The Flawed System
5 The Birth
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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5 The Birth

Justine was suddenly thrown into a dark confined space once more. However, this time there was no System to keep her accompanied and chat with her. Although slightly cocky, the System was a good person to talk with while she was alone in that dark space. In the end, she was once more in an another dark space.

She tried to move around this dark confined area but to her surprise, she couldn't even move.

When she tried to recall her conversation with the System, she could clearly remember everything that they conversed about. The only thing that seems to be missing from her memories, were from her previous life.

As if a bolt of lightning, exhaustion seemed to descend upon her and she couldn't remain conscious anymore.

Soon seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours.

Eventually months passed and Justine once more woke up, only to discover that she could move around. Using her senses, she discovered that her hands and feet were very small!

But before Justine could further examine her surroundings in detail, a white light as bright as the stars appeared at a distance away from her.

{Huh? Where is that light coming from? }

If Justine was the same 18 year old she was, she could've easily inferred that she was going to be undergoing a process know as birth from how small her hands were. However now that she sold her memories for Life Credits, she also lost most of her intelligence and wisdom that came from her memories.

As Justine was trying to go to that light, merely out of curiosity, an unknown force was pushing her towards that light. Justine, not realizing this fact, soon reached the bright light and saw-


~It was July 28, 1703rd year in the Astralin calendar. In a fairly big mansion, a girl was reading a book under a tree. Elsewhere in the building, a man was waiting outside a room.~

A man could be seen and anxiety was clearly written in his face.

Alex was anxious as his wife was giving birth, waiting for news on whatever was going on inside. As he was pacing around, all of the sudden he heard a shrill cry of a newborn. Alex calmed down and patiently knocked on the door slowly. As if an eternity, the door slowly opened and the doctor was holding the door for him to enter.

"My Lord, your wife is waiting for you." The doctor then left the room and left Alex alone with a woman laying on the bed, tired and exhausted.

Alex looked at his wife as if she was a treasure. Although very pale, she still retained her beauty and even have a motherly aura surrounding her at this moment.

" Come over here," Christina beckoned her husband over and said, "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes. She is our daughter after all." Alex smiled brightly and attempted to hold her. Christina was looking at what her husband was trying to do and simply smiled before handing her over to him.

"What will her name be?" Christina asked him. They had numerous debates as to what this newly born baby will be named as.

"Since you named our first child, Rachel Crexia, then I'll be the one to name this little one this time."

Christina nodded and said, "So what will it be?"

"Justine. Justine Crexia."


{Where am I?}

{Who is this man that is holding me? And why does this woman...look at me so preciously? And...why do I feel so at ease with them...?}

Spontaneous questions appeared in Justine's mind but soon she couldn't think anymore and fell asleep.


"It seems that she has fallen asleep." Alex handed back Justine to Christina.

Although Christina was still weak from giving birth she had an important matter to resolve with her husband.

"Is the deal still in effect?"

Alex was still joyful from his daughter safe passage into this world when his face turned grim. He knew what the deal that he and his wife made. If they have any child, the boy would be learning from Alex in the path of becoming a warrior. If it was a girl, then she would learn to become a magician. This would be the standard until he or she will become 10 years old. After receiving the baptism, that child can focus the path that is most suited for them.

"This is my second daughter. I very much want an offspring that can inherit my skills." He was sad at the fact that both of his children were females.

Christina was also conflicted that her husband was sad because he won't have anyone to inherit his secret skills.

"How about she learn both magic and swordsmanship?"

Although slightly stunned, Alex soon recovered and had a beaming smile on his face. It was like a young kid who received candy from his parents as he was looking at Christina.

"Thank you."

"There's no need to thank me." Christina shakes her head."I understand you as much as you understand me. So I can easily tell that you are desperate to pass down your skills to our children."

The two looked at each other and smiled.


~A few months has passed and now it was October 9, 1703rd year in the Astralin calendar. At this time in an Elven kingdom surrounding the World Tree, there was an elven women giving birth.~

"Your Majesty, please calm down. It is not befitting of a King to be unstable. In addition there is no need to worry as we have the most trained doctors to help Queen Jasmine give birth." An old and loyal elven subordinate told the anxious Elven King.

