The Flawed System
10 Bishop Jacky
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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10 Bishop Jacky

~Meanwhile, downstairs in the living room after Kelly has decided to go to bathe.~

"Honey did you just feel that?" Alex asked his wife and looked upstairs.

"Of course I did. Though I don't know the reason why there was so much fire and dark mana spirits near Justine's room. Perhaps...she has a spirit body? The one that can attract countless spirits from all kinds of elements?" Christina had wild thoughts as she never expected for this to happen.

"But if she had a spirit body, then other elements should be present there too. Not just fire and dark mana spirit."

"That's certainly true..."

"Papa, Mama, shouldn't we just go and ask her instead of thinking about it." Rachel thought it was very simple solution to this question. Just go ask the person herself. She should know the answers and if even she doesn't know, then they can check up with the church. The church after all, has countless divining tools to appraise things from Goddess Filua.

"Yeah, let's do that." papa Alex and mama Christina agreed to her suggestion

They then walked up the stairs and arrived in front of Justine's room.

Christina called out softly,"Honey, are you still awake?"

"I just woke up mama." Justine was clearly awake and wasn't in cultivation mode anymore.

"That's great! We have something we want to talk to you about. Can you let us in?"

The door soon slowly opened up and revealed a pretty little girl. Jet black hair, long beautiful eyelashes, supple lips, and skin as white as snow.

"What happen to your face! It wasn't like this before." Before Justine went to her room, although she wasn't necessarily ugly, she wasn't also stunning. Just above average. Yet within a few hours, she completely transformed into a different person. A cold yet hot vibe was transmitted into the air from her body.

" sleep?" Justine herself didn't know how to answer her mother's question.

"Well enough of that. Do you want to go to the church today?"

"Church? You mean the one in the middle of the kingdom, the church built for Goddess FIlua?"


"Sure!" She didn't go outside too often as she was still young. However, her parents seemed to take her outside without her begging to go outside of the house.

~40 minutes later, a family of four was in front of a big building, with a statue of a beautiful women holding her hands together. Kelly was resting in her room after she finished bathing.~

As the family walked up the steps, a guard spotted them approaching the entrance.

"Halt! May I ask politely who you are?" The guard watched them suspiciously. The man was highly trained and didn't let any random Tom, Dick or Harry into this holy building.

Papa Alex smiled and said,"My name is Alex Crexia. The people behind me are my wife Christina and two daughters."

"You said your name was...Alex Crexia? You mean the one who defeated an angel?!" The guard rushed up to him and bowed."I'm so sorry for my impudence. Please accept my apologies!"

"Haha, no worries. Just let me in and do my business here."

"Yes Sir!"

"Wow. Papa you sure are famous." Justine looked at her father in admiration and respect.

"Hehe. It's just a little fame, nothing too much." Alex simply dismissed her words and continued walking to meet the bishop of this church.

"Alex, my old friend!" The person who yelled excitedly was a man who had silver hair. He had white eyes and wore long golden embroidery robes.

"Jacky! Nice to meet you again!" Alex and Jacky ran to each other and hugged each other tightly.

After a few moments, they separated. Then Jacky looked at the people behind Alex.

"Good day to you Christina Raven, no, Christina Crexia." Jacky corrected himself after he realized that Christina was married to Alex.

"Good day to you sir." Christina greeted back to him. Then Jacky shifted his eyes to the two girls behind Christina.

"Hello little ones. What are your name?"

"My name is Rachel. Nothing else." Rachel was smooth and composed as ever.

"M-m-my name is Justine. I like your eyes." However Justine stuttered a little bit under his gaze. She simply never saw a person with white eyes as the most normal eye color were black.

"Why thank you." Jacky smiled and returned his gaze to Alex. He then walked to Alex and said something to his ear. Jacky then continued on smiling and said,"Well follow me."
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    《The Flawed System》