The Flawed System
9 Rising Talen
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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9 Rising Talen

{Why am I crying?}

[Because you have awoken some of your memories.]

{Huh?! Who's there!}

[Oh dear, not this again.] In some dark space, a golden ball can be seen throwing a dejected sigh. He never thought that he would have to re-explain everything to his young and immature Host.

[Might as well use some energy that I have left over to make her remember more. 1% should be enough. Though, isn't this too early for her to awaken her memories?]

Soon a bright glow radiated throughout Justine's body and everyone in the living room had their visions dyed by the bright light. They were unsure why there was such bright light in this room. When Justine soon reopened her eyes, it shone with intelligence and her demeanor was more mature. Yet, it was negligent as she quickly reverted back to a childish brat.

"I want to go to sleep. Bye!" Justine quickly turned her back and ran away from the living room, arriving at her own room.

[This is a recording I have made to teach you the ways of cultivation.]

[Supreme Yin Magic Manual- Does user want to start cultivating?]

{Yes! 5,000 Life Credit. Time to find out if it was worth it or not.}

[First meditate and calm down your mind. Do not let in any distractions. After a certain amount of time, you would sense some sort of light floating around. That light is know as mana spirit. It is a creature that is formed from a collection of mana. However, all creatures will absorb this mana spirit to become stronger, after all, absorbing regular amounts of mana would take ages. Using this manual, follow the instructions and you'd have cultivation speed 10 times faster than the average person. A few days would be enough to reach Tier 1 of the Magician path. However as you didn't perform the baptism yet, you can increase your talent instead of reaching Tier 1. But there's danger of crippling your own talent so be careful.]

{Okay!} Justine knew how precious this [Supreme Yin Magic Manual] was, to even increase someone's talent was harder than finding a needle in the ocean. Yet with this manual, she can have better talent than most people, even if she was ordinary.

Justine followed the instructions and emptied out her mind. A few minuted has passed since then and there was a little red dot floating around her. Thinking back to how the pre-recorded message said that all creatures needed mana spirits to become stronger, she absorbed this red light and felt a surge of warmth throughout her body. After tens of minutes, all Justine can sense was a horde of red flickering lights just waiting to be absorbed.

{What's going on! Why is there so many?! Didn't the system said that there'd be at most a few hundred! Yet why is there a few thousand here?!}

In truth, what the System didn't take into account was who the birth parents were. Although the System knew Earth and Astralin were parallel worlds, who would have thought that Justine would be born again from the same mother and father. Only fate knew how this had happen. Even more so when her parents were basically masters in their respective jobs. A swordsman saint that can beat an angel and an arch mage that can kill a demon general during the second Great War.

As Justine was simply absorbing plentiful amount of mana, she suddenly felt a light crack. It felt like something was unlocked inside her body and she could feel boundless strength coming from it.

{Did I just break my talent limit? Wow, as expected of this peerless magic manual.}

Then the fire mana spirit that was surrounding her suddenly left her and dispersed.

{Hey! Come back to me!} Justine was suddenly at a loss when there was no more fire mana spirits around her. Instead she saw plenty, if not, a lot of dark mana spirits surrounding her.

{Then I guess it's your turn. Thank you for the meal.} That said, Justine was like a wolf that found a flock of obedient sheep while starving.

After a few hours, Justine once again felt a light crack in her body. However unlike last time, she didn't feel as much power rushing towards her.

{What happen? Did the first talent break push my talent to the roofs and now my second talent break was weakened?} In fact, Justine was correct on her hypothesis. The first talent break pushed her talents to the sky and anymore than that first talent break was neglectful. So in her case, having felt more talent being unlocked was a rare phenomenon.
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    《The Flawed System》