"I know that but... I just can't get this nervous feeling out of my heart. I would have loved to be the one giving birth, but that's impossible. All I can do is give my emotional support. Besides that, I am useless and can only stand here to hear my wife's scream full of pain."

Then the Elven King started to have tears formed in his eyes but the screams soon died down. Once the Elven King noticed that his wife's scream died down, he had foreseen three scenarios.

1-His wife surviving with the baby.

2-His wife dead and the baby lived.

3-His wife dead along with the baby.

Any scenario besides the first one would greatly hurt the Elven King's heart. In an attempt to take a look inside the room, the Elven King steeled his heart and opened the door after knocking. Once he heard the signal to come in, he walked in and relief surged throughout his body. His wife, Jasmine, was fine and so was their baby. However, the baby had one of its eyes glowing green. Then the other eye glowed white. This was the result that the baby received from the baptism that only the elves could receive once from the World Tree.

"It's the blessings of the World Tree! May the World Tree live on." The Elven King suddenly kneel to the ground and started to praise the World Tree for its great power. Jasmine also started to praise the World Tree along with her husband for the baptism to her child. After a few minutes, they calmed down and refocused on their baby.

"We need to name our child right Kowmin?" The Elven queen was anxious to name her child that she finally gave birth to.

"Yea. Are we going with Jonathan Zephyr as planned?" Kowmin remembered that Jasmine had an ideal name to bestow upon their child.

"...No. Let's go with John Zephyr."

"How come it changed?"

"For some reason...when I saw our child, I felt like this name is more befitting for him."

"...Fine. Let's go with that." Kowmin was helpless with her sudden change of heart and just followed her decision.


~December 18, 1703rd year of the Astralin Calendar.~

The whole Kingdom of Revil was in a joyous mood, mainly because the Royal family finally had a princess. For 15 years, the Queen of the country, Jessica, was unable to produce a daughter and only sons. As the King of the country, Wayne didn't like to have many sons. He believed that having too much sons would cause conflict between the 4 princes. That's why he announced to the public that he wished to have more daughters than sons, as daughters are usually more understanding and gentle. Although everything about the sole princess was hidden, just the fact alone that there was a princess brought great joy to the nation. Now at the age of 38, the King of Revil was in a joyous mood and created many changes to the kingdom.

1-On the 18th day of December, the whole nation would celebrate the birthday of the princess.

2-All taxes would be lowered by 1%.

3-Soldiers that are on duty would receive double the pay on this day.

4-The above statements will stay in affect until the next king.


Sitting on his throne along with Jessica, Wayne was looking at his sons kneeling. In total, there were four sons. Each one having special traits unique to themselves. Kerry, 15 years old, was the oldest of all princes and was a warrior, giving a very muscular feeling to those that looked at him. Next, Victor was 13 years old and was the second oldest. He was very thin and frail, but was successful in becoming a magician after attending the academy near the Central Tower for his studies. After that came Vincent. He was a 12 years old teenager. With an exceptionally strong talent in being a priest, the Church scouted him while he was 10 and can already cast heal after his baptism. And finally came Henry who was 10 years old. Unlike all his older brothers, he wasn't particularly strong nor intelligent. He also didn't have the talent to become a priest. The only thing he did well was talking to people and his quick wits.


All four sons stood up and looked at their father. In return, Wayne gazed back at them. He asked them,"What do you think of your baby sister?" Kerry being the oldest replied first.

Kerry:"I believe that she should be strong and be brave."

Victor:"Royal father, don't listen to Kerry. She should be smart and understand the truths of the world."

Vincent:"She can be both strong and smart, however she needs to have faith in Goddess Filua."

The king looked at Henry and questioned,"What about you Henry?"

Henry:"Father...I think that she should be a regular girl and live a life with friends and her family. She should not be sent to the battlefield nor in a never ending tower full of mystery nor be blinded by faith."

Jessica:"I agree with Henry. She should just live her life the way she wants to. All she needs is enough strength to protect herself and common manners."

The King looked at them and thought in silence. He had to consider which of the opinions he should listen to, as listening from another perspective was always a good choice when your stuck on deciding something. Minutes of complete silence passed by and the king sighed.

"Alright. All of you can leave now."

The princes stood up and left. Henry was the last one to arrive to the doors asked his parents a question. "By the way, what was the name of our baby sister?"

Wayne looked wife before he answered his son questions. "Athene Revil."


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