The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
1 The Vessel’s Beginnings
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The Hollow Knight’s Heroic Heart
Author :Bugged
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1 The Vessel’s Beginnings

Sitting on a bench in a city park was a small kid, maybe 3-4 even he wasn't entirely sure, his feet couldn't reach the ground. He had white hair, white skin, white horns, and void black iris. No light seemed reflected out of them, and it was quite frankly creepy. His expression looked between a pout, a blind stare, and an indifferent glare, it tends to keep most kids minding their own business. Any simple minded adult might think he's a ghost. The only proof he's alive at all was due to his occasional blinking.

The strangers used to pause when they saw him, his rags made them worry. But when they ask him questions... he would stare at them. They'd never finish their question, they simply back off. Afraid. Eventually they stopped asking questions, and started avoiding him. Scared they might draw the ceramic statue's attention.

Said statue was thinking, and it was difficult. He was thinking of what he wanted. He had decided that he didn't want to make people cry and despair, yet he wasn't sure why. 'Perhaps I had done so, and regretted it? I also like to rest, why? I don't like waiting, but what's the difference?' These were all thoughts in his abstract bored mind.


Starved for inspiration to catalyst his meditation, he decided to succumb to his curiosity.

Around five meters away were five children. Three kids standing ever so slightly hunched over, no doubt in attempt to intimidate the shorter green haired kid. The fifth kid was not-so-subtly getting ready to book it, given the opportunity arises.

"You don't need to do this!" The mossy haired kid reasoned.

'He's protecting the kid that won't even hesitate to abandon his savior...'

"SHUT UP DEKU! Do you really think a quirkless nobody can stop me!?"

'But... who's going to protect him?'


'I need to help him. No, I *want* to.' I stood up; drawing of the attention of the blond boy's lackeys. They were horrified. I activated Soul Vessel; I now donned a plain white mask, with two circular eyes, and a dark grey cloak, that somehow resembles a Plume Moth's wings. By then both sides were aware of my presence. The victim was sprinting away, the lackeys seemed to be debating whether or not to join him. Their 'boss' seemed more creeped out, then anything. While the green one was quite appropriately shaking like a leaf, but still rooted to his spot.

I kept walking, despite their reactions, until I stopped equal distance between them. All the while looking at the blond trouble maker. Taking a crouched stance with my right hand out stretched, and my short body mostly hidden by my cloak. I drew Pale Nail, the silver short sword materialize from an eerie black and white mist. It was a peculiar shape, a diamond pyramid, seemingly made for stabbing, if it weren't for the supernaturally sharp sides.

"What do you think you're doing? Get out of the way shorty!"

The silence was broken. But the Knight responded with nothing but silence. The volatile child was getting anxious.


"Kacchan! DON'T!

The blond boy, unfurled his fists and he aimed his profusely palms at the unnerving phantom, before detonating a humongous, bright, loud, and powerful explosion. *KRAKOOOM!* The boys arms ached, as if hammers had hit them everywhere, all at the same time. He had gone overboard, he had lost control in both fear, and anger.

Now panic had surfaced, he was anxious. 'Did I kill them?' 'Does this make me a villain?' 'What will Mum and Dad think?'

But... as the smoke cleared, there, crouched, wielding the pale silver sword, with boney antlers; staring at him through hollow circles, was the bleach white boy. The only proof he was even effected was the ruffled hair, cloak, and a quickly repairing mask now cracked in the pattern of an orb weavers web. Needless to say he was shocked. Not only did he endure the explosion, but he came out unscathed!

The green boy behind him was both shocked and confused. Due to experiencing his explosions himself (though not admittedly nowhere close to as powerful as this one, after all even Kacchan usually knows when to show restraint), he knows the power of his explosions better then anyone.

"Tch- this isn't over Deku!"


Greeny was in disbelief, he had never seen him run away from anyone or anything!

After the ashen blond left, the white swordsman... swords-boy? dropped his stance, and turned to the bush headed kid. His apparel reverting to smoke and steam, showing a young kid an inch shorter than 'Deku'. He had antlers; one on either side of his head, with two prongs at their ends, they seemed to form an incomplete ark. His hair was now white with one third dyed black. His clothes were quite concerningly torn at the cuffs, with several ripped patches along his arms and legs, revealing his marble white skin. His eyes jet black, like his pupils were so dilated that they replaced the iris. His face seems frozen in a passive stare. By now the canopy haired boy realized he was staring and blushed in embarrassment.

"U-uh, s-sorry... w-what's your n-name?"

In stead of talking, (as one would expect) the pale boy swiped his still drawn sword at the earth. Presumably writing his name.

"K-Kyo huh, c-ca-can you talk?"

'No.' He shook his head side to side.

"S-sorry, a-and tha-thank you, m-my names Izuku Midoria. Sorry about Kacchan, not always like this..."

'Could've fooled me.'

"Are y-your parents with you?"

Another head shake, but slower...

"Are you lost?"

'No, my bench is right there.' A head shake identical to the first, followed by a point to a park bench around five meters away.

They walked to the bench, Kyo then sat on it, followed by Izuku. He sheathed his sword, making it disappear. Then remarkably, his coal dyed hair, faded back to white, with the exemption of his eye lashes outlining his empty eyes.

"COOL! Is that part of your quirk too!?... oh, of course it is, heheh..." he scratched the back of his freckled head.


"W-when're your parents coming back? U-uh, b-blink left for soon, and right for later..."

He didn't blink. No, he looked down... and somberly shook his head once more.

'Their not coming back for me.'

"They aren't coming back are they?"

'No.' This time he didn't shake his head. Nor did he nod. No. He didn't need to. His hidden watery eyes, sent his response down his cheek...

Izuku reacted on instinct before he even realized, and hugged him. Kyo was surprised by the sudden contact, 'so this is what affection feels like, it's been so long I'd forgotten.'

"Do you want to home with me?"

'Home.' The ghost white boy found himself nodding his head. After a few minutes they detached, and Izuku stood up. Looking up at Izuku's helpfully out stretched hand, he didn't hesitate to grab it.

Walking down the street, side by side, hand in hand, were two brothers destined, for greatness.

Similar in heart, yet opposite on soul.


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