The Immortal Player
132 Fate“s Blessing.
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The Immortal Player
Author :RDestroyer
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132 Fate“s Blessing.

Somewhere in the Dark Continent, A strong metallic smell breeze past through a garden that was filled with flowers of different colors and variety. At its center was a mansion made out of stone, which was illuminated by the Ball of Fire(Sun).

The thick clouds above that place--that was supposed to be unpenetrable by the light from the Ball of Fire--deviate and make a circular hole to allow the light to highlight the beauty of the mansion and the garden in the middle of that dark land.

That said, a man--who had violet and gray colored eye--sat in a throne that was barely lit by the natural light. He grinds his teeth whilst he clenched his fists, tight enough to leave marks on his skin.

After some time, the man sighed as he 'tapped' his fist lightly to the armrest of his throne. Then, he said, "I lost Miti Obol and a few relics!" He shook his head and took another sigh before continuing, "Just you wait... I'll pay everything back. Two folds! Fate... Old D!"


On the western side of the Aquari Continent, Pedro was about to leave the 'forsaken land' of the Woba Mountain. However, before he flew up in the sky, a notification rang in his player interface.

Out of curiosity, Pedro checked what was it about.

"I hope that I did not end the Continental Quest just like that!" He said as he forced out a smile. Then, he continued, "What was I even thinking? Charging here despite knowing that there was a far greater threat than Faunia? Is it a side effect of the Demonic Eyes?"

He shook his head and thought, 'What's done is done. I could only thank my luck for surviving until this point. It's just too bad that the NPCs took Faunia away. I guess the game developers had already kept an eye on me.'

"In any case... I need to be careful from now on." He said as his player interface pops up.

[Congratulations Player Death! You have acquired the god of Fate's blessing!]

[Your rewards have been sent into your inventory bag!]


x1 Random Divine Inheritance

x1 Tome of Level (+10 Levels)

x1 Random Divine Inheritance (Tradable)]


"This--" Pedro gasped as he was taken by surprise. Without a second thought, he returned to his humanoid form and checked his rewards. As he took out the "Random Divine Inheritance" item--that was in a form of a brown book--from his inventory bag. Then, a blinding light burst as the book transformed into a black book that releases a black smoke.


[The God of Darkness Legacy Enhancement!]

Attributes(LOCKED): ????

UNLOCK Condition: ???

Skill/s List: ???


[Not Tradable]

[The long lost power of the Elemental God, God of Darkness!]

[Cannot be used! Player Death has 1/1 Divine Legacy Enhancement!]


Pedro could only smile faintly as he learned that the book can't be traded nor be used by himself. Hopeless, he could only store it to his [Spatial Inventory] for safety purposes.

When he proceeded to the brown book of the tradable Divine Inheritance, it transformed into a book of glowing light. However, like the first book, he was somehow unable to also use the book.


[The God of Light Legacy Enhancement!]

Attributes(LOCKED): ????

UNLOCK Condition: ???

Skill/s List: ???



[The long lost power of the Elemental God, God of Light!]

[Cannot be used! Player Death has 1/1 Divine Legacy Enhancement!]


"[email protected]@k it!" He cursed as he also stored the second book to his spatial inventory. Then, he hypothesized, "This probably has something to do with my Demonic eyes! That said... I could ask M-Master Death and Faunia about it, later on."

'As for the Tome of Level... I gained seven levels in just a few hours. It would be better if I would give this to Sabrina since it is tradable.' He thought whilst rubbing his chin. Then, he murmured, "If she could close the gap between our levels and remain conscious whilst I am using my Demonic Eyes, the offensive attacks would not become my problem anymore! After all, I can't use my dragon form and attract the attention of the other players all the time. Speaking of which..."

He glanced towards one of the unconscious men into which Fate had shot the same dice and thought, 'My rewards seemed like it came from that golden dice... Then, that means that... he, probably, would also get the same rewards I got!'

Pedro held his chin once again as a frown was weaved into his forehead. Then, he said, "I can't just kill them! If that man is a divine being like Faunia and gave that man the same blessing as I have... Then, he might have some value for him!" Pedro bit his lips and continued, "I can't afford to offend any divine beings at the moment! On top of it... He has Faunia!"

Hopeless, Pedro could only compromise by offering the three men a contract so that they would stay under his watch. At the same time, he thought that he could use them as a bargaining chip in exchange for Faunia in the future.

Well... That's if they were players. If they were NPCs, he could always invite them to join his crew and obtain greater control towards them. That said, he transformed back to his dragon form--to pose a threat to the trio--before he reverted his eyes to its normal state so that the three guys would regain back their consciousness.

"What happened?" The man who lead the two medium-haired guys asked. But before the two guys behind him could respond, their attention was shifted to the giant black dragon staring in front of them.

"Uhm... Hi?" Arvedar, the man who lead the two medium-haired guys, said as he forced out a smile towards Pedro.

Pedro simply smirked in response making the trio anxious. But before Arvedar could activate his "Gravitation" skill, Pedro reverted to his humanoid form and approached them.

As the trio was filled with awe and amazement, while still keeping a guard towards him, Pedro said, "Perhaps you are adventurers like me?"

He paused for a second. Then, he smirked as he reached out his black scale skinned hand towards Arvedar, and said, "It's nice to meet you! I am... Death!"

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    《The Immortal Player》