The Hedonist Sword God
398 A night of passion
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The Hedonist Sword God
Author :Ero_Saint
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398 A night of passion

Spending around two months inside the region of lightning, by the time Jian Shen finally began moving towards the region of wind possessed a total of seven minor dao rings.

Sure this wasn't comparable to the major dao ring of fire he managed to create after using the Fire God's Lotus, but Jian Shen wasn't disappointed because those that he used could only be considered as low-level resources and in no way could compare with something like the Fire God's Lotus.

Entering the region of wind, Jian Shen looked towards Bingyao with a smile who immediately conjured a second white flower which similar to before revealed a map of the entire region on it and showed the location of the still remaining resources inside the region.

What caught Jian Shen a little off guard though was that there were more resources in here than they were in the region of lightning.

Seems like this place is less popular than the region of lightning.

Well, all is fine since this only meant more resources for him.

With such thoughts, Jian Shen quickly began collecting all the resources and cooped up inside one of the houses like he did when inside the region of lightning and began using all of them one by one.

After that, Jian Shen went and did the same in the region of water at the end of which he possessed seven minor dao rings of wind, and eight dao rings of water.

"There isn't too long before the day you talked about arrives."

"Indeed there isn't young noble."
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Sitting beside Jian Shen as they looked towards the beautiful lake in the distance which looked breathtaking under the moonlight, Bingyao threw a glance towards the withering Rainbow Garland on her wrist while guessing that it would most likely end up disappearing any time in the next few days.

"What is it? Are you not satisfied with how much it benefited you already?"

"Of course not. There's no such thing as a limit to how beautiful a woman would like to be, young noble."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. It's just like how men would always want their little brother to be bigger regardless of how big it already is."

Rolling his eyes, Jian Shen said, "That isn't true. I'm more than satisfied with my little brother. In fact, maybe I should call it big brother."


Rolling her eyes towards Jian Shen who was overflowing with pride, Bingyao licked her lips and said, "Very few men dare think that, but quite a lot say it out loud."

Once she said those words, she threw Jian Shen a questioning glance as if asking who he was.

"Humph, why don't you find out yourself?"

Smirking a little, Jian Shen's daring glance made Bingyao smile as she moved from beside him and sat on his lap. Placing her legs on either side of him, the woman wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear, "I just might do that, young noble."

"Then what's stopping you?"

Nibbling on Bingyao's ear, Jian Shen hugged her waist and began flying down while making sure that he didn't land on the road. Opening the house's door, Jian Shen flew inside before finally setting his feet down on the floor.

Closing the door behind him, Jian Shen pressed Bingyao whose legs were wrapped around his lower back against the door as he began kissing her lips.

Starting from just pressing his own lips against them, the two of them soon began going out of control with their tongues wildly wrapping around each other and sucking as if their lives depended on it.

Following this, Jian Shen suddenly began biting Bingyao's lower lip who didn't show the slightest reaction of shock or pain and instead began moaning as if she expected this.

After all, since the moment she met him formally, Bingyao knew that he was a man who slept with women all the time. Therefore, how could she not guess how turned on he would be when having sex with a woman after a very long wait?

Especially when that woman was someone like her who due to looking like a courtesan brought out the beast hidden deep inside men?

Thus, she was ready for a lot more than something as simple and normal as having her lip being bitten. If anything, she was a little surprised at how it didn't hurt much and failed to draw blood as well.

Moaning seductively, Bingyao made Jian Shen's breathing further speed up as his greedy hands began touching her body all over.

Not restricting themselves to her waist, Jian Shen's hands began moving lower and grabbed onto her juicy thicc ass directly after moving the cloth barely covering them to the side.

As soon as his fingers touched Bingyao's ass, Jian Shen really couldn't resist the urge to have his finger dig inside them due to which he squeezed them as hard as possible and left marks of his fingers on her sparkling white ass.

"Aaahhhh… You're so strong young noble…."

Moaning in ecstasy, be it real or fake Bingyao made Jian Shen even more turned on. If such a thing was possible and confirmed that the night was going to be a very long and passionate one for the both of them.

This was also when the woman felt the bump through Jian Shen's clothes which was pressing against her crotch and had her eyes widen a little in real shock.

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    《The Hedonist Sword God》