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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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8 Gues

Everyone in the dining table saw Justine collapsing onto the floor.

"JUSTINE! Alex, hurry and bring her to the bed. Rachel... you stay behind."

Alex hurriedly carried Justine to her bed. Whereas Rachel looked at the ground to avoid seeing her mother's face.

"Do you know what you did wrong?"


"Then do not do that next time. Although we all care about her, excessive amounts of anything is harmful."

"Yes mama."

Then mama Christina was walking to Justine's room quickly. She wasn't worried about Rachel, rather Justine needed her attention. Rachel was smart and mature for her age. But Justine was the exact opposite of her. Silly and reckless. Words that perfectly described her.

"How is she?" mama Christina questioned.

"Fine. Just unconscious for the moment. She'll wake up in a few hours." papa Alex did a check on Justine and told his results to his wife.

"Phew. I thought there would be a serious problem."

"Even if there was any problem, you're a archmage. Casting a healing spell shouldn't be a problem to you. Rather I'm surprised that you didn't use healing spell yet." papa Alex was confused when he thought this over again.

"The main reason why I didn't use heal was because I didn't want to leave a scar on my own daughter's body. Although heal can speed up the process of recovery, it has a drawback. The drawback is that the injured person will retain a small portion of the injury from the rapid recovery. Whereas natural body recovery is different. It would be a perfect recovery, something magic cannot do yet." Christina gave a very lengthy speech to her husband who still couldn't understand magic fully.

" So basically...healing her can possibly leave a hidden injury on her body? "

" Wow that's the first time that you could understand my speech!"

"Naturally, I can focus on something that is related to my children."


"Who would be knocking on the door at this time?" Christina and Alex looked each other confusedly. "I'll go check it out."

Christina then left the room and went to the front door. Holding a kitchen knife in hand, just in case for self-defense.

She opened the door. To her surprise, she did not see any ruffians outside her door like before. Rather there was a cute blue haired girl with a head cloth that she was wearing.

"My, what can I do for you young girl? " Christian greeted the young girl and asked her purpose for being here.

"Is this the Crexia family? The one that was rising in ranks and finally reached Marquis?"

"Why yes! And...?"

"Can I meet the man named Alex Crexia? I need to speak to him in private." The blue haired girl pleaded to Christina.

"Sure! Honey! Come down here! Someone wants to meet you!" Christian yelled halfway across the house, sending her message to Alex.

"Coming! Rachel please watch over your sister."

After Alex reached the front door, he greeted the little girl.

"Please come in." Alex invited the young girl into his house.

After they reached to the living room full of sofas and couches, they sat down and looked at each other.

"So let's introduce yourself."

"My name is Kelly Grenville. I hail from the kingdom of Elves." She then removed her head cloth, revealing her long and sharp ears. "I came on a mission on behalf of your 'old vegan friend from the Allied Army."

"Huh...so it's that guy. After he married that hoe, he forgot about his bros. Such a dick move." Alex cursed him while he was reminiscing about the past.

"Sir, please be mindful of your words." Kelly was staring daggers at Alex when he said that.

"Sorry sorry, my bad. Well what did my old friend need?"

"...His son, John, was captured by some humans. So my mission is to return with the prince. And in order to do that, he said that I'd have to seek for your assistance."

"Well, you found the right person. I was just discussing the information about recently captured people with my family. Although there was no mention about elves, I'm sure that John was hidden by those people who captured him. Most likely to hide from the king's ears. After all, the one who captured John was the blood related brother of the king, Duke Joseph." Alex reassured Kelly who was still lost on how to find John.

"Then lets hurry up and rescue John!" Kelly was impatient and wanted to save John.

"Relax. Haste makes waste. John isn't going to die any time soon. Even Duke Joseph understands that if John dies, then he would be the first target that the elves would be looking to kill. So John will definitely be alive for the next few weeks." Alex was relaxed, as if he wasn't talking about a prince being kidnapped but as if a puppy was lost.

"PAPA! Justine woke up." Rachel came scurrying into the living room and told her parents that Justine wasn't unconscious anymore.

"Okay." He then looked back to Kelly. "How about you live here for now. I'm sure you are travel worn from your long journey."

"Certainly I am tired. However that can be put off for lat-"

"Nope. I will not help you if you're going to battle while half dead. Either rest here or coming back to the Elven kingdom without a prince. I'm certain there's a punishment if John doesn't come back in time right?" Alex no longer acted like a gentle father but rather a manipulative man who would go certain lengths to reach his goal."


"Good Mor- Afternoon I mean. Who's this big sister?" Justine still half awake was now wide awake in front of this stranger.

"Hello. My name is Kelly." Kelly extended her hand to rub her head. However reality betrayed her expectations. Justine quickly ran to her mother and hid behind her leg.

"Justine, get used to this girl. She'll be living with us for the next few days."

"Why though?"

"To save a certain boy named John."

"John?" Justine had a strange look on her face and tears formed on her face unconsciously.
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    《The Flawed System》