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The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
Author :Bugged
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As we entered The Midoria's Residence, I noticed how neat and tidy it is. The bookshelf's contents were oddly all similar sizes, it was mostly filled with books about quirks, and biographies of famous or retired heroes Kyo didn't recognize. The cabinets were cheap and functional, decorated with pictures in simple standing frames. There were no cobwebs in sight, and the dust was thin.

"Mum~ I'm home, and I've brought a friend!"



'Heh, seems they don't get many visitors.'

I heard footsteps hurriedly padding, from where I assume to be the kitchen. Walking in to my view, was a young woman, in her early twenties. She's got the same green green hair as Izuku, except long and straight. She was wearing a white cooking apron, with 'SUPER MUM' written in green. Her eyes were a warm green, that just shouts concerned mother.

"Hi Mum, this is Kyo. He... can't talk..."

'That was blunt.' He thought, but bowed nonetheless. Mrs Midoria's 'Mummy Senses' were on full blast, his torn rags, and bland stance are screaming 'help me.' They show he's been alone and uncared for, for a long time.

"He's also homeless."


She nearly tripped, rushing to pick me up and squeeze me. I almost activated Soul Vessel by reflex. She was soft and warm, it relaxed me. Resting like this is much better then on the bench.

"You're so cold! Let's get you nice hot bath. Izuku, would you be a dear, and find some old clothes for him to wear?"

"Yes, Mum!" The broccoli boy beamed, before running off; happy to help his new friend.



It was now dinner in the Midoria's Residence. While Izuku and his mother, elected to watch their guest's reaction; said child hurriedly stuffed his face. Kyo, for what ever reason, hadn't eaten since He had claimed the park bench as his own, yet stayed alive... preserved. They think he was in some kind of stasis. Due to this He has no idea~ how old He is. To find out, they'll have to ask the park maintenance, in the city council.

'Yum.' He was still extremely hungry though.

The mother/son duo were astonished at His speed, and voracious appetite. Once he was finished, He shamelessly held up his plate, with both hands(careful not to knock over his water) toward the all too gleeful cook. Once the prideful chef had complied with his good-natured demands, the hosts finally started eating their meals in peace.


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