The Flawed System
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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11 Results

Everyone followed Jacky to a room that was enormous in space.

"WOW, what is this room used for?" Justine was in awe from how big this room was.

"This is the room for the baptism ceremony." Rachel replied for Jacky who was about to open his mouth.

"Oh my, little girl did you already experienced the baptism?"

Rachel nodded to Jacky's question.

"Well that makes things more simple for me." Jacky then turned to face Justine.

"All you have to do is just stand in the center of this formation. Then you'll use the Talent awakening liquid to open the path that you are best suited to be in."

"That's pretty simple. Alright, I got this." Justine slapped herself in the cheeks to stimulate her senses.

Justine took a vial from Jacky. Then she went to the center of the formation and Jacky started an incantation of some sort. The formation suddenly lit up and lights glowed everywhere.

"Use the vial now!"Jacky urged Justine to drink the liquid at this time.

*pop* The cork was pulled off and Justine drank the liquid that was inside. She then felt something warm inside of her and remembered that it was the talent she got this afternoon.

[Hey kiddo. Long time no see.] Unlike last time when it was a pre-recorded message, this time it was the actual System she knew.

{What? What are you doing here at this time?}

[Hehe, I bet that you never expect to see me here. Well I am the person who gives out jobs. And it seems you have cultivated your talent quite a lot. Rather...isn't your talent too high! What monster are you?]

{I am the monster you bought to this world...}

[*Cough cough*Well never mind that, you have four jobs that you can choose.]

{Wasn't it three in total?}

[Well if it wasn't for someone's talent being too high, then normally there would only be three jobs.]

{So what are my job choices?}

Name: Justine Crexia

Age: 5 years old

Job: None

Life Credits: 3,485

Strength: 8

Vitality: 7

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 15

Luck: ?


1-Warrior: Can easily gain more Strength and Vitality. Gaining Agility and Intelligence would be twice as hard.

2-Magician: Can easily gain more Agility and Intelligence. Gaining Strength and Vitality would be twice as hard.

3-Priest: Unlocks the Divine attribute. If the Divine attribute and faith of the follower is high enough, they would receive blessing that would strengthen them. No drawbacks.

4-(Hidden Job)Apostle of God: You, who has tremendous talent have gained the attention of God. Stats are five times as hard to gain than the average person. However, you'll receive the following skills.

<Basic Sword Skill: Can be upgraded. Understanding of the sword will be obtained very easily.>

<Basic Magic Skill: Can be upgraded. Understanding on how to use mana can be obtained very


<Basic Heal Skill: Can be upgraded. Understanding on how to heal will increase in proportional to

the amount of times it is used.>(Note: This healing that Justine receive is different from the healing that Christina knows.)

{I'm pretty sure you already know which one I will choose right?}


{Then why even ask me. Well either way, I choose the Hidden job.}

[Bingo! You've earned 10,000 Life Credits.]

{Wait, why did I get so much?}

[Because you got the Hidden Job?]

The System gave Justine a weird look, as if she was a monkey hopping around the trees using her feet.

{It's exactly that. I only got the Hidden Job.}

[Wait wait you understand the importance of the Hidden Job. You are literally an Apostle of God. The God that controls everything. Not those shitty goddesses that wear gaudy clothing. In fact, you have equal status to those goddesses. After all, the Apostle of God represents God so your Hidden Job is very precious.]

{Okay, I understand at least that much. But why did you call the goddesses shitty? Did they do something bad to you?}

[Well...let's say that our previous Host was killed by the Church from the goddesses orders. Since then, I started hating them.]

{Then why are you working here...?}

[Do you know what is the most fun thing in the world? Screwing someone's life over when they don't even know about it. I give the young kids who come here the worst jobs that fits them and the goddesses doesn't even realize that their faithful subjects are being toyed around.]

{...You're horrible.}

[I know that. But my previous Host was...lets say that me and my other half were in love with her. Although I wasn't that deep in love with her, my older brother was infatuated. After she died, he hated the Church more than I did and did nothing to stop harming them. Comparing me and him, I'm the benevolent saint and he's the cruel murderer.]

{Oh okay.} Justine was just speechless. All she asked was why he was working here and he threw out his whole life story.


Outside the formation, everyone was quietly watching Justine standing with her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and smiled to her family. She made a V sign to the direction towards her family.

"What job did you get?"

"Magician." Although she knew that she had to hide her Hidden Job as a secret, she nevertheless felt ashamed to lie to her parents. However her parents believed her words as if there was no room for doubt.

"Congratulations Alex! You've officially have no one in your family to teach your sword skills to. So how about you do me a favor and teach my son?" Jacky asked Alex as if he knew Justine was going to be a magician.

"Hmph, I think you're underestimating my sword skills. Your son is not half bad. He even can become someone famous, just that he is below my standards for being someone outside my family." Alex wanted to ward off this pesky old friend.

"So all he has to do is be a part of your family? Then that's perfect. How about one of your daughters can marry my son. He is a perfect son-in-law material. He is one of the top student that attend the prestigious Central Tower Academy. Additionally, he can also cook, clean and do housework." Jacky was shooting off his son's redeeming features and was acting like he was advertising a product to Alex.

"This..." Alex was hard pressed and confused on how he should answer.

"NO!" Both Justine and Rachel yelled at the same time to deny any chance for arranged marriage. They believed that they should marry the person they love, although they could hardly understand that concept right now.

"Well as you can see right there, both of my daughters don't want to marry your son anymore?"

"Who doesn't want to marry me anymore?"
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    《The Flawed System》