaghan. She had sounded a little congested; surely she would appreciate someone bringing some abalone porridge and a sympathetic demeanor, someone willing to keep her company and cater to her every need. He grinned as he pictured her, curled up on the couch and wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

He was reaching for his phone when it rang. Looking at the Caller ID, he answered it.

"Selamat tengah hari, JoAnne. How are you this afternoon?"

[A/N: "Good afternoon."]

"We have a problem at our France office." The seriousness of her tone had Rickie sitting up.

"What happened?"

"The building is on fire. Witness said they heard what sounded like an explosion. Since it's early in the morning in France, there wasn't anyone besides the custodial staff, and they have all been accounted for. The firefighters are still battling the blaze, but it looks like our offices have been gutted."

Rickie leaned back in his chair. "At least no one was injured. Our servers back up at midnight there, so we shouldn't have lost anything."

There was a long pause, and then JoAnne sighed.

"It appears there was some type of malware or worm that made it past our firewalls. The backup servers have been completely corrupted. For all intents and purposes, the office has disappeared."

Rickie couldn't speak for a moment, thunderstruck at the complete destruction of the branch. He mentally shook himself, and then addressed JoAnne again.

"I'm on my way to the house. Please collect whatever information we can gather, and get in contact with our command staff in France. Let's see what we can do."

"Okay, boss." JoAnne brusquely signed off.

Rickie collected his keys and computer bag. Heading out the door, he looked at his cell phone and realized Meaghan had called and left a voicemail. He put the phone in his pocket with some regret; his visit with his woman was going to have to wait a while.


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