The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
4 Like Carbon and Oxygen.
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The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
Author :Bugged
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4 Like Carbon and Oxygen.

The Midoria Twins are on their way to class for Kyo's first day at school. But 'Zuku' (Kyo's mental nickname for Izuku) nervously and seriously started talking.

"So um, Kyo... before school I should tell you about Kacchan, he's the guy with the explosive quirk when we first met."

<What about him?>

"Well, the thing is, our Mums were childhood friends. So, me and Kacchan were naturally childhood friends too!"

<Huh I never would've guessed.>

"...but then he got his quirk, (which allows him to secrete a volatile substance from his hands that can combust with a thought, which in turn create explosions. He believed that he was entitled to greatness, as long as he learns to control it well enough."

<Ok, so he's cocky, but that doesn't explain why he's such an *sshole.>

"... He decided that 'since all the greatest heroes that go to UA, no one in my class but me will make it either', So now he's pushing everybody in our class down, so he looks that much greater."

<What a prick. So you're telling me that, because I'm going to go to go to UA with you... he's gonna target me too. Wonderful.>

"...and because I'm quirkless, he thinks that I'm an idiot for even thinking about it."


"Just like everyone else."

<I don't.> Kyo flicks him on the forehead.

"E-except you Kyo." He pauses dries his eyes.

*mute sigh* <better...>

-awkward silence...- (like normal siblings.)


"A-anyway it's time for class."


Moving again; they make their way to class.


On the teachers que, Kyo opens the door, and makes his way to bow to the class. Then turns around to write on the blackboard.

"Kyo Midoria." The teacher narrated.

"This is Midoria's new brother, and he is mute. I hope you get along." The teacher explained.

After writing his name, he bows once more, and makes his way to the spare seat, next to Midoria.(AN: because no one likes him, 'if' there's a spare seat, it's there.)

'Creepy.' 'Scary.' 'Cute...' ''But I can't profile him!'' This was the general consensus of the class.

Naturally his pale and fragile skin and hair, paired with his 'all consuming eyes', he gathered many stares, but the dead-lawn haired boy's death glare, definitely took the cake.

'You're dead meat. You're gonna bow just like the rest.'

Maintaining his glare, he turns to 'Deku'. Zuku shrinks back. Satisfied the spiky straw humphs, and turns back to the front.

During the lesson, a few students couldn't help taking another peek and the new student, only to be matched by eyes that threaten to pull your very soul out of your body, with jet black un-shining iris-pupils, white sclera, and shining black eyelashes, the curious students quickly turned back, heart a flutter, some from fear, and others, from something else.

Once the reassess had started, and the teacher had left the room. Katsuki stormed his way to the white jackalope, with murder in his eyes, and yells.


In response, Kyo calmly writes something down, on his new pocket sized notepad.

"He said 'what? Are you having a period or something?'" A student with a rock helmet, complied helpfully.

The class can hear small fir crackers clapping on the newbies desk. "Net. Ball. Court... NOW." The now twitching delinquent strained out, through gritted teeth.

As he was leaving, the ashen haired C4 turned to kakapo looking boy, with disguised resentment and growled: "don't think your new 'bodyguards', gonna be able to stop me from breaking you, Deku!"


-later, in the Net Ball Court-

All the students with, or without their morning tea, gathered around the concrete court in morbid curiosity, as the new student went up against the human nitroglycerin generator. Teachers turning a blind eye, at the violence and potential blood, although that Doesn't mean they weren't watching from inside the school. Zuku could barely breath in anticipation, and fear.









Without hesitation Kyo jumped back, whilst summoning his left weapon; The Mantis Claw. Staying low to the ground for the explosion to simply carry him a few meters further, this was mostly possible due to his light weight. As he reached the ground he dug his hook into he ground, shredding the concrete and slowing him down. Keeping the hook in in the crack, he activated Soul Vessel. Now donning his unique gear, ran straight through the dust using the claw for grip, whilst he ignored the shocked crowd.

Bakugo was waiting, for the little bug to get close enough, but before he could enter his strike zone, the black cloak turned white as the ghostly silhouette blurred above him and slashed at him with a white short sword, he was hit, but he countered with a getaway blast. It was dodged with the 'Boost Back' effect launching him away with the 'recoil'.

Both foes are now separate once again.

"Damn, your actually pretty good- *huff* -But your attack didn't hurt one bit! Hah ha!"

<I wouldn't say that.>

"Now, everyone I'm the boss! You're quirks' are nothing compared to mine!"

<Let's just get this over with, so I can taste some food.>

"Now let's finish this"


This one made explosion left a smokescreen behind.

Kyo let it hit him, but instead of jumping, he anchored himself down with the straightened out claw. After he tanked the damage, he combined his SOUL with the ambient SOUL, that held the animosity held against Katsuki by the of the children at the school, and the hatred of Katsuki against Kyo for defying him, a ranged spiritual attack had formed. His body and apparel shone like the Moon, with wisps and petals of SOUL. It only took a second to charge, before it was unleashed at the volatile target. It flew. It raged. It lit up the smoke, just enough for Bakugo to fire at it, but it continued unimpeded. =VENGEFUL SPIRIT=. The overgrown puffle, instantly blacked out, and fell back apon contact.

All hell broke loose. The teachers watching panicked, fearing that their star pupil might have been lost. Students were terrified, in awe, joyful, some even won bets. Zuku seemed conflicted, he was concerned whether Kyo was okay, but also about how Bakugo will react afterwards. No one seemed to notice the phantom's half black hair. Despite all the chaos, Kyo calmly walked up to Zuku, and dragged him by his shirt to his newly claimed bench to eat.

Little did the two brothers know; The Kyo Fan Club had been forged in the shadows.


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