The Flawed System
12 Arranged Marriage
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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12 Arranged Marriage

A young teen with white hair and eyes resembling Jacky was approaching them. His name was David and he has just returned from the Academy.

When the young boy heard that someone doesn't want to marry him, his pride was hurt immensely. He was a genius that was studying in the most prestigious Central Tower Academy and could do various house chores that even an experienced housewife would admit defeat. He thought that any girl would be satisfied with him.

"Here let me introduce my son to you guys. His name is David Lindsey and right now he is 12 years old. David, say hi to your uncle Alex and auntie Christina." Jacky tried to smooth out the atmosphere between his son and his old friend.

"Hello. So you are the famed swordsman Alex." David had a hint of worship and respect towards Justine's father.

"And you're the child that Jacky always praise about during his letters." Alex observed this young child and thought that he had a lot of talent.

"And the matter of marriage? Who was the one who reject this handsome young man's hand in marriage?" David then looked around the room and spotted two hidden figures behind Christina. Having a closer look, he found out that there was two girls around the ages of 9 and 5.

"So which of those girls rejected me?" David apparently seemed to be a narcissist and didn't want this matter to settle peacefully by demanding to know the truth, otherwise he would have a scar in his heart.

"Uhgm...both of them." Christina replied for her little girls.

"Both..." Blood almost spilled out from his mouth and acted as if the whole world is dead to him.

"Don't worry son, there's always other girls that will accept you." To be honest, Alex did feel pretty bad for this boy who seemed to have had his heart broken.

"NO...I will marry one of you." David suddenly recovered with momentum and looked at the two girls in fervor.

"Ew.""Creepy." The two girls instantly spatted out their honest feelings, further agonizing the poor man.

"Dad..." David was crying and one has to know that he never have cried since the death of his mother.

"...Fine. Alex how about we settle with this. One of your girls will be engaged to my son. However if either one of your girls beat my son in a fair one versus one fight by the age of 15, then the engagement is broken." Jacky had no other way to settle this matter without hurting his and Alex's relationship even further.

"Is that fine with you both?" Alex had a gentle face and looked at his daughter's lovingly. A few seconds passed and Rachel glanced at her sister's face,

"I don't want it, but...I'll take the role." Rachel looked at her little sister and didn't want her life to be ruined by this narcissist man.

"Sis...I'll save you one day." Justine had tears in her face as she looked into her sister's face.

"Why does it feel like I'm a scumbag all of a sudden?" David had a complex feeling and couldn't help but sigh.

"Because you just forced yourself onto one of those girls." Jacky sighed to himself. He thought that his son had a high IQ and was very intelligent. Heck he even had a line of girls waiting for him to pick one of them and date her. But being a prideful and narcissist brat, he chose not to. Now with this incident, Jacky realized that his son had a high IQ but a low EQ.

"But...but...I couldn't back down. Or else my reputation that I have back in school will be destroyed. The news of the genius student David being rejected would hurt my standing in school. My classmates would laugh at me and I wouldn't have the face to look back at them."

"Son... I hope that you will one day realize that how others look at you does not matter. There will be a day that all you will care about is how one person that you love will look at you, not those other potatoes looking at you thinks."

David didn't understand what his father had said and asked, "What do you mean?"

"You'll understand one day." Jacky rubbed his son's head lovingly.
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    《The Flawed System》