The Priestess of Rodona
111 Chapter 111
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The Priestess of Rodona
Author :The_Cheshire_Cat
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111 Chapter 111

Tam searched around the church frantically, as he was trying to pinpoint the exact location on where he last remembered Elvire had been. Who knows how long he had done so, but all in vain as he could only see the church that had rubble all over the place.

Suddenly something was amiss. There was a pressure coming behind him. Looking back, he noticed that something was rising not far from him.

Tam frowned as he stepped back cautiously. It was not so long ago when he realized that the one who was currently in the air was a man muttering to himself.

The man was good looking, and seemed like he was there to help them. Nonetheless, Tam was from a family with a long following of Goddess Rodona, and he knew that anyone who could float was not someone to be weary from.

Tam was slowly backing away at first, but when he noticed that the man just continued to rant, he stopped and waited patiently while still on guard.

"This is not good; they will kill me no, they would torture me if I lost this opportunity. They have to be alive as my shield should hold some mere rubble. They have to be around here." The devil continued to mutter as he also tried to clear the rubble away from the point where he could still feel the magic trace of his shield.

Tam frowned in confusion, "Hey, what are you doing?" He could not help but suddenly demanded, "No, most importantly, who the hell are you?" As he asked that, Tam impatiently threw small pieces of rubble towards the devil.

Unsurprisingly before a rock reached the devil, it already turned into dust. This also caught the devil's attention.

He glared at Tam, "If you are an accomplice of these people, you already lost your head," he said in disdain as he brushed off nonexistent dirt on his suit.

"What do you mean by that?" Tam asked, confused by the weird situation he was in. What does 'these people' mean?

The devil snorted, "Shut up already and start digging around that-er-that place!" He said demandingly with full of impatience as he pointed towards the area where the magic trace was the strongest.

Tam glared at him, before he shook his head, "What are you talking about? I won't take orders from a total stranger!" He shouted angrily before throwing more rubble towards the devil.

This time, the devil caught the rubble with his hand and crushed the piece to the finest dust while now angrily shouted, "You, muscle brain! If I say you dig, you will dig, and that's it! Or do you want to see your friends to be buried alive as my shield is going to last long! It will disappear soon! I cannot cast or reinforce it without finding it first." The devil angrily puffed out while throwing a boulder more massive than a carriage next to Tam, purposely missing him.

Tam was startled when he heard that. Still, he could not help but shudder as he watched the boulder going past him. With that, he didn't say anything anymore and dropped the rest of the ruble from his hands to the ground.

"What are you, a turtle?! Move faster! Start digging!"

"Yes, sir, I will start digging," As he was afraid that the next time that the unknown person would get angry that it wouldn't be a near miss anymore. 

Even when he was strong and relied on his force more than to his brains, he knew not to

make an unknown person who could throw boulders like that to be angry. In fact, he knew it from the start, so why did he became stupid and questioned this devil?

Tam complained to himself as he continued to dig with the devil's instructions. While doing so, he watched in astonishment as the devil was also moving the bigger pieces out of the way.

^At the church where the cardinal escaped^

"So, can you explain this?" A patriarch asked out from the Cardinal while pointing out to the precious relic that was now broken at the floor.

"No time to explain the devil's attack and has the girl." The cardinal shouted, panicking.

"Calm down, and we cannot get any sense of your mumble jumble language. So calm down and explain where the girl and the rest of the forces? And especially why did you activate the emergency teleport?" The pope asked who had just entered the room.

"Th….the devil has the girl now. We were attacked by a devil!" The cardinal screamed loudly.

Some of the other people in the room started to murmur. Did they hear, right? A devil? Not a demon?

"Are you sure it wasn't a demon? But it really was a devil?" The pope asked, concerned by this new course of events.

"Yes, a high-ranking one that wore a suit, and he wiped out everyone else, and I was the only one to survive." The cardinal said while starting to panic again while thinking of the course of events.

"The...there was also dark elves around the girl a lot of them around her." The cardinal muttered out once again, and everyone gasped.

They could have expected a devil but dark elves also?

"And you promise this information is right? As this would mean that the war against the dark forces would be on again, and this world would be plummeted down to the eternal darkness once again." The pope said out while remembering the scripts from the last devil versus God war.

"Yes, I swear it solemnly in my honor." The Cardinal said, and the pope just smiled before slicing the Cardinals head off from its shoulders.

"You all know that this information cannot leave this room among the public. If we catch you from spreading this, your fate will be worse than the cardinals." The pope said out while watching the others in the room.

Everyone else just nodded at the room, scared of saying anything that could make the pope angry.

"Good now I have to take my leave and go to meditate and receive the guidance of the only true God, the sun god." The pope said out while leaving the room with a satisfied smile.

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    《The Priestess of Rodona》