The Flawed System
7 The 5-year-old prince John
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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7 The 5-year-old prince John

"Happy birthday John! What would you like for your birthday?" Kowmin and Jasmine looked at their young baby preciously.

"What I want? I want to leave this house and go explore the city!" John who was always caged inside of this house from the moment he was born was filled with longing to the outside world.

The couple looked at each other and thought for a few moments. With the increase rates of elves going missing, they felt the need to reject his wishes. However this was his first wish since he was born. They couldn't have the heart to reject it.

"Darling, how about we let you bring along the guards? How about that?" Jasmine was unsure if her little baby would be willing to accept her request.

" mean that group full of pretty brother and sisters?" John for a few seconds thought and finally remember who his mother was referring to.

"Yes! Those pretty brother and sisters!" For John to even remember someone's name and face, it was a task that took plenty of effort. This made Jasmine proud. After all, what can she do when all he saw on people's faces were potatoes and carrots.

"Pretty brothers and sisters...?" Meanwhile on the side, the respected king of the country, Kowmin, was near a corner of the room, kneeling, and drawing circles depressingly. One has to know that it took a lot of effort to raise the royal guards and all his son could do was recognize their beauty, not their strength.

'It seems that I will need to increase their training.' The king sighed and soon recovered from his emotions.

"So can I go now?" John was impatient and wanted to explore the Royal capital that he lived in but could never do so. It was like akin to seeing a treasure chest yet there was a monster guarding it. In this case however, the monster agreed for the adventurer to open the treasure chest and take all of the items.

"Of course you can. GUARDS!" Kowmin answered for Jasmine and yelled for guards that will be protecting his son from danger.

"Yes your Majesty?" A very pretty elf answered his calls. She had light blue hair and green eyes. A very warm and young look was on her face. Additionally an innocent look can also be seen from her face, implying her young age.

" Assemble your unit. Take everyone and I mean every single last one of you. The mission for today is to protect the prince while he is going to explore the city." The king, unlike his usual cheerful mood, was exceptionally strict when it involves the wellbeing of his family.

"As you command. " Then she immediately left and came back 5 minutes later with 50 members of the royal guards.

"As you all have heard from your captain, you'll be guarding my son for today while he goes outside to the city. If anything happens to him, it won't be a simple punishment. Got it?"

"YES SIR!" The royal guard all spoke in unison and yelled loudly.

"Now please hold my hand your highness or else you will get lost and us guards will get in trouble for that." The beautiful big sister extended her hand and John followed up and took her hand.

"What is your name big sister?" John looked at her beautiful green eyes and asked.

"My name? My name is Kelly Grenville. I am part of the noble family, Grenville, that has served the royal family for hundreds of years. And if you want to know, I'm 14 years old."

Unaware of her secret advances, John asked her where they are first going to be visiting.

"How about the plaza near the center of the city? There's so many people there and lots of different types of food."

Near the plaza was a multitude of food stands that can be seen. People were yelling to sell their merchandise and people were walking about.

" Hey isn't that the royal guards insignia? And there's...10...25...40...50 royal guards! Isn't this the first time in years that they all assembled together? Is the king in the middle?" The passerby then suddenly saw a young boy within the cluster of guards.

"T-t-the prince has arrived!" The random elves that were busily passing by doing there own stuff was suddenly stunned. They saluted and then as if thunder, "We greet the royal prince!"

"Big sis Kelly, what's going on?"

"Well you see your highness, you are a prince and they are the commoners. Naturally the commoners should be greeting the prince."

"But...I think being a commoner is much more fun than being a prince."

Kelly couldn't believe what she had just heard. Throughout her life, she had believed that prince who was finally going to be born would have a natural ruler's disposition. But the truth was that he seek to become someone normal.

"Well your highness, there's a lot of things that you don't have as a commoner but you can as a prince."

"And what's that?"

"Power. Power that can decree the fates of many people with simple words from you."

"Like papa?"

"Yes, like the king."

"Then would-"


Smoke started to spread throughout the plaza.

"PROTECT HIS HIGHNESS!" Kelly yelled and ordered her subordinates quickly, befitting her status as team captain.

Soon unknown assailants attacked the royal guards. One of them were particularly hidden in the smoke, running past many of the royal guards. However his blade soon met Kelly's sword.

"Who are you!"

"Me? I will be the cause of your death." The man had red eyes and quickly ran back into the smoke.

"Big sister! Help me!" The smoke became even more dense and all the sound of blades clashing stopped. The only thing that Kelly can hear was John's voice, repeating in her head over and over again.

"JOHN!" A hearth wrenching scream was heard throughout the capital, even reaching the ears of the king and queen. Kowmin stood up and vanished withing a second. He soon reached the now smokeless plaza, with remnants that indicated a battle has occurred here.

With a stern face, Kowmin looked at Kelly. "What happen here? And where's John?" Connecting these two dots, his face soon paled and rage filled his face. "Never mind that, which way did they leave?"

"...To the east." Kelly replied.

"That's the human territories. War will soon be encroaching upon their land and they still have time for games!" Fury can be still seen on his face for losing his only son. "And you."

Kelly's body trembled. "Yes...your Majesty?"

"Your punishment has been decided."

Kelly gulped and asked, "What may it be?"

"Go to the human land and return with my son within a month. If not, your family will cease to exist."

"Is there anything I need to know beforehand?" She had already accepted her fate and did not resist the punishment.

As Kelly had only strong martial prowess and connections, but lacked in worldly experience, she needed to ask the king for advice.

"Right, it's your first time leaving for the human territory. Find a family with a surname of Crexia. Once you managed to do that, tell the man named as Alex Crexia that his old vegan friend from the Allied Army sent you to there. After that, explain to them your objective there, otherwise they would not do anything to help you."

"As you command." Kelly simply stood up and walked to the east. Without any preparations or goodbyes, she left the royal capital and took a horse to ride to the east.

"John, wait for me." A determined and resolute face was on Kelly's young and immature face.
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    《The Flawed System》