The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
3 Quirks and Questions.
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The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
Author :Bugged
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3 Quirks and Questions.

Two weeks have past. Kyo, is now officially, Kyo Midoria. Right now it was after school,the two brothers are learning to read and write, albeit slower then most, due to Kyo's... vocal disposition. Turns out, the staff responsible for the park, considered him a vengeful spirit, until he kinda just became a decoration. It was quite the shock to see the phantom that's been there for the year, suddenly disappear. That's right, a WHOLE YEAR! Kyo had been 'dormant' for all that time, not growing older, dying of frost, getting sunburnt or bored (until the end). When most kids his age couldn't sit still, HE, was meditating the meaning of life.

Tomorrow will be his first day at Izuku's school, and the young topiary was determined in finding out what Kyo's quirk is, but he wasn't sure if it was too personal.

"Hey Kyo? Can you pleeease what your quirk is? It's fine if you don't, I just thought that, since you can maybe, write it down for me? You know since you've gotten pretty good at writing and-"

'He's mumbling again... I can't understand his mumbling'

*flick* " Ow... 'why'd I say 'ow' I barely felt it?'"

Awoken from his murmuring, Izuku saw a notebook held out in front of him. He looked at Kyo questioningly, but he just motioned to the journal. Still confused, he takes the journal, flips to the newest page, and loa and behold, a new page written in Kyo's handwriting. About to start reading, he looks back to Kyo, as if asking for permission. Exasperated Kyo nods his consent. IMMEDIATELY, he starts reading as fast as he can, unintentionally murmurs them out loud.

"Soul Vessel: the energy to consumed to fuel this quirk is called SOUL, this can be regenerated quickly by resting, or taken from living things during combat (by hitting living things with the body, or connected items injected with any amount of SOUL). The percentage of SOUL with in the user is indicated by the amount of hair turned black. Anything living has SOUL, when missing, they will regenerate it with sleep (albeit slower). SOUL capacity is vaguely proportionate to intelligence, wisdom, physical strength, stamina, general will and age.

When anyone (but the user) runs 'low' on SOUL they 'will' faint, when any body (but the user) runs 'out' of SOUL they will die."


"Items injected with ambient SOUL, touched by the user, or other items injected with ambient SOUL. Give the items special effects, these effects are:

-'Spirit Damage' this effect replaces physical damage with scattering the SOUL of the hit target. This does not harm the souls capacity. The location hit does not effect the 'Spirit Damage' dealt.

-'SOUL Drain' this effect(as stated previously) takes a specific amount of SOUL from living things hurt via SOUL, regardless of the 'Spirit Damage' dealt.

-'Spirit Form' this effect allows the items to pass through enemies unhindered. 'Spirit Damage' is still dealt.

-'Boost Back' this effect boosts away when dealing 'Spirit Damage', or hits a dense enough object, if standing this can be resisted by friction, or a dash*. The greater the 'Spirit Damage' the greater the boost, the boosts limit is two meters.

-'Raised Spirit' this effect creates mid-ranged projectiles half the strength of the items attack.this effect is only active when the user's mask is undamaged."

'So it can be countered using weapons, given they're hard enough, or by ranged tactics'

"When 'Soul Vessel' is active-"

'So He toggles it?'

"- a mask will materialize over the users face, and a cloak from around their neck, to their knees.

The masks durability it's proportionate to SOUL capacity.

Any damage the user's body takes, the mask (proportionately) takes the damage for them. Once the mask breaks the user must stay still uninterrupted for 6 seconds, at the price of 1/3 of the maximum soul capacity. If the user is interrupted while forming the mask, the user will lose the soul used during the process. The mask can also be 'repaired' at twice the speed, but can be interrupted without any consequences. The mask can be used to prevent wounds from getting any worse, due to absorbing and bodily damage, but blood loss and neurotoxin and blood loss still take effect.."

'So if wait for just before he's completed reforming his mask, then land a hit on him he takes physical damage (since he has no mask), and he wastes the SOUL used during the mask generation! Which is like A THIRD of it! I can see why knowing this can be dangerous As a pro.'

"Channeling ambient SOUL one can used without consuming SOUL for:

-'Enchanting Items' (as stated previously).

-'*Dashing', this is accomplished by quickly channeling a small amount of ambient SOUL into the cloak. Dashing gives the user a 2-5 meter boost it the direction they face, this allows them to dodge attacks easier, traveling faster, and easier movement around combat. If user is Physically damaged, this might risk aggravating wounds."

'So he can still attack and move around quickly and attack, even without the mask!?'

"The mutation caused by this quirk is weightlessness, to help moving around. This lowers physical defense, Thus the soul capacity ignores physical ability when calculated."

'Kinda makes sense'

"Dual Wield: this quirk allows the user to summon weapons; one for each hand. Every user has different weapons, I have the 'Pale Nail' and the 'Mantis Claw'. To summon their weapons they must simply imagine the weapon of choice (you can only summon it with the appropriate hand empty, and one at a time), with their hand out stretched. During the awakening they will be drawn on the back of their hands. The weapons ore light in the wielder's hands, but others won't be able to hold it effectively enough to even swing it. They will disappear to were and when they're summoned again.

-The 'Pale Nail' is a one handed sword in the shape of a slim diamond pyramid. This occupies the right hand. the length can be changed mid swing.

-The 'Mantis Claw' looks like a barbed pirate hook, it can be used for climbing, grappling, gripping, picking, as well as redirecting and blocking attacks. The barbs can be retracted, and the hook can become slimmer, and the hook can straighten, for easy extraction from wood, plants and other surfaces that it might get stick in. It is also much faster to resummon."

'That must've been the Pale Nail back then. I wondered why he would draw a sword at a child, but I guess he enchanted it so it would just make him faint. That's a relief...'

"The mutations caused by this quirk are: strengthened bones and tendons, to reduce needless damage when striking with weapons, and beetle features (like my horns), for as of yet unknown reasons, perhaps it's symbolic?"

'He was very thorough, I'm amazed at how well he wrote... maybe he got help from Mum.'

"Thank you Kyo, I'm happy you trust me so much."

'You're welcome.' The pale beetle boy nodded.


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